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Mom Bosses Are My Favorite Thing

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing someone’s dreams come true. American Idol’s finale and the confetti bombs, tears, and performances get me every time. The final bows of the halftime performers at the Super Bowl when the reality of what they have done sinks in… just wow. Don’t get me started on the Olympics. I grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in, only to throw it on the floor screaming as the underdog (or any competitor) crosses the finish line. Those big moments get me.
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10 Things Every Taurus Needs to Know Before Decorating a Home

Decorating your home can be an exciting experience, and certainly is considered one of the most fun parts of living in your own space. Nonetheless, we all have our own distinct tastes and preferences on how to show off our personalities in our homes. It can be a bit daunting for some, especially if they aren’t sure where to start.

Questions For Each Zodiac Sign

Gemini: Will you ever stop searching for a new adventure?. Leo: How do you remain so positive even in the most unfortunate circumstances?. Virgo: Why is it that you rarely talk but when you do, you say the most beautiful things?. Libra: Why do you succeed at everything?. Scorpio: Why...

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jojo Simmons

The name Simmons is a big one in the hip-hop world thanks to Run DMC. Rev Run is a man everyone has been familiar with for many decades now, and his kids are growing up, having babies of their own, getting married, and doing their own thing. It’s still difficult to imagine that the Rev Run we all grew up with so many years ago is a grandfather now, but he is – and his son, JoJo Simmons, is about to welcome his second child with his wife, Tanice Simmons. Who is JoJo? He’s the son of Rev Run, and he’s living his best life.

Three Beautiful Things in the Cosmos

“My soul takes pleasure in three things, and they are beautiful in the sight of the Lord and of men; agreement between brothers, friendship between neighbors, and a wife and a husband who live in harmony.” Sirach. I wonder what these words sound like to the young. I imagine they...
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A good contractor is indeed a good thing

Things are pretty quiet around here this morning after a month of hammering and power sawing. I was glad to have the hammering and noise at the time. This is July and I was just getting damage from Hurricane Zeta fixed. My house injuries were not life threatening as many people’s were. I had a window blown out in the new upstairs bathroom. When you live in an old house, new is relative. That bathroom was added over 10 years ago, but when the house is 125 years old, renovations within the last quarter century would be considered new.
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There are so many beautiful things happening around the tri-state area -- we just need your help finding them. Reach out to us by sending an email to judayah.murray@news12.com to fill us in!

Beautiful Things Come Together One Stitch at a Time

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Explore Our Favorite Things: Natural Gifts to Nurture the Inner Garden

Many people struggle with thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas. And many like to turn to Etsy for beautiful handmade gifts. But, if you are like most people, it can be overwhelming to sort through the massive selection of offerings on Etsy. As a home furnishings and gift buyer, artist, and...