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The International 2022 Dates Leaked – Valve Leaks Dates for TI11

Valve themselves have seemingly leaked The International 2022 dates as they included a banner showing the event dates in their API. Valve has only recently revealed the location for TI11: The Suntec Arena in Singapore. However, Valve did not announce along with the tournament dates along with the venue. Hence, fans were left wondering when they should be looking to book their tickets to Asia. Based on last year’s dates, October to November would make the most sense, especially since there’s another Major coming this August. But Valve themselves, even without announcing anything, leaked the TI11 dates by adding a new banner on their API. The event and its banner have since then been picked up by third-party Dota 2 and esports websites that automatically scrounge source code data to uncover official dates based on game files. Hence, the banner leaked and showed that the dates for this year’s TI11 will be from October 14 to 29, 2022.
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‘Halo Infinite’ loses third key team member this year

Jerry Hook, who worked as head of design on Halo Infinite, announced on May 25 that he has left 343 Industries. The announcement came via a tweet by Hook, which reads; “Today marks my last day at 343i, Microsoft and Halo. This journey has been filled with creating new worlds, platforms and products from Xbox, Xbox Live to Halo.”