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VIDEO: Thousands Of Bees Attack California Man And His Dogs In Backyard

Bob Ramos, who lives in Diamond Bar, told KTLA the bees were in "attack mode." His dogs tore through the screen of his home in an attempt to get away from the bees outside. Ramos went outside to try to save his dogs. He wore a towel over his head as protection, but the bees managed to get underneath and stung him on his ears and on his face. He was stung over 40 times while trying to get the dogs away from the bees.
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6 Ways You Can Help Save the Bees

Bees are a big deal. These unsung heroes of the planet work hard to keep our food web functioning. One in every three bites of food we eat is courtesy of pollination, and 85 percent of flowering plants and trees rely on pollinators for survival. A Sticky Situation. Many people...
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A Mt. Carmel Family With Long History With Cancer Plans Sunflower Fundraiser For Aug. 1

A local family is taking a unique approach in order to raise money for the St. Anthony Regional Hospital Cancer Center in Carroll. On Sunday, Aug. 1, Mark Nepple and family will be selling fresh-cut sunflowers from their farm just east of Mt. Carmel. Like many families in the area, cancer has impacted the Nepples on more than one occasion, which sparked the idea for the fundraiser.
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Kyle Richards Gives Health Update After Bee Attack

Kyle Richards is on the mend after a scary encounter with bees. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star recently walked into a beehive and had to be rushed to a hospital. She even jumped into a pool at one point to try to escape!. A cameraman caught up with...
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Pirates, bees, music, Jennifer Hudson: Top things to do on Cape Cod & the Islands July 30-Aug. 5

Run&Shoot Filmworks will open the live 19th annual Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival with a bang: a pre-festival advance screening of the movie "Respect," about the life of singer Aretha Franklin, with a post-screening conversation with star Jennifer Hudson and director Liesl Tommy. The full festival then runs Aug. 6-14. "Respect" opens in theaters Aug. 8.

A caffeine buzz helps bees learn to find specific flowers

There's nothing like a shot of espresso when you need to get some studying done—and now, it seems like bees learn better with a jolt of their favorite caffeine-laced nectar, too. In a paper published July 28 in the journal Current Biology, researchers have shown that feeding bumble bees caffeine helps them better remember the smell of a specific flower with nectar inside. While previous studies have shown that bees like caffeine and will more frequently visit caffeinated flowers to get it, this is the first study to show that consuming caffeine in their nest actually helps bees find certain flowers outside of the nest.
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Caffeine-fuelled bumblebees are better at foraging for nectar

Bumblebees that get a caffeine boost are better able to remember the odours of specific flowers, helping them to forage for them in future. The caffeine appears to enhance bees’ learning and memory skills, even if there is no caffeine in the flowers they ultimately choose. Previous research has shown that bees have a preference for flowers with naturally caffeinated nectar, such as coffee and citrus plants, but it was unclear whether the caffeine boosted their performance or if they actually craved the caffeine itself.
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Bees are teaching engineers optimal honeycomb design techniques

Hexagonal structures are very strong and commonly used in building multiple products in a wide range of industries. For example, hexagonal structures are used to construct airplane wings, boats, cars, skis, packaging, and acoustic dampening materials, among other items. However, when building with structures of this type, challenges can arise when space constraints or repairs require builders to keep the structure mechanically strong while linking industrial honeycomb panels with cells of different sizes.
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Norwich are reinvesting the £40m Buendia sale back into the squad, Watford are bringing in top-flight experience while Brentford are just getting started... what the promoted clubs are doing as they prepare for life in the Premier League

The new Premier League season is just weeks away from kicking off and there are three new teams gearing up for a big campaign of top-flight football. Brentford, Norwich and Watford all gained promotion to the Premier League last season with this being an all too familiar feeling for the Canaries and the Hornets.
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Ole reveals team news for Brentford clash

The Old Trafford game, which kicks off at 20:00 BST, is being shown exclusively live on MUTV, as a crowd of around 30,000 is set to cheer the Reds on against the newly promoted Bees. After run-outs against Derby County and QPR, the chance to face Premier League opposition is...
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Bee scaffolding and bio heaters: New research reveals hidden beehive behaviours

Since the Middle Ages, humans have had a close relationship with honeybees as we’ve captured and reared them for their valuable and delicious honey. Over time, however, captive honeybees started to outcompete wild honeybees, which were also losing habitat as their native forests were cut down. Then in the late 1940s, beekeepers in Africa started to see outbreaks of a virulent parasite – the Varroa mite – which quickly spread to hives in Europe and the Americas.