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Pot grow was so big it was visible from space

Authorities raided what is easily the largest illegal marijuana grow in Douglas County history on Monday, and perhaps one of the largest ever discovered in the Silver State. With 80 workers, the Cedar Flat grow was the largest employer in the Pine Nuts, and rivaled several smaller firms in Douglas County.
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Fishing the Florida Middle Grounds 9/21/21

First a follow-up of the loss of a legend. The pictures tell the story. Without a doubt the best big fish fisherman I have ever seen on the Florida Fisherman. His ability and desire to catch all the species that are available on the Florida was what set him apart.
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Go-To’s For When You’re Ghosted

I’m guessing, if you’re reading this, that someone has been ghosting you. You feel like crap. And, let’s face it, if they’re leaving you on ‘read’, they’re probably not worth your time anyway, so are they really worth reading this article over?. The answer is yes. You’ve made it this...

Top homes for sale in Paris

Whether you’re looking for a new home on acreage or a fixer-upper close to amenities, you can probably find a listing here to suit you: CUTE 2 BEDROOM 1 BATHROOM HOUSE WITH NEW ROOF, CLOSE TO PARIS JUNIOR COLLEGE. READY FOR NEW OWNER.<p><strong>For open house information, contact Cortney Brown,
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Enjoying the great outdoors

FORT HOOD — The Fort Hood Sportsmen’s Center recently hosted a hunting and fishing day, during which participants were invited to bring out their families to fish, shoot some arrows, aim at turkeys, and test out their turkey calling skills. Judy Johnson, general manager of the Sportsmen’s Center, was happy...

J.B. Webb — Slow day of fishing is better than work

After a windy Tuesday, Charlie and I opted to go fishing Wednesday when the wind was going to be less. Now as the day goes on, the wind puffs harder. He and I agreed to be at the ramp at 6:30 a.m. The lake was like a mirror at that time. We launched and started fishing the rock bank at the mouth of our cove. He had gotten a good deal on one of those 10-speed Abou Garcia Reels. He had never fished it. Before we got around the point, he had a severe overrun on his brand-new reel.
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Angling challenge

KEY LARGO, FLORIDA – Overhead a delicate kite appears almost motionless, suspended on sleek wings above a calm, aqua-colored sea. A white heron passes by leisurely, a few feet above the water, its sleek, long legs trailing behind. A white ibis sits alone in a nearby mangrove-lined shore, its curled bill a vividly identifying feature.
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RODEO RECORD: Big John hauls in big fish for the record books

Editor's Note: The Destin Fishing Rodeo, Destin's longest running tradition, will be celebrating 73 years this October. In the past few weeks, The Log has looked back at some of the fish that hold down Rodeo Records, and the fish to beat for this year's fishing tournament. Here’s one of the last.

Fish Stripes Unfiltered Episode 2: Grading the Marlins on Their Rebuilding Trades

Isaac Azout and Kevin Barral welcome Fish Stripes’ own Ethan Budowsky to identify the weaknesses that the Marlins must address and revisit the franchise-altering moves from their 2017-18 offseason (24:30). Enjoy Episode 2!. Subscribe to the Fish Stripes YouTube channel for the video version of every Unfiltered episode. As a...

Fishing continues to have ups and downs

BIG RAPIDS - Anglers continue to have mixed success as they get ready to move into October. "Lately, they've been catching a bunch of perch in the river," Tanner Havens, of Frank Sporting Goods in Morley, said. "It sounds like they're in the weed beds in seven feet of water. They've been catching some perch on the river; They're catching a number of walleyes. They just haven't been the greatest size. The salmon are getting ready to run down here by Croton. It sounds like all other rivers up north have had fish in them for awhile. Usually by the first of October they get a good run of steelhead below Croton."

Wetumpka AL: The HGTV Home Town Town Takeover Spot

After watching all of the HGTV Home Town Takeover episodes on the renovation of Wetumpka, AL, we were intrigued enough to make this town a stop on our recent road trip East. Here is what you can look forward to if you are visiting Wetumpka for the first time, and are wanting to see the various featured sites that were completed as part of the series.