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Expert Tips For Choosing Your First Bass Guitar

Choosing the first bass guitar can be a daunting task. There are so many different choices out there, and choosing one is tough! In this article, you will learn some tips on choosing your first bass guitar to help make choosing easier. Look For Cheaper Ones Designed For Beginners. Since...

Gibson vs Taylor- Which Guitar Brand Is Better?

There are tons of different guitars out there and they come in different shapes, sizes, and types. Similarly, the guitar being one of the most popular instruments out there in the musical world, there are hundreds of brands worldwide as well that will help you out to get the right edge of choosing the best guitar for the needs that you might have.

Can You Use Electric Bass Strings on an Acoustic Bass Guitar

If you are in the world of music then you have probably heard, or even had the opportunity to play acoustic bass guitar. The acoustic bass guitar looks like a typical acoustic guitar, but it produces a bass sound, which makes it so special. This instrument is quite young and has not yet gained much popularity, although it has a really phenomenal sound and the power to transform any musical track.

Our Pick Of Plugins For Bass Guitar

Here are our pick of plugins you might consider to put the fun back into fundamental!. Considering all the attention electric guitars get in the plugin world, basses feel very much the poor relation. However, as any bass player will tell you, the crowd might be looking at the guitarist but they are dancing to the bass player!
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Bass of the Week: Brute Bass Guitars Hex Bass

David Telfer of Brute Bass Guitars takes cues for some of his instruments from vintage design elements. That includes his Hex model, and this week we’re taking a look at the retro-inspired four-string as our bass of the week. “Most of my more angular designs reference some of the brands...

Google can now help you tune your guitar... or uke, or bass, or whatever

Google has incorporated an instrument tuning feature directly into Search. Just search for “google tuner” and a widget will appear at the top of the results page. From there you can use the chromatic to tune, well, pretty much anything you can tune. This isn’t the first music-related feature Google...

Spector balances classic with updated features for its new Euro RST basses

Spector Basses has revealed its new Euro RST Series of four and five-string instruments, featuring updated tonewoods, Aguilar electronics and new stain finish options. The Sienna Stain, Turquoise Tide, and Sundown Glow bass guitars all feature a soft matte finish on flame maple top and empresswood back. A three-piece roasted...
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Tommy Vee's missing bass guitars returned after fall from tour bus, two-week search

A pair of bass guitars belonging to Thomas Velline, also known as Tommy Vee, were returned Tuesday after a two-and-a-half week search. "You spend enough time on the road with those things, making music with them, and they start to mean a lot to you," Vee said Wednesday. "I'm just really glad to have them back."