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My Hero Academia Is Getting a Free-to-Play Battle Royale Game

Bandai Namco has revealed a new free-to-play battle royale video game set in the world of the popular manga and anime franchise My Hero Academia. The new video game is called My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble, or at least it appears to be until an official English announcement is made, and it is set to eventually release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.
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The creators of Wallace & Gromit are making a ‘mad, open world’ game

Aardman Animations, the creative studio behind Wallace & Gromit and other iconic stop-motion series, is developing a new, open-world video game based on an original IP. The game will focus on “inventive mechanics and compelling characters”, according to several job listings on the studio’s website, and is described as a “mad, open-world” game that sits within the “3D action-adventure genre”.
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Bandai Namco reveals 10 minutes of ‘Tales of Luminaria’ anime footage

Publisher Bandai Namco has released a lengthy first-look at the upcoming anime adaptation of its mobile RPG, Tales of Luminaria. With the full title, Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad the anime is based on the smartphone game that launched globally on Android and iOS in November 2021. Like the game, which features 21 characters with intersecting storylines, The Fateful Crossroad will be “woven together from the journeys of 21 protagonists”.
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Elden Ring's character creator is a true monster factory

Let's be honest: while From Software's games are good at a lot of things, they aren't particularly well-known for their robust character creators, especially compared to multiplayer-focused games like Final Fantasy XIV. However, leaked video of the Elden Ring character creation suite looks like a big step up from Dark...

Wallace & Gromit Studio Hiring for Upcoming Game

Aardman, the studio behind the iconic stop-motion series Wallace & Gromit, is hiring multiple positions to work on an upcoming game. They are currently looking to hire a gameplay programmer, a level and narrative designer, and a character artist. A “mad, open world”. According to the listings, Aardman is...
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My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble trailer & first gameplay video revealed

Following the reveal in last week’s Weekly Shonen Jump, Bandai Namco shared a first look at a new gameplay video and trailer for the upcoming battle royale title, My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble. Ultra Rumble is a 24-player team-based battle royale, where players take on different My Hero Academia...

Mario Sports Game Rumored To Be In Development

Super Mario games are always popping up into the marketplace. For decades, fans have been enjoying the franchise, and Nintendo is not slowing down. There are plenty of video game rumors circulating online regarding what is coming out. While it’s only a rumor, one of the big notable titles that Nintendo fans might have interested in is Mario. If this rumor proves to be real, then we might see a Mario sports game hit the marketplace sometime soon.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble shows gameplay and dates its Japanese beta

After the fighting games, the manga My Hero Academia give in to the Battle Royale trend with My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, announced last week by bandai namco. The publisher is giving more details today, including a first gameplay video for the free-to-play, which will offer 24 people form teams of 3 characters to hope to be the last ones alive.

My Hero Academia Battle Royale Announced With Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco announced that a battle royale based on the hit anime series My Hero Academia is on the way, with a free beta test set to take place next month. It will be free-to-play when it comes out PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but it doesn’t have a release window as of yet.

'Halo Infinite' Is Finally Reducing Shop Prices

After an outcry from fans for its exorbitant price tags on the Halo Infinite store, 343 Industries has finally acknowledged the issue. Announcing a series of changes over on Twitter, the studio’s head of design Jerry Hook says that items on the online shop will now be more accessible to fans. “We’ve been monitoring the discussions on the Shop, bundles, and pricing closely since launch,” the developer tweeted. “Using data and community feedback, we’re going to begin rolling out changes to how we package and price items in [Halo] Infinite – and it all starts next week.”

New Mario Games Leak Giving Nintendo GameCube Fans Hope

Amidst rumors of Super Mario Odyssey 2, more Mario games for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED have been leaked by a couple of prominent Nintendo insiders and leakers. The first of these two games is a new Mario sports game. Pre Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf Super Rush, the words "new Mario sports game" would get everyone excited, but so far, on Nintendo Switch, the Mario sports games have been severely underwhelming. Now, excitement is a bit dampened and depends on what the sport is. For example, if a follow-up to Super Mario Strikers is announced, everyone will flip, but another Mario Baseball game is unlikely to get Nintendo fans boarding the hype train en masse.

Tales Of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad Gets A Sneak Peek Video

Bandai Namco dropped a brand new video this morning for Tales Of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad as we get a sneak peek at the anime series. Presented in partnership with Crunchyroll, you get a good look at over ten minutes worth of animated content from the upcoming series, as you learn a little bit more about the characters and the world. You can enjoy the video below as it's set to be released on January 20th, 2022.

Dragon Ball Super Previews Realm Of The Gods: Dabura Leader

Bandai has started to show off cards from the next official The Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion. The March 2022 set is the sixteenth main set and the seventh expansion under the Unison Warrior Series banner. The set, titled Realm of the Gods (with its full name being Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Realm of the Gods) focuses on the deities of Akira Toriyama's universe. Confirmed focuses of the set include the Tournament of Power, the Champa Saga, the Future Trunks Saga, and Xenoverse material including Trunks Xeno and Mechikabura. As Dragon Ball Super Card Game debuts artwork from this upcoming set, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the upcoming cards from a collector's perspective.

Tales of Luminaria Anime Gets First 10 Minutes in English; Tales of Arise Anime Trailer Gets New Screenshots

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment had a couple of treats to share with fans of Tales of Arise and Tales of Luminaria, especially those who happen to like anime. First of all, we get to see the first 10 minutes of the Tales of Liminaria Anime titled The Fateful Crossrowad animated by Kamikaze Douga. Unlike the previous video, this one is entirely dubbed in English.