El Salvador Now Owns 700 Bitcoin as President Bukele Buys Price Dip

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele confirmed via Twitter Monday that the Latin American nation has bought the “Bitcoin price dip,” exchanging dollars for Bitcoin at a time he believes it remains undervalued by the global market. The price of Bitcoin was around $45,700 dollars at the time of Bukele’s tweet...
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Dormant Bitcoin wallet turns $29 million after 8.8 years

An old Bitcoin wallet with nearly $7,000 has risen to $29 million after over eight years of inactivity. Some Bitcoiners are concerned that the holder may be planning to dump the coins. Old BTC wallet wake to 4,500x increase. Whale Alert, a crypto whale transaction tracker, reported the Bitcoin wallet...
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California Should Replicate Bitcoin’s Ethos

California is arguably one of the best places in the world. The state is full of great weather, great geography, not to mention that we have some of the smartest residents living here. We are leaders in technology worldwide and through that we are changing how people live every day. But are we currently walking down the right path, or have we lost our way?
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Can Toxic Maximalists Hurt Bitcoin?

June 4 2021, Bitcoin Conference, Miami, Florida: Max Keiser strides onto the stage, clad in a white suit, in triumphant fashion, yelling,. “YEAH! YEAH! WE’RE NOT DONE! WE’RE NOT DONE! F*CK ELON! F*CK ELON!”. This clip attracted plenty of online criticism, perhaps most from those already looking for something to...

Bitcoin Cash: An Asset & Currency Class

This is what the markets are looking today, not just the crypto, but everything. Prices of assets are rapidly in decline, and a new type of manipulation is taking place. FUD is a common methodology used not just in crypto as we think. Some economies are not this strong, and...

What Did Jordan Peterson And Maxime Bernier Say About Bitcoin And The Austrians?

The Bitcoinization of Jordan Peterson is a go. The famed psychologist and media personality had a Canadian politician as a guest in his podcast and couldn’t help but touch on the subject. And Maxime Bernier was right there with him, which lead to a brief discussion about Austrian Economics. Even though both Peterson and Bernier are controversial figures, they’re as mainstream as it gets. This isn’t Bitcoiners preaching to the choir.

World’s first physical statue of pseudonymous Bitcoin creator

First time a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto was displayed in Budapest, Hungary. While most people believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s name and person are all pseudonyms and this statue is totally out of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Every crypto user knows very well who Satoshi Nakamoto is. But at ground level, the...

Hungary Debuts Statue In Honor Of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Hungary becomes the first country to honor Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto with a public statue. Today, a statue of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was revealed in Budapest, Hungary in front of a large and passionate crowd. “The goal of the statue is to honor Satoshi Nakamoto, the founders believe that his work is truly something to be remembered,” said the initiative’s website.

Now Is the Time To Buy Bitcoin With Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

I've been writing about Bitcoin daily for almost five years, and yet I'm still amazed at how quickly this incredible monetary revolution has taken off. This tends to confirm this quote from Victor Hugo that is dear to me:. “No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has...

Ray Dalio Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin

Ray Dalio, co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, owns some Bitcoin, but in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday he demonstrated that he still doesn’t understand or believe in it as a superior store of value to gold. Dalio believes that governments can...

Bitcoin, Voting Blocs And The Effect On Bipartisanship

Polarity is a staple of our existence: North and south, good and evil, black and white, Jedi and Sith, Marvel and DC. Middle grounds and tertiary options often become consumed by the intense opposing forces at the edge. These gray areas often find their strength in alignment with a polar force rather than standing alone. These forces and the entities that represent them are hard-coded into the way we understand the world. As the sun rises, you know the Joker is trying to drive Batman insane as the Dark Knight seeks to lock him in a padded cell in Arkham. But on rare occasions something happens which is so extraordinary that the standard-issue rivalries become insignificant. One can harken back to somber real-world issues such as the alliance amongst the capitalist U.S.A. and U.K. and communist U.S.S.R. to fight back the Axis imperialist march. The sports world can also experience this with a superstar joining a rival to create a “superteam” that no one ever thought possible. The choice to leave a familiar platform could happen because of a threat or opportunity with immense potential to shake the foundation of our civilization. In our modern world, Bitcoin is growing at a pace too quickly to be ignored. It is actively revolutionizing the way we understand property, money, information exchange, and may even be strong enough to resist some very familiar opposing forces in America.

F&G Index shows Bitcoin investors are fearful, time to long?

Bitcoin investors are currently fearful about the market, according to the fear and greed index reading. Funding rates are also low, which suggest buying opportunity. Bitcoin investors have mixed feelings regarding the current state of the market. Since the flash crash a week ago, some doubt whether Bitcoin is back to a bear market or just a normal price correction. One thing is certain, however, and it is that Bitcoin investors are fearful about the current state of the market, which is considered the best time to long BTC.

Human Rights Foundation To Gift 3.75 Bitcoin In Latest Round Of Developer Grants

Today, the Human Rights Foundation announced its most recent round of Bitcoin Development Fund grants, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The money is being gifted to 10 developers who will work on improving privacy tools, strengthening developer education in emerging markets, making bitcoin onboarding a better experience for new users, and continued Bitcoin Core development.

Bitcoin Sanctuaries

In early June, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador announced to the Anglophone world his plan to make bitcoin legal tender. Days later, El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly – now stacked with Bukele loyalists – passed the proposal, and on 7 September the currency was officially adopted. Bukele promised that the country would soon be awash with bitcoin ATMs, facilitating conversions, transfers, and purchases of tokens. Fielding questions from an adoring audience at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, Bukele explained how cryptocurrency would alleviate his nation’s economic problems and help Salvadorans escape poverty. He said nothing of its darker uses, from untraceable money laundering to anonymous transacting on the black market to priming the country for illicit profiteering.