U.S. closes embassy in Belarus over security concerns

The State Department said Monday it closed the U.S. Embassy in Belarus because of "security and safety issues stemming" from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Why it matters: U.S. and Ukrainian intelligence officials have reportedly warned that they believe Belarus will soon officially join Russia's invasion efforts after serving as a launchpad for Russian troops and military equipment for the last several days.
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Kharkiv is bombarded; high-stakes talks end with plans to continue

Russian and Ukrainian delegations held talks Monday for the first time as Russia’s multi-front assault on the country entered its fifth day, casualties in the invasion mounted and tensions between Moscow and NATO escalated dangerously. They met near the border with Belarus as the United States and Western countries sought to tighten their financial stranglehold on Russia’s banking system and a continuing stream of refugees pouring into neighboring countries rose to more than half a million, according to a United Nations agency.

EU to impose new sanctions on Belarus this week -EU official

BRUSSELS, Feb 28 (Reuters) - The European Union is planning to impose new sanctions on Belarus this week for helping the Russian invasion of Ukraine, hitting exports, oligarchs, central bank and cutting Belarusian banks off from SWIFT, a senior EU official said on Monday. "In terms of the economic sanctions...

Belarus: Putin’s New and Loyal Protectorate

The independence of action that Belarus’s dictator carved out for himself over three decades in power has gone. The country now does what the Kremlin tells it. Joint exercises between Russia and Belarus kicked off a week early, giving NATO and the US more worries, as 30,000 Russian troops and convoys of military equipment flood into the country close to the Ukrainian border. This comes at a time of threats to the region unseen since the Cold War, from Putin’s build-up on Ukraine’s eastern borders, to the showdown with NATO, and warnings that Russia is preparing false flag operations to justify a further invasion.

Sberbank opens additional reserve line for units in Belarus, Kazakhstan

MOSCOW, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Russia's dominant lender Sberbank (SBER.MM) on Monday said it had opened an additional reserve line for its subsidiary banks in Belarus and Kazakhstan, as it grapples with sanctions and the fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Sberbank said it would support its subsidiaries in Belarus...

Russian Hybrid War Report: Belarus joins conflict against Ukraine

As the crisis in Europe over Ukraine heats up, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) is keeping a close eye on Russia’s movements across the military, cyber, and information domains. With more than five years of experience monitoring the situation in Ukraine, as well as Russia’s use of propaganda and disinformation to undermine the United States, NATO, and the European Union, DFRLab’s global team presents the latest installment of the Russian Hybrid War Report.

Ukrainian official says missiles launched from Belarus to Ukraine

Feb 27 (Reuters) - Missiles launched from Belarus had hit an airport in Zhytomyr in northern Ukraine on Sunday, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister said. Ukrainian and Russian officials are due to meet for talks at a venue on the Belarusian border with Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's office said earlier. read more.