The Doctors Put Your Shower Knowledge to the Test

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra tests your shower IQ with some basic questions about bathing behaviors. Should you wash your hair first when you get into the shower? In which direction should you be shaving? Find out how many you get right!. Is This Procedure the Solution to Your Snoring?
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Jake Gyllenhaal Clarifies Those Controversial Bathing Comments

Watch: Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Hilariously Troll Bathing Debate. Oh, look! It's that time of the month when the celebrity bathing debate resurfaces. Just when you might have thought we heard the last word on the showering saga of the stars, Jake Gyllenhaal addressed the issue once again, attempting to wash away his past remarks on his hygiene habits.
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Jake Gyllenhaal Clarifies Whether He Showers After Controversial Bathing Habit Comments

The ‘Nightcrawler’ actor joked about past comments he made about his personal hygiene, where he said that he found ‘bathing to be less necessary at times.’. No need to hold your breath! After Jake Gyllenhaal made headlines in early August, talking about his questionable bathing habits, the 40-year-old actor explained that he was messing around when he told Vanity Fair that he found showering “less necessary.” The actor cleared the air during a press conference for his latest movie The Guilty and let people know that does indeed bathe.
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Jake Gyllenhaal claims he was ‘being sarcastic’ about bathing comments

Jake Gyllenhaal is cleansing himself of the celebrity hygiene debate. The “Nightcrawler” star clarified his questionable bathing comments at a recent screening of his upcoming Netflix film, “The Guilty” – and reassured attendees that he does, indeed, shower regularly. “I don’t know what it was. I answered a question where...

Jake Gyllenhaal Clarifies His Viral Bathing Comment

Jake Gyllenhaal has clarified his comment regarding his personal hygiene, and he wants his fans to know he’s been bathing this entire time. Conversations regarding Gyllenhaal’s bathing routine kicked off after he told Vanity Fair back in August that he finds “bathing to be less necessary at times.”. “I do...

Deathcore Band OV SULFUR Makes Bath Bombs Now

Ov Sulfur, the new band featuring Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover, recently released their new single "Bathe In The Flame". Now the band is back with a bath bomb that will (not quite literally) allow you to bathe in the flames. "I never thought I'd release a bath bomb, but the...

Skin Expert Reveals How Often Should You Be Showering

Celebrity showering habits recently made headlines with stars admitting they do not bathe themselves or their kids daily, with others saying they shower multiple times each day. The Doctors call on skin expert and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra to weigh in. Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Nita Landry say they...

A Bathing Ape Releasing More Bapesta Styles

A Bathing Ape will be releasing a trio of new Bapesta color options to kick off the month of October. For this lineup, the shoes ditch its traditional tonal color scheme for Grey camo overlays highlight with either Black, White, or Brown hues on the mid panels. Each pair also comes with contrasting accents on the Star logo and toe box in Teal, Orange, or Navy, while Bape’s Ape Head logo is stamped onto the heel counter. Finishing off the design is a White midsole atop a colored rubber outsole.

Jake Gyllenhaal was sarcastic with comment about bathing daily

Jake Gyllenhaal was sarcastic with comment on the daily bathing. HE HAS! Do you bear in mind all that fuss that was made when some celebs got here out to say that they didn’t bathe daily?. Effectively, throughout a particular presentation of his new film “The Responsible” at Concord Gold...

Tundraland looking for Veteran in need of a bath upgrade

Bill Willcome from Tundraland joined Living with Amy to talk about beautiful bathroom upgrades they can do. He also talked about their participation in the Baths for the Brave program which helps to improve the lives of veterans who were left disabled from their military service or have experienced hardships in their life that prevent them from completing normal everyday tasks such as bathing.
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Jake Gyllenhaal says he was ‘being sarcastic’ in response to bathing question

Jake Gyllenhaal has clarified that he does shower following his previous comments claiming that he finds bathing to be “less necessary, at times”. The Marvel star offered his opinion on bathing and cleanliness last month. His remarks were prompted by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher who sparked an online debate earlier this summer after revealing they only wash their children when they can “see the dirt”.
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Does your child need to bathe every day?

The daily bath or shower is a routine for many of us — and for our children, too. But is it really necessary?. Obviously, there are days when washing up makes good sense — like if your child is grimy from a day in the dirt; covered in sweat, paint, or other visible dirt; or had an explosive poop. It’s also a good idea to wash up if your child has spent the day in a pool (the chlorine may be irritating to the skin), a body of water (there could be things in the water that are irritating or unhealthy), or well-covered in bug spray to ward off ticks and mosquitoes. And certainly, it’s best for everyone in the vicinity when a stinky teenager takes a soapy shower.