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This is the worst answer Joe Biden gave at his press conference

(CNN) — It was one of Joe Biden's shortest answers in his nearly-two hour press conference Wednesday. He was asked, "How do you plan to win back moderates and independents who cast a ballot for you in 2020 but, polls indicate, aren't happy with the way you're doing your job now?" The President responded this way: "I don't believe the polls."
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Biden’s press conference was an utter disaster

If President Biden’s press conference Wednesday was supposed to inspire confidence, it failed — horribly. Even though he spent most of it clearly calling on reporters from a list of “safe” questioners provided by his staff, he stumbled and bumbled and all too often made no sense at all. Plus, he repeated his bizarre “whisper shout” gimmick to emphasize certain points — when what it actually emphasizes is his age.
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Five big takeaways from Biden's White House news conference

President Biden held a rare formal news conference Wednesday, one day before the first anniversary of his inauguration. The event came with the president's poll ratings at a low ebb and as he is enduring one of his most difficult stretches to date. His legislative agenda has stalled, and he faces challenges ranging from inflation to Russian aggression.

Biden's press conference highlighted Democrats' midterms danger

In what counts as the longest press conference in presidential history, President Joe Biden spent nearly two hours Wednesday defending his first year in office. But the very first question neatly summed up the problem that Democrats face ahead of what’s set to be a punishing midterm election race: “Did you overpromise to the American public what you could achieve in your first year in office?”

President Biden Talks Gas Prices, Empty Shelves, School Closures and More in Marathon Press Conference

President Joe Biden faced reporters Wednesday during a rare press conference that lasted nearly two hours. Standing at a podium in the East Room of the White House on the eve of the anniversary of his inauguration, Biden, 79, began by listing some of what he felt were his year-old administration's accomplishments, including the now 200 million Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, 6 million new jobs created, health care costs dropping and more.

10 crises that demand answers at Biden's press conference

(CNN) — If President Joe Biden's only task in his solo press conference on Wednesday was restoring his battered political standing, it would be daunting enough. But the President will arrive in the East Room at a moment of national exhaustion and drained morale as the coronavirus pandemic heads into a third year, amid a sense that events at home and abroad are cascading out of control and that vicious ideological divides could tear America apart.
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Biden insists he’s ‘outperformed’ expectations in first solo WH news conference in 10 months

President Biden said Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin would ultimately “prevail” if Moscow invades Ukraine, but would only face a muted US response for a “minor incursion” — while also blaming Republicans for blocking his legislative agenda and insisting his struggling administration had “probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.”
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'Hannity' on Biden's press conference

This is a rush transcript of "Hannity" on January 19, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. And thank you, Tucker, and welcome to HANNITY. And after days and days and days of resting, studying, prepping,...
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Biden addresses the pandemic, economy, Russia in press conference

President Joe Biden held a nearly 2-hour press conference at the White House on Wednesday. The president discussed a range of topics that included the pandemic, the economy, bipartisanship and tensions along the Russia-Ukraine border. COVID-19 Pandemic. Biden noted that 75% of adults are vaccinated in the U.S. However, he...
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Mark Levin blasts Biden's 'outrageous' press conference: 'The James Buchanan of our time'

Mark Levin, host of "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News Channel, said Wednesday that President Biden's press conference reminded him of some of the nation's worst-ranked leaders. Levin told "Hannity" that Biden's comments about a potential Russian incursion or invasion of Ukraine were "incredibly provocative" and problematic. RUSSIA EXPERT:...