The Blogilates Team Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

It’s that time of year… again! If you know me, you know I love the holiday season, and the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the year with family, friends, and my amazing team at Blogilates. And of course, choosing the perfect gifts for everyone on my list.
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8 Cross-Group Female Idol Friendships That Are BFF Goals

When artists join the idol industry, they more often than not become friends with fellow idols from other groups. Whether they met as trainees, went to school together, or simply had been long-time friends way before they wore the fame hat, these idols have shared beautiful friendships with one another while their respective careers kicked off.
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Birthday Celebrations: November 26-28, 2021

IT’S TIME NOW FOR THE BIRTHDAY ROLL CALL!BIRTHDAYS INCLUDE Friday, November 26thDana Tipton 60Brandi Stevens 49 Happy birthday, honey I love you !Jina Dooley 18 Happy birthday. Love you from your favorite auntTrinity Mikeal Littlejohn 14 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRINITY. GRANDMA AND THE GANG LOVE YOU.Brian and Amanda Pfingsten 26 Happy 26th wedding anniversary to my […]
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The Best Black Friday Weekend Deals That Could Be Fantastic Holiday Gifts

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Black Friday is the best day of the year to buy holiday gifts for less. We know we should really shop earlier, but there are some deals we’re just not going to get on any other day. This is the time! This is the moment! Let’s cross those names off that list in your Notes app!

The Nice House On The Lake #6 Review: Engaging

One of the most clever, most engaging books on the shelves steps it up a notch this month. The Nice House On The Lake #6 introduces everyone to The Painter, a friend from their circle who has a lot of the answers they've been looking for, and how those answers affect things is a gut punch for the reader.

Melania Trump Shows Off Her Sensitive Side In Newly Released Letter To Kids

Throughout Donald Trump's presidency, Melania Trump, his wife, didn't exactly mark herself as the most empathetic or sympathetic, character. From the infamous "I really don't care, do u?" jacket, which Melania subsequently admitted in an ABC News interview (via Twitter) that she wore as a jab at the leftwing media to being caught on tape disparaging Christmas and wondering why everybody blames her for Donald's bad behavior (via CNN), Melania hasn't made it easy to like her.

A Man’s Guide To Heartache

The love of your life has left you, moved on, and decided to see other people. You feel like your heart has been shattered and the shards are shredding you from within. What do you do now?. Well, if you were a woman, you’d probably find your BFF, cry it...

VERIZON NEWS: George Faces His Biggest Holiday Challenge Yet!

It’s George’s favorite time of year! Decking the halls with nerdy decorations, brewing hot cocoa and, of course, helping people find the perfect gift. George is so good at picking the perfect gift for any type of person that I wanted to give him the perfect gift – a real challenge.
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The 22 best friendship songs for celebrating your BFF

These are the uplifting friendship songs you and your closest pals need. In terms of gushy proclamations of adoration, love songs get all the attention. But what about the people who console you when you're sad, or going through a horrible breakup? You know, the people who are there for you when the rain starts to fall? (No, not the ones in Central Perk.)
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Finger Lakes SPCA: Young cat Keno hopes luck is on his side

Every Friday, The Citizen features a pet available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York. This week, we spotlight Keno. COMMENTS: Keno came to the shelter as a younger kitten. His litter was abandoned and they were in foster care for a period of time. He is the last of his litter and is looking to move on to his new home — soon! He's been here far too long.