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EEE-YOW! Dig These 13 Groovy BATMAN ’66 Cliffhangers

What’s the highlight of any Batman ’66 episode? The Batfights? The run to the Batpoles? The Batmobile roaring into action? Any time Julie Newmar’s on screen? The deathtrap cliffhangers?. It’s all memorable and it’s all fun, but the deathtraps were perhaps where the show’s creators were at their most clever...
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Batman: Detective Comics #1006

“Put down your weapons and equipment and this may be your lucky day. Or your worst.”. Sideshow presents the Batman: Detective Comics #1006 Fine Art Print by artist Dan Quintana. Like the bat-signal in the sky, Batman stands as a beacon of hope in the darkest night. Artist Dan Quintana...
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New synopsis for ‘The Batman’ teases potential villain team-up

Fans have been eager for any new tidbits of news about The Batman and on Wednesday, their prayers were finally answered when Warner Bros posted a new synopsis for the film. One line in particular has fans buzzing as it could potentially mean we see a villain team up with Batman to try and take down The Riddler.
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Target Exclusive 6" Retro Batman 66 TV Series Wave 2 Official Figure Images

McFarlane Toys has released official images for their Target Exclusive 6" Retro Batman 66 TV Series Wave 2 figures which includes Riddler, Batman In Swim Shorts and Joker In Swim Shorts. Unfortunately neither Batman or Joker come with Surf Boards like where seen in the episode where they had the swim shorts on.

Batman of Spring Hill working on his Batmobile — with some help from a friend

BROOKSVILLE — Jack Asbury takes his role as an emergency medical technician pretty seriously. He takes his role as a parent pretty seriously, too. But it’s more than that. As a parent whose daughter was born 27 weeks premature and now is doing well at age 11 thanks to the superheroic work of medical professionals, Asbury has spent 10 years in an alternate persona as Batman.

Batman #117 previews what Gotham City will look like without Batman in 2022

Batman's time as Gotham City's main protector will come to an end (albeit likely temporarily) in November 30's Batman: Fear State Omega #1, as part of what DC calls "a new day" for the city. Since DC announced Bruce Wayne's impending departure back in August, another shoe has dropped with word that the new Batman (Jace Fox) will also be leaving Gotham - in his case, to relocate to New York City.

Two-Face is Asking Batman for Help in the Worst Way

In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, Two-Face asks for Batman’s help to rescue his wife Gilda, but he does it in the worst way possible. Warning: Spoilers for Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1. DC Comics’ Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, shows Batman and Two-Face teaming up to...
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Every Time Batman Broke His No-Killing Rule In The Movies

Of all the characteristics that make Batman a great and honorable hero, I believe the most essential is his one rule of never killing his enemies…in the comics, that is. This very defining and important philosophy, which was inspired by the trauma Bruce Wayne faced after witnessing the senseless murder of his own parents, is often disregarded in the Batman movies (the live-action Batman movies, in particular) leading to some very polarizing receptions from DC movies fans.