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Digimon Survive Release Date Could Be Earlier Than Speculated!

Fans are eagerly anticipating the next Digimon Survive, owing to delays, but their optimism may be rewarded sooner than anticipated. The anticipated Digimon Survive from Bandai Namco Entertainment is a game that has been beset by delays. The game was first teased in 2018 and was planned to be launched in 2019. However, a number of problems pushed the game’s future release dates back over time.
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Dragon Ball: The Breakers closed beta dates announced

Bandai Namco and Dimps have announced that the closed beta version of Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be released on PC next month. Registration for the event, which will take place between 4-5 December North America, Europe and Japan opened for. Bandai Namco will be running four different closed beta...
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Dragon Ball: The Breakers Closed Beta Test Dates Announced

Bandai Namco and Dimps have announced that a closed beta for Dragon Ball: The Breakers will run on PC next month. Registration for the event, which will run from December 3 to December 4, is now open in North America, Europe, and Japan. Across the two days, Bandai Namco will...
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Dragon Ball Franchise announces a new video game- Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Dragon Ball Franchise announces a new video game. According to the publisher Bandai Namco, the game will be call as Dragon Ball: The Breakers. This game is going to release by the next year. Most of the Dragon Ball games are focused on action. The Breakers will be similar to games like Dead by Daylight.

The Idolmaster: Starlit Season DLC Will Add More Idols and Stories

Bandai Namco will release more DLC for The Idolmaster: Starlit Season. Other than bonus songs and crossover costumes inspired by other games like Tales of Arise, the DLC lineup will also include additions of more idols and story chapters. The first three idols that will join the game’s roster as...

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announces ‘PAC-MAN MUSEUM+’ for console and PCs via STEAM

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has announced PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ for PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PCs via STEAM. Players and fans of the cultural icon are invited to revisit 14 titles in the legendary PAC-MAN series, many of which have not been available in years. PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ presents a...
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Toymaker Bandai America Plans Return to Orange County in 2022

El Segundo-based Bandai America Inc. is moving back to Orange County come April. The toy manufacturer and licensee’s product offerings include figurines from various anime stories and the popular Netflix Inc. series “Stranger Things,” as well as Tamagotchi virtual pets sold at Target Corp. stores and other major retailers. It also sells products under the 44 Cats, Pac-Man, Pretty Pixels, Tippies, World of Zombies, Dragon Ball Super and Digimon brands.

Elden Ring is Expected to Sell 4 Million Units in its First 5 Weeks, According to Bandai Namco

Elden Ring is probably one of the most highly anticipated upcoming games of 2022, and even with a few months still left until the game is out, the hype surrounding the game is already at a fever pitch. Given all that excitement, it’s not unfair to assume that the game is on track to perform quite well from a commercial perspective, and publisher Bandai Namco agrees with that assertion.


Earlier today, BANDAI NAMCO announced PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ is an upcoming collection which will contain a wide variety of PAC-MAN games from the series’ past. BANDAI NAMCO mentions that it will be releasing sometime in early 2022. A more specific release date has not yet been announced at this time, but feel free to check out the announcement trailer down below. Also down below, is more info about this collection from the official press release.

Bandai Namco Announces Pac-Man Museum+ For The Ultimate Collection

Bandai Namco basically revealed the ultimate Pac-Man collection today as they will be releasing Pac-Man Museum+. This game will be offering up 14 classic titles for you to play as you'll be exploring the series' main character titles over the past four decades. Along with a cool interface and platform, they give you the feeling of owning your own amazing arcade dedicated to the yellow ball. The game will be released in early 2022 for PC and all three major consoles. You can see more from the game below with a ton of screenshots and the trailer.
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Pac-Man Museum+ Includes 14 Classics & a Customizable Arcade Hub

Bandai Namco has announced Pac-Man Museum+, a collection of 14 titles from throughout the yellow mascot’s history, and it’s coming to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in early 2022. From the original Pac-Man to Pac-in-Time, the bundle of titles focuses on the franchise’s more arcade-y history (sorry, Pac-Man World fans). You can see the full list of titles included in Pac-Man Museum+ below:
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Pac-Man Museum+ announced, collecting 14 games in a virtual arcade

Bandai Namco has dropped an announcement trailer for Pac-Man Museum+, collecting 14 games in the franchise from its 41-year history on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The collection will launch sometime in early 2022. And rather than have you select games from a menu, Bandai Namco is going the fun, zanier route of providing a fictional arcade setting for Pac-Man to walk around to play games. In fact, players can customize the arcade by placing game cabinets, decorations, and memorabilia. There is also a “mission-based progression system where completing game missions rewards players with coins which can be used to unlock more missions or items that players can place in their virtual arcade room.”

Pac-Man Museum + coming to Switch in 2022

Bandai Namco has announced that Pac-Man Museum +, a collection of 14 classic Pac-Man games, is coming to Switch early next year. Check out the announcement trailer below. Update (11/19): Bandai Namco PR has provided an overview:. PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ presents a unique curated collection of classic and modern PAC-MAN games...

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. announces Pac-Man Museum+

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. has announced the ultimate Pac-Man compilation, Pac-Man Museum+, heading to consoles and PC in early 2022. Containing 14 classic Pac-Man games, this compilation contains the original Pac-Man, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Pac-Man Battle Royale, and even Pac-In-Time. You can check out the announcement trailer above and read below for more info:

PAC-MAN MUSEUM +: announced a new collection for console and PC

BANDAI NAMCO Europe announced PAC-MAN MUSEUM +, the definitive collection of the software house’s iconic mascot. The title will be available in Europe starting from early 2022 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Within this collection will be present ben fourteen different chapters of the franchise, starting with the very first PAC-MAN for arcade cabinets up to the hectic PAC-MAN 256.

Gameplay Details Revealed for Dragon Ball the Breakers

The latest issue of Jump magazine includes coverage for Bandai Namco’s recently revealed 7vs1 asymmetrical action game. The magazine breaks down some of the gameplay elements coming to Dragon Ball: The Breakers. [Thanks, Ryokutya.]. While Bandai Namco described the Survivors as ordinary people with a power level of 5, the...