Balfour to deliver Bay Street corridor project

Balfour Beatty is to deliver the Bay Street Innovation Corridor project for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in Florida as part of a $44 million deal. The project marks the first phase of the JTA's Ultimate Urban Circulator autonomous vehicle service – a new automated people mover system for Downtown Jacksonville and its surrounding neighbourhoods.
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Beep Doctors reveals how many incidents it attended last month

BEEP Doctors has revealed its volunteer doctors attended 31 call outs in August across Cumbria from Barrow to Kendal, Penrith to Thirlmere. The charity’s unpaid medical professionals are able to treat the sickest patients on the roadside, in their homes or at work, and attend serious incidents in the county including road traffic collisions, farming accidents or other life-threatening medical emergencies, as well as major incidents.
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Bookworm: 'Chasing the Thrill' is a treasure to read

So, it seems like you’re supposed to look over there. . . or maybe over there, the map isn’t very exact. It doesn’t say if you’re supposed to look up, around, or underground, either, so there’s that, and what if someone already found the treasure you’re looking for? How irritating, and in the new book “Chasing the Thrill” by Daniel Barbarisi,how utterly addictive.

Balfour Beatty consortium to deliver $44m Bay Street Innovation Corridor project in US

Jacksonville Transport Authority has appointed Balfour Beatty’s Vision 2 Reality (V2R) team to deliver the $44m Bay Street Innovation Corridor project in the US. The V2R consortium also includes WGI, Beep, Superior Construction Company Southeast, Stantec Consulting Services and Miller Electric. The Bay Street Innovation Corridor project represents the initial...

Beeps Café Reopening

Starting Monday, September 13, students, faculty and staff on the Palm Desert campus can once again enjoy the culinary offerings at Beep’s Café. Hours of operation and menu options are limited. Patrons are encouraged to visit the Beeps Café website and take advantage of the new contactless ordering system. What...

Why Does the House Alarm System Keep Beeping?

Does the house alarm system keep beeping and driving you crazy for no apparent reason? There's likely an underlying cause for the annoying beeps even if it's not obvious. Before you start troubleshooting your system, make sure there's not a credible threat to the security of your home. Once you know you're safe, go through common causes of alarm beeping to diagnose the problem.