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3 Ways We Experience Pain: Unrelenting, Manageable, and Relief

Some forms of physical and emotional pain can be managed and relieved by paying attention to the experience of pain. Learning to tolerate pain using body awareness can lead to a greater sense of ease and fewer complaints. Restorative embodied self-awareness is a kind of endogenous pain relief medicine that...
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Teton Therapy: What Is Nerve Conduction Studies, Electromyography?

What are Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography, and how can they help you if you’re suffering from pain?. The answers bear a striking similarity to an electrician’s work. According to Teton Therapy Riverton Physical Therapist John Reddon, Nerve Conduction Studies are like examining an electrical wire:. “If you...

What Is the Fastest Way to Heal a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc occurs when the soft center of a vertebral disc, called the nucleus, leaks out of a tear in the casing of the spinal column. Sometimes herniated discs occur without any pain or other symptoms. However, in some cases, they cause pain, numbness, or weakness. There is no...

5-Year-Old Girl Battles Cancer after Her Agonizing Back Pain Was Originally Chalked Up to Her New Bed

Five-year-old Arianna is currently battling stage four, high-risk neuroblastoma. But her diagnosis came after experience back pain that was repeatedly misdiagnosed. Thanks to her persistent mother, Arianna eventually received the correct diagnosis. Arianna likes to wear her Wonder Woman costume to the hospital because it makes her feel stronger. And...

Redditor asks: 'If someone borrowed your body, what "jiggle the handle" tips would they need?'

As we grow older, we begin to recognize that our bodies have little "quirks" that not all humans share. Just like the idiosyncracies our homes have--faulty wiring, awkward water pressure, confusing locks and handles--our bodies develop their own too. Taking to the Reddit forum AskReddit, one user wondered what "jiggle the handle" tips we would have to give someone if they happened to borrow our bodies for a month. From the more expected answers about how their bodies had essentially withered owing to wear and tear, to more unique ones about living life with certain disabilities or just "wonky" body parts, Reddit users delivered.

Yoga: Is cobra pose bad for the back?

If you have already come across the detailed yoga poses under the sun salutation also known as Surya Namaskar, you must be aware of the Bhujangasana also called as cobra pose. It is the eighth poster of the Surya namaskar yoga sequence. It is easy enough for beginners to perform it even though some people tend to develop back pain or soreness while doing it or after performing it. Have you also experienced backache due to cobra pose? Is cobra pose bad for your back?

Labs and Diagnostic Tests to Diagnose Chronic Pain

According to the latest research, 50.2 million U.S. adults are experiencing chronic pain at any point in time. Finding the cause of the pain is a top priority because chronic pain interferes with the ability to participate in daily and recreational activities and to comfortably work. Chronic pain doctors can perform a variety of lab and imaging tests to try and pinpoint the cause of chronic pain for the purpose of developing an effective treatment plan.

Top 10 Best yoga balls massage Reviews

Yoga massage ball set: Set of excellent therapy balls for self myofascial release and trigger point massage therapy. The balls are made specifically for massage therapy and are ideal for physical therapy equipment. They are similar in size to lacrosse balls and can can be used for pinched nerve lower back pain, herniated disc pain relief, and pinched nerve neck pain.

What to Do When Your Doc Dismisses Your RA Pain

These self-advocacy tools can help you communicate with your M.D. to get you feeling better faster. Although a doctor may not say those exact words, many people in the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) community have walked away from an encounter with a doctor feeling dismissed. Maybe you were told that aches and pains were a normal part of aging. Perhaps someone suggested that your report of pain was exaggerated—the term “catastrophizing” is often used in the context of chronic pain, meaning that your response is seen as dysfunctional and overly fixated. You may even have been treated as a drug seeker when asking for help with your pain. Some call it medical gaslighting, a form of emotional abuse that causes someone to disbelieve their own reality. But it can also be as simple as the doctor not having the knowledge or tools to help you or they are constrained by policies, such as restrictions on prescribing opioids. Either way, being in this situation feels awful, like being abandoned by the person you thought would give you answers and support you so desperately need. How do you cope when this happens and is there a way to get better treatment? Maybe you’re looking for a diagnosis right now or need someone to take your pain seriously mid-symptom-flare. Read on to learn my story and some pro tips to help you get past the barriers so you can feel better.

Are Chiropractors Good for You? Yes, and Here’s Why

Over 33 million Americans visit a chiropractor every year, whether it’s to treat their lower back pain or speed up recovery after an accident. Regardless of your ailment, there are many benefits of visiting a chiropractor regularly. Perhaps you’re currently in discomfort and you’ve heard about these revered health professionals, but you’re not sure whether they’re worth your time.

8 ways to treat knee pain

(Baptist Health) – The aches, pains and stiffness of knee arthritis can make it hard to live life on your terms. But there are ways to feel better and get back to some of the things you want to do. If you have arthritis, talk with your doctor about...

The best sleeping position for back pain – sleep expert

For an average person, sleeping on your side is generally considered the healthiest sleeping position. Ms Amini said: “It provides adequate alignment and support for your spine, while also minimising acid reflux. “The ideal way to sleep on your side is with a medium to soft mattress that provides...

YOUR Health Wellness: Matters of the Heart

Love is in the air in February, which means it’s the perfect time to think about your heart health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. In addition, more than 800,000 Americans suffer heart attacks each year. For these reasons and more, February is designated as American Heart Month, an annual observance focused on raising awareness about heart disease and prevention. This month, we want to help you take the necessary steps to ensure optimum heart health.