‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Star Vanessa Lachey Is a ‘Professional Badass’ in New Photo

NCIS: Hawai’i special agent in charge Jane Tennant has a nice line to sum up her character. Truthfully, we’d all want something similar. Check it out. The NCIS: Hawai’i social media account spilled the details, Sunday, tweeting “The Boss – Mom, professional badass, Air Force brat.” Tennant’s slogan “Let me do the worrying,” was stamped across the character’s photo. Vanessa Lachey, who brought Tennant to life starting last month, probably could describe herself the same way.
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'In the most badass moment of the game' Purdue lineman douses himself in celebratory beer

After Purdue upset the No. 2 football team in the nation, one Boilermaker made the best out of the reaction of upset Iowa homecoming fans on Saturday. Greg Long, a Boilermaker offensive lineman, took a beer thrown from the fans and doused himself in celebration. And the action was caught on camera by a photojournalist Byron Houlgrave of the Des Moines Register.
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Hawkeye Star Teases Debut Of Their Badass New Superhero

Marvel Studios clearly have major plans in store for Alaqua Cox, with spinoff series Echo being announced before shooting on Hawkeye had even wrapped. Fans don’t have long to wait to see the franchise’s first deaf superhero in action, with Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s adventure set to pull double duty by laying the groundwork for Maya Lopez’s solo outing.

A Guide to Taking & Printing Badass Motorcycle Photos

Like popping your first wheelie or having a serious session on a race track, getting some decent shots of your beloved two-wheeled machine is something every motorcyclist should do at least once. Sure, if you’re cashed up enough, there’s an army of photographers out there with the experience and skills to do it for you. But what about the option of doing it yourself?

Badass Rolling Stone Editor Fucking Swears Up a Storm He Doesn't Give a Shit

Rolling Stone got a new editor, Noah Shachtman, over the summer. His hire was announced with splashy New York Times story where he stood against a concrete wall looking pensive with his boss in the background, completely unlike the splashy New York Times story about the relaunch of this website where the editor sat on a windowsill with her boss in the foreground. Good for both of us.

Bruised Trailer: Halle Berry Is a Badass UFC Fighter Who Is Fighting for Her Pride and Status in This Inspiring Netflix Film (Watch Video)

Popular streaming giant Netflix, on Thursday, released the first trailer for Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry’s directorial debut ‘Bruised’, which will hit the streamer this November. Berry has directed and is starring in the sports drama about an MMA fighter (Jackie Justice) who reclaims her power, in and out of the ring, when everyone has counted her out. Tabbar Review: Pawan Malhotra and Supriya Pathak’s Tight Thriller Series Gets Further Elevated By Its Terrific Performances (The Madison Leader Gazette Exclusive).

Hawkeye Disney+: Actress Promises Deaf MCU Hero Echo Is 'Badass'

The next Disney+ show on the docket for Marvel Studios is Hawkeye , which is the first time Clint Barton , an original Avenger, will be getting the spotlight. The famous archer isn't the only one being introduced to the world. For one, there's Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop , who is set to challenge Clint Barton's skill with a bow and arrow––and also probably his patience. If the trailers are any indication, the dynamic between the two will be one of the standout elements of the show.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Glorious 1970 Chevelle Is Straight Up Badass

In a cast dotted with star power and tremendous actors, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser stands out for his work on the show. On the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” Cole Hauser plays the rough and tough bunkhouse leader Rip Wheeler. It doesn’t get much more badass than the character of Rip Wheeler and we can’t wait to see what the new season has for him. Rip is a rough and tough cowboy who oversees projects taking place on “Yellowstone” Ranch. He’s a more than capable cowboy and is the leader of the ranch’s bunkhouse crew, a team of cowboys charged with maintaining the huge ranch. Rip knows his way around the cattle ranch and exerts his authority sternly but fairly. He isn’t someone you want to run afoul of and few have tried to test him. A large and burl man, Rip doesn’t lose any fights that he doesn’t throw to appease his boss, John Dutton. But while he is a fine cowboy, his true value to the ranch is his role as the enforcer for the Dutton family. It’s in the role that Rip earns his keep and he has no qualms about taking out the Dutton’s enemies. He’s a man who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for the family — and he gets his hands dirty often.

Watch: New Bruce Willis Movie Apex Touts Badass Sci-Fi Action

For those dying to once again see Bruce Willis star in a sci-fi action film ever since his legendary turn playing Korben Dallas in 1997’s The Fifth Element, look no further than the above trailer for the upcoming Apex. In the film, Willis plays ex-cop Jim Malone, convicted of a...

Debbie Gibson talks new album, her 'badass' mom and Britney Spears

Music fans from the late 20th century will recognize the name instantly: Debbie Gibson, the Brooklyn-born, blond wunderkind who wrote, sang and produced massive hits like "Foolish Beat," "Lost in Your Eyes" and "Electric Youth." Gibson was just 16 when she broke big, releasing two back-to-back albums that went triple- and double-platinum.

Erin Rae Says You Can Be a Kinder, Gentler ‘Badass’ in New Song ‘Modern Woman’

When Erin Rae finished recording her 2018 album Putting on Airs, she knew that what she did next was going to have to sound entirely different. The Nashville songwriter had grown up idolizing the singer-songwriters her parents played for her as a kid and thought of music primarily in terms of lyric and melody. “I had sort of burnt out on listening that way,” Rae says. For her new album Lighten Up, she took the best techniques of the Putting on Airs sessions and sharpened her focus, zeroing in on what was going on in the room. Like “how the...