European Commission Proposes Joint Cyber Unit

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed a new cyber unit that would collectively respond to rising cyber attacks across the continent. The proposal hopes to have the group operational by 30 June 2022 and fully established within a year. The Joint Cyber Unit “aims at bringing together resources and expertise...

Key Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Fintech Companies

While companies in this business may move swiftly and innovate, they become viable targets for cyber intruders as soon as they begin to grow. Fremont, CA: The COVID-19 epidemic has created numerous chances for FinTech firms. Meanwhile, to operate the digitalization tsunami that everybody wants to take advantage of, customer penetration now reached new highs.

5 Reasons Cybersecurity Experts Love CompTIA PenTest+

Cyberattacks are a constant threat to businesses, and companies are looking to invest in qualified individuals. According to Cyberseek.org, penetration testers are in high demand, with a median salary of $103,000. Their offensive, or red team, skills help companies identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities. CompTIA hosted an exam development workshop, where cybersecurity experts offered their insights on the forthcoming CompTIA PenTest+ certification. Here are just a few reasons why they would recommend CompTIA PenTest+.
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Australia Wants an Attack Submarine With a 21,000 Mile Range

Australia’s Collins-class submarines are conventionally-powered (i.e. non-nuclear) and marked the first time that Australia accepted an Australian-built submarine into service. Though certainly a capable submarine class when the Collins-class entered service in the mid to late 1990s, they’ll need replacement — a process that was highly debated in Australia. Here’s what the Collins-class replacement will look like.

Cybersecurity is more than a tech issue

A concerning number of South African companies are not prepared for the inevitability of a cyberattack despite the significant financial and reputational risks, according to Ryan Mer, Managing Director, eftsure Africa, a Know Your Payee (KYP) platform provider. “Too few senior managers view cybersecurity as a business problem and not...

AI filters and human rights: Council of Europe wants to better protect freedom of expression

Without suitable regulatory steps, filters based on artificial intelligence (AI) and news offers based on microtargeting threaten the freedom of expression and information of citizens in the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. The organization’s Council of Ministers at its conference in Nicosia, Cyprus on Friday passed resolutions on AI filters and protecting freedom of expression in the face of media change, increasing attacks on journalists and the pandemic situation, often used as a pretext for restrictions on reporting.

Fake Lazarus DDoS Gang Launches New 'Attacks'

Traditional ransomware attacks may have taken over the news cycle, but Proofpoint researchers say the malicious actors who presents themselves as the North Korean-backed Lazarus advanced persistent threat group have revamped their distributed denial-of-service ransom extortion strategy and rebranded the group with a new moniker. "These names reference real APT...
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Union leaders are fighting terminal automation at Pier T on Long Beach – Long Beach, California

The union has clashed with a terminal operator at the Port of Long Beach last month after plans to automate operations were announced. Total Terminals International, the operator of the 385-acre Peer T, met with the leaders of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union on May 17 and announced its intention to automate the operation of Long Beach. The representatives were ILWU Local 13, 63, 94.

June 9/21 Bayshore Broadcasting Sports

Brayden Point and Ross Colton scored for Tampa Bay. Andrei Vasilevskiy posted his 3rd straight shutout in a series-clinching victory. The Lightning win the best of 7; 4-1& will meet either the New York Islanders or Boston Bruins in the Final 4. West Final. Vegas Golden Knights 3 Colorado Avalanche...
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Jen Psaki likens Fox News reporters to Russian and Chinese propagandists

Joe Biden’s White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, has likened reporters from Fox News and other rightwing outlets to “representatives of the Russian and Chinese media asking questions directed by their government … propaganda pushers” to be treated with extreme caution. Psaki was speaking to CNN’s Reliable Sources in an...
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Genshin Impact Guide: How to beat Geo Hypostasis with Tips

Geo Hypostasis is a boss-type monster in Genshin Impact. Hypostases are accumulated elemental energies creating a core of pure elemental energy. A solid shell forms around the core of hypostases protecting its more fragile parts. A Geo Hypostasis or, otherwise known as Gimel, is a high-purity Geo entity. It is one of the four Hypostases, the other three naming Aleph the Electro Hypostasis, Daleth the Cryo Hypostasis, and Beth the Anemo Hypostasis. Beating the Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact is although a bit tough, but it proves to be a very useful move in the game. Here, we will guide you to beat Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact.

OHL U18 Draft Today. Comments from Attack GM Dale DeGray

The Ontario Hockey League Under 18 Priority Selection is today. The Owen Sound Attack will utilize 2 picks starting with the 11th selection overall. Attack General Manager Dale DeGray spoke to Fred Wallace and outlined the U18 draft and also offered a recap of the recent OHL Priority Selection. Attack...
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Davy Crockett surrendered ?! Jim Bowie, a slave trader ?! Sam Houston, a coke addict ?!

In the early 1980s, revisionists were shrouded in searing denunciations – from the right, but also from the left. A case in point was Seguín from 1982 by Chicano director Jesús Treviño, a public service biopic about Juan Seguín. “I was interested in telling the Chicano side of American history that both John Wayne and American textbooks ignored,” said Treviño. “In Wayne’s version, Mexicans are portrayed either as bandidos, dancing senoritas, sleeping drunks or fiery seductresses.” Meanwhile, on the left, Acuña, who acted as the film’s advisor, actually resigned because of Seguín’s portrayal, calling him a traitor to Mexican Americans, and comparing his alliance with the Texans to that of the French Vichy government with the Nazis.

Video, conversations and trust keys for DeGray ahead of curious 2021 OHL draft

The Owen Sound Attack’s second pandemic-era draft gets underway Friday night at 7 p.m. Owen Sound will make three selections in the first three rounds of the draft Friday, first with the eighth overall pick and followed by two selections in the third round. The balance of the 15-round draft...