#Big Takeover

Video Premiere: "Harder than the Truth" by The Civilians (Featuring Steve Nieve)

The Civilians Facebook page screen capture: Steve Nieve recording piano solo as Chris Livesay watches the master at work- Photo courtesy of The Civilians. The Civilians weave of straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, power pop, psychedelia, folk, punk, and country, and have been described as “the perfect mix of the ’60s, the ’90s, and right now.”
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Song Premiere: "Highfingers" by DigDog

For any number of reasons, people are displaced and looking for new locations to call home. When the they finally settle in a place, they find that the truest search was not for home but, for family. When is found, new bonds are formed and a new future dawns. This is the story of DigDog.
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Album Premiere: Photo Album by St. Marlboro

St. Marlboro is a Chicago-located rock ‘n’ roll band influenced by twangy classic country, ethereal indie rock, and the melodic grit of Chicago punk. The four-piece band creates a unique urban Gothic sound that’s reminiscent of early ’00s folk-rock powerhouses. This mercurial backdrop serves as the vehicle for singer-songwriter/guitarist Kyle Paulin’s straightforward storytelling, which is complemented by melancholy Americana undertones.
Picture for Album Premiere: Photo Album by St. Marlboro

Video Premiere: "We Got Lost" by The Bye Bye Blackbirds

Even taking into account a lack of live performances, the past two years have been a surprisingly productive time for Oakland’s The Bye Bye Blackbirds. They released their fifth full-length album, Boxer At Rest, in 2020. Now in 2021 a brand new digital single and video have arrived as a teaser for album number six (due out in 2022).

Song Premiere: "Paint The Streets" by Fir Cone Children

Every year, Fir Cone Children reliably release an album. The Berlin-located dream punk project by frontman Alexander Donat was founded in 2015 and will unleash album number seven, It Chooses You, next week. On the LP Donat leaves the indie rock sound of last year’s Waterslide album behind and now...

Video Premiere: "Dreamy Dreamer" by Vakili Band

Fronted by powerhouse vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Lily Vakili, Vakili Band shares the video for their newest single, “Dreamy Dreamer,” exclusively with The Big Takeover. The video comes with the announcement of their second album, Walking Sideways, scheduled for release on February 25, 2022. Born in Honduras before living in the US, Bangkok,...

Album Premiere: Dark Matter EP by Wrené

Toronto, Canada-located avant- garde artist Wrené aims to defy the constraints of conventional music and adopts a dark, ethereal, and surreal aesthetic with the release of her new EP, Dark Matter, set for release today, November 19th. A follow-up to her acclaimed album Live Wire, the forthcoming EP delves deeper...

Song Premiere: "Must Forget" by Citified

Chris Jackson’s musical energies found their home on Wilmington-based Eskimo Kiss Records in the mid- to late ’90s and early aughts in the group Lookwell. The Greensboro, NC trio churned out jangly mid-tempo alt-rock that echoed at times fellow Tar Heel state act, The Connells. But Jackson also crafted slightly faster-paced and more sonically textured music that did not readily fit that mold and ultimately served as catalyst to form Citified.

Song Premiere: "A Free Society" by Night Crickets

Foundational bands in the history of alternative music certainly include Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Violent Femmes. San Francisco-born artist Darwin Meiners was a fan of all three. A chance meeting 13 years ago with David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) grew into a friendship, and Darwin not only became a bandmate, but David J’s manager.

Video Premiere: "At Apollinaire’s Grave" by Kramer (music) and Allen Ginsberg (poetry)

Today, the renowned producer, musician, and curator Kramer shares his brand new LP, WORDS & MUSIC, Book One, via his own label Shimmy-Disc, as well as Joyful Noise Recordings. Alongside the release, he has shares the album’s focus track, “AT APOLLINAIRE’S GRAVE,” with words by legendary poet Allen Ginsberg, music by Kramer, and a music video by Ryan & Debbie Hover.

Album Premiere: The Static by Hushdrops

The Static is the latest and potentially last final release from Chicago-located indie rock supergroup, Hushdrops. Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the turbulent to contemplative, gritty, and tuneful album in its entirety today. The LP runs from slacker indie rock to sincere Americana and trippier psychedelic rock.