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Becoming human

Nobel Prize winning author Elie Wiesel, as a young man, was destined to die in Hitler's crematoria. He avoided arrest until the attacking Russian artillery could be heard. He spent the last months of the way moving through several concentration camps. Despite experiencing such trauma, he remained an Orthodox Jew until his death.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Ivan Hall Breaks Production Protocol, Called ‘Liar’ by Cast

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the Sept. 28 episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Ivan Hall had a rough time in Paradise. He first pursued Jessenia Cruz, before she left him for another contestant. His relationship with Kendall Long was short-lived after she exited not over her ex. And as the rose ceremony approached, he had no prospects to stay on the beach. However, an unexpected romance brewed between him and Chelsea Vaughn, who had been tied to Aaron Clancy. Ivan and Chelsea made out, which angered Aaron and led to a confrontation between the men. The two...
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Social Distance and Becoming Human

Categories: Audio, Modern Problems (National Conference 2021) Tags: Conflict, Culture, Family, Friendships, Identity, Relationships, Technology. Our shared humanity has always been a foundational biblical principle. However, dip your toes into a Twitter or Facebook sparring match (or war) involving friends, family, and fellow Christians and you may think the parable of the Good Samaritan has yet to be released by its publisher. The Covid-19 pandemic and a contentious election have further distanced and dehumanized the diverse family members of the human race, and even brothers and sisters within the church. The adage that familiarity breeds contempt is well-known but misleading. It is when we fail to see ourselves in others that we foster contempt for them. This breakout will explore the ways we distance ourselves from others, and how seeing the face of God and the power of the incarnation help to restore our own humanity and close the distance between ourselves and those we alienate.
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