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Public Health Officials Lift Warnings For Certain LA County Beaches

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Public health officials on Monday night lifted a warning for certain L.A. County beaches. The warning was issued last week in response to testing that showed bacteria levels exceeded state standards. Officials warned of swimming, surfing and playing in the water around discharging storm drains, creeks and rivers near Dockweiler State Beach at Ballona Creek (near Dockweiler Tower 40); and the Culver Boulevard, Imperial Highway and Westchester storm drains. The impacted beaches were as follows: El Segundo Beach Grand Avenue storm drain (Near Dockweiler Tower 60) Dockweiler State Beach Ballona Creek (Near Dockweiler Tower 40) Culver Blvd storm drain Hyperion Plant outfall Imperial Highway storm drain (Dockweiler Tower 56) Westchester storm drain World Way extension The advisory was also lifted Monday for Santa Monica Beach at the Pico-Kenter storm drain; and Topanga Canyon Beach at Topanga Canyon Lagoon in Malibu. The only advisory remained in place for Avalon Beach at Catalina Island (50 feet east of the pier). (© Copyright 2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. City News Service contributed to this report.)
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Measuring nitrogen in green manures

Both chemical fertilizers and cover crops can help build the nitrogen content in soil. But cover crops come with many other benefits, like improving soil structure and boosting beneficial microbes. Researchers at Cornell University are looking at ways to help breed better cover crops, also known as green manures, that...
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Self-powered microswimmers created with three ingredients

A new study has shown that it’s possible to create self-powered swimming robots that are extremely small using three ingredients. Researchers on the project combined oil drops with water containing a detergent-like substance and found they can produce artificial swimmers that can swim independently and harvest energy to recharge. The oil droplets harness fluctuating temperatures in their surrounding environment to store energy and swim.
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Can COVID be transmitted through farting?

Last week, British ministers made the headlines with wild claims that COVID could potentially be spread through flatulence. Their serious concerns may be hilarious to some people, but it’s not an entirely bizarre theory. How is COVID transmitted?. By now, everyone is aware that COVID is transmitted through tiny droplets...
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Bacteria advisories lifted at beach near Hyperion plant

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department lifted a series of bacteria warnings for Dockweiler State Beach on Monday afternoon, Aug. 2, following tests at several sites that showed the beach no longer exceeds state standards. County officials repeatedly warned visitors over the weekend to exercise caution when surfing, playing...
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We do not live during the Dark Ages

As I listen to “naysayers” of modern vaccines and health care guidelines, I’m reminded of the Dark Ages when there was limited knowledge of medicine and science. An essay on the MET Museum website has some stark descriptions. During the Dark Ages [after the Fall of Roman Empire in 500...

Antibiotic-resistant salmonella bacteria packs a punch for U.S. travelers

One type of the salmonella bacteria is much more likely to cause disease and fend off frontline antibiotics when acquired in Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa rather than domestically in the United States. Washington State University researchers aren't sure yet why salmonella Kentucky isolates from certain parts of the...

CHOP researchers identify two proteins that could be used for a potential NTHi vaccine

Scientists at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have identified two proteins that could be used for a potential vaccine against nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi). Working in a mouse model, the investigators found that administering two bacterial adhesive proteins that play a key role in helping the bacteria to latch on to respiratory cells and initiate respiratory tract infection stimulated protective immunity against diverse NTHi strains, highlighting the vaccine potential.
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Mad Minute stories from Monday, August 2nd

Scientists have a new idea for how Earth got its oxygen: It’s because the planet slowed down and days got longer. A study published Monday proposes and puts to the test the theory that longer, continuous daylight kick-started weird bacteria into producing lots of oxygen, making most of life as we know it possible.

Some Details About Best Portable ACs

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