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Sony Features Amazing Deals On TVs, Soundbars, Headphones, Cameras, And Other Great Gifts For Christmas 2021

The world of electronics, gadgets, and devices is something that has been built into our reality, and few of us can keep away from the benefits and joy they bring. Even for the most minimalist urbanite, there is no escaping the need for electronics that simplify our lives, and once you have a taste of the sheer convenience and quality-of-life enhancement afforded by them, it is nigh impossible to go back.
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Vinyl Resurgence? Problem Solved by Andover Audio

You’ve read about the vinyl resurgence in the music business, and you wonder what all the fuss is about. You had your heyday with vinyl, building up a nice collection but then became seduced by the smaller shiny silver discs, rebuilding your collection much to the delight of the record companies with the promise of the apparently better sound of CD. But by the turn of the century this whole online thing took hold and you were either initially seduced by Napster or you stayed legitimate and waited for Steve Jobs to introduce iTunes and you then enjoyed the portability of the MP3 format in a legitimate way. Or more recently you pushed all of the foregoing aside and realized that Spotify was the ultimate convenience. Rather than owning your music, as before, you were happy to rent just about all the music in the world for a monthly fee equivalent to what you may have spent previously on a vinyl album or CD.
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Beginner’s Guide to Recording for Social Media

Social media platforms are excellent marketing tools for promoting yourself, a product or service. It is the best and by far most effective way to reach an audience that one might not be able to otherwise using traditional methods. A survey conducted by MRC Data found 28 per cent of Gen Z music fans discovered new music through video games. Meanwhile, social media accounted for 51 per cent of new music discovery, with TikTok being the platform of choice for a whopping 49 per cent.
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RS Recommends: These Bluetooth Turntables Make It Easier to Play Your Collection

Let’s get one thing out of the way: the latest Bluetooth turntables might not be for everyone. Though Bluetooth record players can help cut down on the amount of cords needed to play your vinyl collection, many audiophiles might recommend going with a more traditional turntable setup for the ultimate high-fidelity sound experience. But for someone who wants a convenient and easy way to spin their records right away, there are a ton of affordable, great-sounding Bluetooth turntables worth considering. Better yet, they make it simple to hear your vinyl records anywhere around your home. Popular audio brands, from Audio-Technica to Sony,...

10 Best RCA Cables

Despite the popularity of HDMI cables, many devices still rely on RCA cables. These cords transmit unbalanced mono audio signals by connecting to audio and video devices like TVs, camcorders, speakers and more. Most RCA cables come with two color-coded plugs, where the red one carries audio signals via the...
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Clean M1 Mac mini station is an audio-visual beast [Setups]

Some computer setups are remarkably cool for their awesome computing power. Others wow you with incredible displays, with several high-def monitors. And still others blow you away with premium sound. Or, in the case of today’s featured setup, premium audio-visual gear many people would be psyched to get their hands on.

Transistors run the world. So how do they work?

Without transistors the modern world would simply not exist. But how do they work, and how do modern, atomic sized versions compare with the originals?. The word "transitor" has become almost invisible in modern use. Once it rated logotype on the front of mid-century portable radios, but now microprocessor manufacturers tell us that their devices contain quite literally billions of transistors. What's less clear is how the microscopic transistors in a CPU relate to the ones in little metal cans inside a 1950s transistor radio.

Getting connected with fidelity

THERE’S new player in the UK hi-fi stakes, and this company is called connected-fidelity. The man behind the name is industry veteran Michael Osborn, who founded Astin Trew in the early 2000s, and later expanded to distribution of other hi-fi brands in the UK. For starters, connected-fidelity has a balanced power supply, filters, fuses and cables in its stables.

What Is XLR Cable? All You Need To Know About The Professional Audio Cables

Audio cables are professional tools that allow you to connect audio devices to amplify sound. XLR cables can be used in professional settings for recording, broadcasting, and mixing sound. They are the professional’s choice when it comes to connecting microphones, instruments, studio equipment, or even computer components. This blog post will provide all the information you need about professional audio cables!

SECRETS Best of Awards 2021

SECRETS is pleased to announce our Best Of Awards for 2021. Friends, while the COVID pandemic has put a damper on audio/video shows this past year it has not slowed down our review schedule at all. If anything, we’ve been busier than ever, and once again SECRETS has had an opportunity to review many more great audio and video products. The Editorial Team spent several weeks deliberating and considering which products, that came through our collective doors during these past 12 months, can truly be considered outstanding. It is to these standout products that we give the SECRETS Best of Awards.

Top 10 Best Bower Shotgun Mic For Videos 2021

1. Comica CVM-VM10-K2 Smartphone Microphone with Tripod, Shotgun Video Mic for iPhone and Android Phone, Vlogging Kit for Youtube Recording Facebook Live. Common smartphone vlogging package: geared up with an expert video digicam microphone, this vlog package is ideal for vlogging, youtube, tik tok, fb, streaming, filmmaking, journey, and extra. appropriate for vlogger, journalists, sporters, and vacationers.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker For Tvs 2021

1. Samtronic 40W Detachable Soundbar TV Speaker, TV Sound Bar Build in subwoofer Wired & Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bars with Stereo Audio System 3D Surround Sound Home Theater Tower Speaker with Remote. 【superior 360°surround sound】: superior 360° surround hi-fi sound of soundbar lets you indulge in the sea of music,...

49 Finest automobile stereos in UK (2021): After Researching 98 Choices

Are you on the lookout for skilled recommendation on shopping for the perfect automobile stereos in UK? In that case, you’ve arrived on the proper place, as a result of I’ve ready this information after spending an enormous time testing, reviewing, and researching. I’ve added 49 dependable choices obtainable in the UK, that you could be think about getting.


Extremely capable XLR cable from a top tier vendor close to the top of their product and quality range excellent condition, no orig bag incl USA ship $30. extremely capable usb cable from a top tier vendor excellent condition, no bag incl USA ship $20. 700.00 USD. Yesterday. Time Left:...

Top 10 Best Pylepro Active Pa Speakers 2021

1. Powered PA Speaker System Active & Passive Bluetooth Loudspeakers Kit with 8 Inch Speakers, Wired Microphone, MP3/USB/SD/AUX Readers, Speaker Stands,Remote Control – Pyle PPHP849KT Black. 8" subwoofers + 1" tweeters: this lively + passive pa speaker equipment is supplied with professional audio woofers & excessive efficiency compression drivers w/...