Libra: Sept. 22-Oct. 23

Love-hungry Libras, we know you always love Scorpio season because it means going deeper into the intimate realms and you are absolutely fine with whatever it takes! However, this month's Scorpio new moon invites a rebirth to your relationship with yourself, which is a reward after a long journey of introspection and growth. This journey brings you to a place of balance with self and others. This is your deepest work in this lifetime, so celebrate with an extra dose of self-care! There could be some financial upgrades this month. Consider partnering up, as a way of combining resources. Your gift of diplomacy may be called upon surrounding the Nov. 19 Taurus lunar eclipse.
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Virgo: Aug. 23-Sept. 21

Creating order out of chaos is your specialty, vigilant Virgos. You welcome Scorpio season to clear out the cobwebs and get on with things. Do be careful not to become too focused on the distortions, remembering that 'what we focus on expands'. You are a pinnacle of this time of 'the Great Shift' and are upgrading quickly to meet the collective needs. The Scorpio new moon, and the Taurus lunar eclipse fall in your axis of 'information, knowledge, communication, and beliefs'. You are upgrading your mental circuitry. Don't hold onto anything, and trust that you will end up where you belong.

Ohio Teen Audreona Barnes Has Been Missing For Nearly 3 Months

A family in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, is desperately searching for Audreona Barnes, a 19-year-old woman who has been missing for months. Barnes' mother, Akua Avegnon, said she hasn't talked to her daughter since July 30, WOIO reports. On that day, Barnes was planning to return home after spending time outside...

Scorpio: Oct. 24-Nov. 21

This is your big month all-powerful Scorpios… Happiest Re-Birth-Day to you! This is your moment to push the 'reset' button, shed last year's skin, and embody the fullness of your passion and purpose! The Nov. 4 new moon, also in your sign, is the invitation to surrender any old emotional pain and story, and get clear about your higher mission—as your strength and depth are greatly needed at this evolutionary threshold. The Nov. 19 lunar eclipse may trigger relationship shifts, though exciting, may be fleeting, but remember every romantic soiree serves your evolution in some manner. Home and family continue to be a bit in flux, so live from the heart... while learning to let go and trust.

Construction at 5th and Central leave businesses frustrated.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - If you’ve been getting frustrated by the amount of construction you’ve seen in the Capitol City, you’re not alone. Some businesses along the south Central corridor have been feeling the pinch. With so much construction, local businesses have seen their profit and business margins...

Freedom Fighter Promotions highlights and full results

On Saturday, October 2nd, the first state-Delaware bared witness to an amazing spectacle of beautiful Muay Thai in the purest of forms. Sanctioned by the USMF, Freedom Fighter Promotions kicked off their inaugural event without a hitch. Promoted by Muay Thai legend, Rami “The Son of Palestine” Ibrahim, he made a promise to give the fighters that fight for him everything he ever wanted as a fighter. Not only did Ibrahim deliver, but he also sold out his first event leaving a packed house in Hockessin, DE. begging for more after 16 explosive fights. Several fighters took to the microphone in their post-fight victory speeches explaining why fighters should aspire to compete for Freedom Fighter Promotions. All in all, the night was a success and the promotion is off to a sprinting start.

Take a Zucchini, Please!

First came marriage. Then came begging for a garden -- not a landing pad for shrubs and flowers but a grass-free square in the yard in which I could plant seeds and raise salad, salsa and sauce fixins. My first gardening endeavor was disastrous. I thought the hours spent working...

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3 Inflation-Proof Dividend Stocks Begging to Be Bought

Inflation. That's a word that seems to be on everyone's mind these days. For the stock market, inflationary pressures have historically tended to be something of a mixed bag: Many companies struggle, while others put up a relatively strong performance and can even benefit from unusual economic and monetary dynamics.