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IN FOCUS Discussion: Monopolies and antitrust lawsuits

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – You may have seen more headlines recently regarding the topic of monopolies, which Investopedia defines as when a company and its product offerings dominate a particular sector or industry. The term is also often used to describe an entity that has total or near-total control of a market. The pandemic further pushed the gap for small businesses, who are unable to compete with corporate giants.
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Big Five Personality Traits: What Are They, and Why Are They Important?

While some of us may share the same likes, dislikes, and opinions, we don’t have the exact set of traits. Our personalities, which make us who we are, represent a unique blend of different qualities, features, traits, and attributes. These can include our behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes, which play a big role in how we navigate relationships, careers, and life in general.
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Confounding Valuations Of The Largest Five Companies In S&P 500

The most important measure of the financial strength of the United States is the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index. It’s widely watched but constantly surprising. Of the 500 companies in the S&P 500, the five largest account for 21% of the total value of the much-watched index. You won’t believe where they are currently valued!

The Big Five … with Nealon Joseph, FC Leadership Academy Valedictorian

Tell readers a bit about yourself and your professional background. I’m a 1st generation American. My parents came to America from Trinidad & Tobago on work visas. I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Poinciana, Florida when I was about 2 years old. I attended K-12 in Poinciana and graduated High School at 17 years old. I was a varsity soccer player, cross country runner and multi-discipline state-qualifying athlete in Track & Field. I still enjoy running to this day as well as playing video games and musical instruments, especially the drums. Shortly after graduating High School, and after the 4 hurricanes of 2004, I joined the Air Force as a Security Forces Member for 10 years. During my time in the Air Force I held several positions to include supervising the law enforcement activities of the Air Force’s largest base in Europe and providing security for dignitaries ranging from Tom Cruise to the POTUS.
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LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES: What is 'Big Tech' and what’s Big Brother doing about it?

The phrase “Big Tech” seems new to our lexicon, especially having gained traction during the previous administration through the 2020 general election. It also seems somewhat ill-defined. The New York Times and Bloomberg agree that it refers to Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Sometimes they interchange the label with “the Big Five.” It’s debatable whether Big Tech equates to those specific firms, or how many altogether. PC Mag defines Big Tech as “major technology companies such as Apple and the rest,” leaving the description flexible. Makes sense, tech being ever-changing as it is. Others refer to Big Tech as just four of the above, or add Netflix to reflect Big Six. Some of these media companies are contrarian, even if the Times and Bloomberg collection seem apt.
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Longlist for First Novel Prize Is Revealed

The Center for Fiction unveiled the longlist for its annual First Novel Prize, with 27 books in the running for the $15,000 award. One of the year’s hottest novels, Nathan Harris’ The Sweetness of Water, made the longlist; the book is the latest selection for Oprah Winfrey’s book club and recently appeared on former President Barack Obama’s summer reading list.
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The Big Five … Editor’s Edition

Rather than posting a Big Five this week, I’d like to talk about what’s happened over the past 10 days here in Flagler County. Covering a different story, I attended the Palm Coast City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 and was stunned. I began my career as a journalist covering government – nearly every single city council, county commission and school board meeting for almost two years starting in 2010, before transitioning to community, business and real estate stories.