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Kingston, ON’s Award-Winning Author & Singer/Songwriter STEVE HEIGHTON Rises Above Tragedy To Release “Don’t Remember Me”

“Sometimes finding your voice means losing it first.”. That may be a conceptual statement for most but, for internationally acclaimed Canadian poet-novelist and singer-songwriter Steven Heighton, there are no truer words. After recovering from a near-fatal accident, the Governor General’s Award for Poetry winner returned to his songwriting roots to create and release his debut album, The Devil’s Share, and the new single, “Don’t Remember Me” — both available now.
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All about the new Elvis Presley biopic, with Austin Butler and Tom Hanks

With the success of Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) and Rocketman (2019) as a precedent, another high-budget film about a musical legend is on the way, one of the most iconic in history. Bliss biopic upon Elvis presley He has been in the oven for a long time and will delve into the rise of this Mississippi native to become the king of rock & roll. Here is everything we know about this production, from its interesting cast to some details of its development.
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B.B. King Music Company Announces Revitalized Partnership with Gibson, Launch of Legacy Initiatives for B.B. King

B.B. King Music Company Announces Revitalized Partnership with Gibson. Launch of Legacy Initiatives for B.B. King the King of the Blues. B.B. King Icon Life Legacy Initiative Dedicated to Preserving the Life Achievements of one of America’s Greatest Songwriters. LOS ANGELES, CA (September 16, 2021) The B.B. King Music Company,...
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BB King Music Company revitalizes partnership with Gibson

Company is dedicated to preserving the life achievements of King. The BB King Music Company, owner of all rights to BB King likeness and related trademarks and copyright on behalf of the King Family Trust is pleased to announce a revitalized partnership with Gibson — the iconic American guitar brand — and the launch of the new BB King Icon Life Legacy Initiatives. The news comes on King’s 96th birthday, which was September 16th.

Marvin Gaye | What happens 50 years later?

With a keen interest in the environment and the civil rights of black society, the album whats going on May be released in 2021. To underline 50e On the anniversary of Marvin Caye’s cult album, we had the opportunity to speak with his biographer David Ritz and Montreal Tramponist Modibo Geeta, who will perform Caye’s primary work on Sunday evening at the invitation of the Jazz Festival. For the show, he will be accompanied by about twenty singers and musicians.

BB King: a guide to his best albums

At the time of BB King's death in May 2015, the man born Riley B King in mid-20s Mississippi was the undisputed King Of The Blues. The ‘Blues Boy’ survived brutal racism, extreme poverty and even a brief association with U2 to endure as the ambassador for a style of music that has defied being written off countless times.

Your first blues guitar lesson: essential chords, techniques, scales and players

Guitar lessons: Traditional blues techniques, chords and scales are at the heart of most popular styles of music so it’s worth adding a few tricks to your arsenal. Learn the essentials and inject your playing with some bluesy attitude as you follow this lesson…. The players. There are far too...

BB King is my choice

Wow, several musicians who would win on most days, but must go with BBK ** -- EDGEMAN 09/16/2021 07:51AM. Ha! I was right here waiting for someone to start a pun thread! ** -- JoesterVT 09/16/2021 10:49AM. This one is hard. Earl Klugh, I think -- over BB King and...

Michael Mwenso and The Shakes bring 'tapestry of Black music' to performance at Penn State

Penn State’s Center for the Performing Arts is kicking off the season with a free outdoor performance by Mwenso and The Shakes at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 16, on the Eisenhower Auditorium patio. The show, "Love Will Be thee Only Weapon," is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. For information or to order tickets, go to or call 814-863-0255. In case of rain, the event will be inside.

Today in History: First Cinemascope Film Screened in New York

September 16 is the 259th (260th in leap years) day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. The number of days left until the end of the year is 106. 16 September 1922 The Afyon-Banaz section, which was evacuated by the enemy during the Great Offensive, was replenished. Covers Station reached. In this way, the carriages from the Shepherds began to be transported by rail.

Planning for Tennessee Vacation? Here are 5 Tourist Attractions You Should Visit

Picture this; you have been working long, stressful hours the whole year. Finally, you decided to take some break from your demanding job in the form of vacations. You would probably feel thrilled and ecstatic about your decision. However, it would be best if you planned adequately for your must-awaited vacation before getting back to your everyday busy life.

Zac Harmon Says, ‘Long As I Got My Guitar’

Catfood Records announces an October 1st release date for Long As I Got My Guitar, the new album from Texas-based award-winning blues singer/guitarist Zac Harmon. Produced by Grammy-winner Jim Gaines (Santana, Steve Ray Vaughan, and Journey) and recorded at Sonic Ranch in, Tornillo, Texas, Long As I Got My Guitar features 10 songs performed in Harmon’s inimitable funky, soul-blues sound.

5 guitar tricks you can learn from Free's Paul Kossoff

Born 14 September 1950, The late British guitarist Paul Kossoff had a style so distinctive that you could identify his playing after hearing just one note. This is mainly due to his use of an intense, fast and wide fretting-hand vibrato, which became something of a trademark. In his early days, he briefly studied classical guitar, but the lure of blues-rock soon came calling and he absorbed as much as he could from BB King, Freddie King, Albert King, Clapton and Hendrix - and he never looked back.

Charlie Cope Interview with Muzique Magazine

While Cope is my real last name, Charlie is not my real first name. I do try to keep my real first name a secret so I can live more discreetly when needed. When I was fourteen years old I went on a trip to visit family in Kentucky. While there I met distant relatives as well as visited with my great grandmother. While at dinner, one of my cousins had gotten my name wrong. He had called me Charlie and had jokingly asked why my name wasn’t something simpler like that. For the rest of the trip, everyone jokingly called me Charlie.