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On abortion, AOC is a corporate stooge

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks that pro-lifers are corporate puppets. But, as is often the case with the Democratic Party, it is she who is shilling for corporations and elitists. “I think it’s important to state that abortion is an economic issue,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Forcing poor and working-class people to give...
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Private Texts Reveal World’s Rich and Famous Groveling to Elon Musk

As part of Twitter's lawsuit against Elon Musk for his attempt to renege on acquiring the company for $44 billion, countless of Musk’s text messages were made public and published by the New York Times yesterday. The gang's all there: tech executives, various podcasters, media executives, and more, all vying for Musk’s attention to pitch ideas about Twitter, social media companies, or a chance to be part of Musk’s purchase.

Big Tech Behemoths Silently Embracing Crypto & DeFi

Crypto and decentralized finance is not nearly as obscure as many traditional investors will have you believe. On the contrary, DeFi and token technology has been embraced by some of the world’s most innovative companies, if not silently. The original obscurity and nerves by some to get involved have dissipated, but if some worries still remain here’s a few behemoths plunging into DeFi whole hog:

What Is Amazon’s Ring Nation Show and Why It’s So Controversial?

The Ring doorbell was created because its inventor, Jamie Siminoff, was unable to hear his doorbell ring as he worked in his garage. His solution was a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that alerted his phone and enabled video communication when someone was at the door. In 2022, Amazon has decided to leverage...

How will Apple’s medication tracking impact the patient journey?

Apple has made several forays into the world of healthcare in recent years and 2022 was no exception. Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would add medication tracking to the iPhone and Apple Watch. The new features allow users to manage their medications, create lists of what they take, set reminders and view information on their medications in the Health app.
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US House passes minor Big Tech antitrust bill

If you're tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net. The US House of Representatives has approved a relatively weak legislation targeting Big Tech’s dominance. The legislation increases funding to federal regulators and allows state governments to choose where to file lawsuits against these companies.

Policy No-Brainer: Extend The Affordable Connectivity Program For 5 Years With $30 Billion

Low wage and service sector workers, some 50 million Americans, were hit particularly hard by closures lock downs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wisely instituted policies to help struggling families stay connected as everything turned virtual. Broadband was a lifesaver during Covid-19, enabling people to work, learn and receive healthcare online.

Analysis-European telcos set to win fight with Big Tech, could set global agenda

BRUSSELS/STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – European telecoms providers are set to win their decade-long fight to make Big Tech pay for network costs, thanks to sympathetic EU regulators and the bloc’s efforts to rein in U.S. tech giants, according to industry and regulatory sources, in the EU’s strongest move yet to set a global standard.