Secret Invasion Making Major Change to Nick Fury

Disney just held their annual upfront presentation where they unveiled an amazing first trailer for their upcoming series She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. The studio revealed a bunch of cool details about their upcoming series like Benedict Wong returning as Wong in She-Hulk, and that the series will have a shorter than expected episode count. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also gave some new information about Samuel L. Jackson's Secret Invasion series. Apparently, the next time we see Nick Fury he will look fairly different.
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Romain Duris Is My Cannes Dream Man

There are plenty of chiseled, well-heeled, and manicured men at the Cannes Film Festival, but one has caught my eye: the French actor Romain Duris. A French film icon for almost 20 years, he’s appeared in films like Chinese Puzzle, Russian Dolls, and L’auberge Espagnole. Currently, he’s at Cannes for the spoofy zombie flick Coupez! (Final Cut!). I know Duris from the series Vernon Subutex, which chronicles an aged and dated sleazebag record-store owner who shacks up with women in order to find housing. In it, he is a bit too reminiscent of Charles Manson for my taste, with a messy shoulder-length comb-over and an exhausted gauntness. Yet his grifter character remains incredibly charming, and Duris’s allure onscreen translates into his real-life style.
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‘Chivalry 2’ comes to Steam and adds horses on June 12

Chivalry 2 is officially releasing on Steam, arriving June 12 alongside a brand new update that adds horses, new maps and a new faction. As revealed by PC Gamer, Chivalry 2 will finally be making its way to Steam, alongside a brand new update. It’s called Tenosian Invasion, and adds the new Tenosian faction, two huge team objective maps, two team deathmatch maps & more.
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From the Editor: Boomerangs and Beards

Much of our state’s rapid growth is coming from those, myself included, who were born elsewhere and got here as soon as we could. But another key source of vitality is boomerangs: those with deep roots in Texas who sought adventure elsewhere for a time and then got back as soon as they could. Sandi Villarreal, our new deputy editor for digital journalism, falls happily into the second category. She’s a fourth-generation Texan whose grandfather long owned the famed Sanitary Tortilla Company, in San Antonio, while her uncle runs two other popular local businesses: Joey’s, a sports bar on St. Mary’s Street, and Blue Star Brewing Company.