The billionaire who lives in Charleston, South Carolina

Each year Forbes releases a report listing all the billionaires in the world. In 2021 there are currently 2,755 billionaires on Planet Earth. So it is a very exclusive club. Of those 2,755, only one of them lives in South Carolina. So today, let's take a look at the lucky person living in Charleston, South Carolina, who can call themselves a billionaire.
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The man who became the first billionaire in New Mexico

According to a recent report by Forbes, there are currently 2,755 billionaires on Planet Earth. These lucky people are spread out across the globe, but there had never been anyone from New Mexico to appear on the list until this year. In 2020 there were seven rates across the USA that had no billionaire residents.
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Exclusive: Obama says US 'desperately needs' Biden agenda, supports taxing the rich

President Biden's far-reaching multitrillion-dollar domestic agenda, in peril because of Democratic infighting, is getting a prominent boost from former President Barack Obama, who told ABC News in an exclusive interview that the country "desperately needs" the programs and that he supports taxing the wealthy to help support the package. “You're...

The 3 billionaires who call Cleveland home

A report from Forbes found that there are 2,755 billionaires in the world. Of those, only three of them live in Cleveland. Ohio boasts eight billionaires, but the three residing in Cleveland all come from the same family- the Lerner family.

Why so Many Billionaires Live in San Francisco?

Forbes counted 2755 billionaires this year. Some 700 of those reside in the US. The record-breaking 493 new billionaires have found their names on the Forbes list of wealthiest individuals. China has produced 205 new billionaires this year, almost half the newcomer's list.

What made Elon Musk join the ‘homeless billionaires’ club?

It’s generally considered foolish to take Elon Musk’s tweets as gospel. His followers know this, his critics know this, Tesla’s shareholders know this and the federal jury at his defamation trial two years ago definitely knows this (he was found not liable after being sued by a British cave expert he had called a “pedo guy”).

Proposed wealth tax seen generating over P467B

PROCEEDS FROM a proposed tax on wealthy individuals’ assets have been estimated at P467.1 billion, with the exercise in “redistribution” holding the potential to fund health and social welfare programs, according to a left-wing think tank. IBON Foundation said in a statement Monday that the proposed wealth tax on individuals...

Breaking Bamboo: Setting career goals & avoiding traps

(Editor Note: Every other Monday, Dave Liu answer questions to help you break the bamboo ceiling. Questions will remain anonymous and can be sent to info at asamnews dot com) We hear a lot about the five-year plan. That one should think about their goals for the next five years and chart the course? How really effective is that?

Why we need to consider switching to a 4-day workweek

Iceland has made recent headlines by declaring the world’s largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector a resounding success. After more than 2,500 workers moved to a 35- or 36-hour workweek and declared themselves happier, healthier and less stressed, the country is now moving to make this an option for the majority of its workforce.

Bezos, Branson & Musk Should Ignore U.N. Potshots

Messrs. Bezos, Musk, and Branson Dear Jeff, Elon, and Richard — Assume you fellows heard the potshot at the three of you this week by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres. "When people see billionaires joyriding to space while Read Full Article »

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”

We are dealing with an exceedingly complex process. In the course of the last 20 months starting in early January 2020, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the Covid crisis. From the very outset in January 2020, people were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic.