Meet Giloy: Ayurvedic Herb which Relieves Digestion & Encourages Body Detox

In Ayurveda, an herbal remedy made from the giloy plant also known as tinospora or guduchi has been often referred to as the root of immortality. This herb is praised for its anti-inflammatory properties and is considered an excellent immunity booster against a long list of health issues, including colds, infections, fevers, viruses, and even some chronic illnesses.
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The Gentle Reset: a Free 10-day Yoga & Nutrition Challenge

A fresh start in only 10 days. We’re excited to unveil our new 10-day yoga & nutrition challenge, Gentle Reset. Brought to you by world-renowned yoga teacher (a.k.a. blissologist) Eoin Finn and Ayurveda practitioner Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, the challenge is designed to detoxify and reset your body through both daily practice and nourishing recipes. The duo will offer daily yoga flows accompanied by a daily clean, herbally-inspired breakfast recipes developed by Insiya.
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Beauty Depends On Overall Wellness: Follow These Ayurvedic Tips For A Radiant Look

The finest foundation for beauty consists of some common factors, which we often overlook, says Shahnaz Husain. Read on to know more. The influence of the mind on the body is upheld by Ayurvedic principles. Therefore, good mental health and freedom from stress is necessary for total well-being. This is the reason why yoga and meditation were prescribed, to bring about harmony between mind and body. In fact, they are a part of Ayurveda, a system of holistic healing. The treatment prescribed by Ayurveda is all-encompassing and takes into consideration, diet, exercise, relaxation, massage and so on, apart from Ayurvedic medicines.
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Alternative Health: The Ultimate Guide

As more and more people are turning to alternative treatments in order to heal their bodies, it’s important to know the basics about the various types of healing that are out there. This article will break down what different treatment options are available for healing, what conditions they’re used for, and which ones you should consider depending on your specific needs. The goal of alternative health is to improve the quality of life, not just extend it. You can learn about holistic healing in this article!
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Don’t know what you want to do in life? Let this quiz decide for you!

In the mood for a life-changing career switch? This quiz will reveal what job you are actually destined for. Your taste in music can reveal a lot about your personality. Choose a concert you’d like to experience. Led Zeppelin. Harry Styles. Radiohead. Phoebe Bridgers. John Mayer. Kanye West. What city...

Why you shouldn’t drink cold water in the fall and more Ayurvedic medicine tips

NEW YORK — Travis Eliot, an online subscription yoga instructor who also is a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, wants you to put down your cup of cold water. Ayurvedic medicine is a health and wellness discipline believed to have originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. Some of its tenets have no correlation in western medicine and have not been tested with the western scientific method.

BDS OR BAMS wich is best for study,futer and salary??

BDS is one of the best sought after medical programs in India. It is a UG (Undergraduate) course which can be done in 5 years. It comprises 4 years of academic course and 1 year of mandatory internship. These students who select to pursue BDS make a bright future as...

People and plants: Vata season diet

Welcome to vata season. Are you familiar with Ayurveda? It is a holistic approach to health care that encompasses a natural and prevention-oriented system. The word Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words that mean “life science” or “life knowledge.”. The Ayurvedic tradition was originally shared orally, then recorded more than...

Getting Ahead

Mindy Opper, PA, has opened Prana Ayurvedic LLC. Opper provides Ayurvedic consultations to address and improve one’s health by utilizing the ancient practices of Ayurveda. She studied at the Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda and has integrated Ayurveda into her previous western practice in family medicine over the last decade. Ayurveda can be incorporated into one’s ongoing health practices or can be applied all on its own. Opper practiced western medicine for 30 years. You can contact her at 406-240-0604.

Everything You Need to Know About Ayurvedic Haircare

Ayurveda is a diet and health practice originating in India that focuses on an individual energy, or dosha. Your dosha is can be either Vata, Pitta, or Kapha, which all have their own set of traits and impact everything from your skin to digestion and of course, your hair. To find out everything about this ancient system and how it might change the way you self-care, we connected with Michelle Ranavat, founder of Ranavat Botanics for all things Ayurveda haircare related.

Bring your tresses back to life with these 3 Ayurvedic ingredients

There is a wide variety of beauty and cosmetic products available to help achieve healthy and beautiful hair. However, there is nothing like natural ingredients, as they help promote hair health without the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals. In the realm of natural ingredients, Ayurveda happens to be time tested traditional Indian knowledge that helps protect and improve the overall health of the hair.

Kudumbashree models in Kerala promote medicinal plant cultivation

The harvested crops are bought by Ayurveda drugs producers, hospitals and cooperative societies. Indonesian-native Mahkota Dewa is probably not acquainted to medicinal plant growers in Kerala. However Muliyar Grama Panchayat in Kasaragod district is testing the waters with this fruit-bearing plant, stated to be efficient for way of life illnesses resembling diabetes.

Improve Physical and Mental Strength With Ayurveda

Strength is a relative term while coming to the physical or mental level. It depends upon many factors. A person with obesity may not be strong enough to lift heavy weights but a slim woman will do such works very easily. It is more like a habit than body weight or height.

Ministry of Ayush Advises Against Use of Ashwagandha Leaves in Products

New Delhi—The Government of India is advising industry stakeholders to refrain from using Ashwagandha (Withania somnjfera) leaves in their products, including food/dietary supplements). The advisory was written by Dr. Anand T. Gudivada with the Ministry of AYUSH, which is considered to be the authority on Ayurveda, overseeing the Ayurvedic industry and practices. The advisory outlines several reasons for its recommendations, including:

India Needs a Policy for Population Control for Next 50 Years: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat During Vijaya Dashami Address

© Provided by News18 India Needs a Policy for Population Control for Next 50 Years: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat During Vijaya Dashami Address. In his annual Vijaya Dashami speech in Nagpur RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat touched upon a plethora of issues including the status of India’s healthcare system and the need to manage the population of the country. “Population policy should be considered once again. A policy should be made for the next 50 years, and it should be implemented equally because population imbalance has become a problem,” said Bhagwat during his address.

“Well, the wellness center is also under the GST net.”

Is the wellness center a hotel or Health care institution?And the services offered at these locations (weight loss, Ayurvedic treatment, or yoga) must face the same tax treatment as those offered at the top. Hotel??. What is set to raise the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Burden at some healthcare...

Healthy eating guide: 9 tips to eat right and digest better

Eating a balanced diet is important in order to provide body with the necessary nutrients and release the harmful toxins. What we eat is as important as how we eat our food, as per Ayurveda. Are we eating when we are truly hungry or just following the wall clock instead of body clock? Are we eating our meal staying glued to our screens or relishing every morsel of it? Ayurveda not only recommends eating a nutritious diet but also suggests other guidelines that can make us reap full benefits of our meal.

Vedas Cure’s Ayurveda composition to prove helpful for Asthma & Sinus patients

Vedas Cure, an online Ayurveda treatment centre headquartered in Noida has now come up with a useful composition for the patients suffering from the chronic condition of Asthma and Sinus. Asthma is the inflammation of the airways in the lungs, while sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus tissues. These two medical conditions are somehow linked closely but the causes are different. The medical experts of Vedas Cure after in-depth research and keeping in check the symptoms and similarities between sinusitis and asthma have prepared the unique composition of – ‘Sin Astham Care’ which is proving effective to treat the two conditions.

Minor Hotels to unveil medi-wellness facility in Thailand in partnership with VLCC

Minor Hotels is realising its first location in collaboration with established India-based beauty and wellness brand VLCC, two years after the partnership was announced in 2019. Founded in India in 1989, VLCC manages a chain of wellness centres across Asia, operates beauty and nutrition training academies, manufactures skincare, body care...