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Hurricane season fell asleep, but we can’t

What began as an active hurricane season has gone dormant. AccuWeather meteorologists now believe the odds of any additional tropical storm formation in the near future, say a week or two, are quite low. Hurricane season in the Atlantic officially ends Nov. 30. The five-day outlook as of Tuesday shows...
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Why are there more hurricanes in the fall than other times of the year?

Why are there more hurricanes in the fall than other times of the year?. Tropical cyclones affect coastal areas of the world at different times of the year. Hurricanes that affect the East and Gulf coasts of the United States are spawned in the North Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 through Nov. 30, but the prime time is mid August through October. Weather conditions then are most conducive to hurricane development. A warm sea surface temperature (80 degrees or higher) is most important, but other factors include a tropical atmosphere in which thunderstorms thrive, and little or no change in wind direction or speed at all altitudes in the atmosphere. The most likely time for a hurricane to affect the U.S.: the Labor Day Weekend.
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Atlantic hurricane season has gone to sleep. Will it awaken?

Just over a month has elapsed since the peak of hurricane season, but the Atlantic is eerily quiet. Not a stitch of tropical activity is expected in the next five days, and it has been nearly two weeks since a named storm was present. Last year at this time, the...

Hurricane Larry Vs Sam: Who Won Europe's Early Season Clash of Titans?

Hurricane Larry, the 12th named storm in the 2021 North Atlantic hurricane season, graced us with its presence between August 31 and September 11. It reached Category 3 on the Saffir Simpson scale [that's two away from the strongest possible hurricane] with maximum sustained winds of 125mph. Later the same month, Hurricane Sam came along, becoming a Category 4 hurricane with maximum winds of 155 mph -- but how did they compare? And who won this early season battle of the North Atlantic?

Inside a Category 4 Hurricane

For the first time ever, a remote-controlled ocean drone sailed into the eye of a category 4 hurricane to help researchers understand one of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth. The 'saildrone' was navigated through 50-ft waves and more than 120-mph winds within Hurricane Sam (which never made landfall),...

The Legacy of the Hurricane Research Team

Though it’s hundreds of miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Texas Tech University has produced one of the leading teams in hurricane wind research. Lubbock is familiar with weather events that incur strong winds, like tornadoes and haboobs. It gets 100-plus-degree heat, ice storms, floods and everything in between. One weather phenomenon the Hub City doesn't experience, though, is the hurricane. Yet, despite being more than 500 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Lubbock is home to one of the premier research groups gathering hurricane wind and thermodynamic measurements – Texas Tech University's Hurricane Research Team (TTUHRT).

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2021 May Be Nearing its End, But Extreme Weather Conditions Still Expected

Although the Atlantic hurricane season doesn't technically finish until November 30, experts say the chances of another tropical storm forming shortly are slim. There is currently just one name remaining on the list of storm names for 2021, after a hectic pace during hurricane season's peak. Wanda. Is it possible that that name will go unnoticed?
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Meteorologists think 2021 hurricane season will wrap up without a bang

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Hurricane season started with fear-inducing fury, but there’s a chance the final six weeks close with a feeble whimper. You never want to tempt Mother Nature, especially after 2021 became the seventh consecutive year to have a named storm before the June 1 start of hurricane season.

Atlantic Hurricane Basin Becomes Very Quiet

The Atlantic Hurricane Basin has become very quiet, with no tropical depressions, tropical storms, nor hurricanes anywhere within it; in addition, the National Hurricane Center expects no tropical cyclone development anywhere within the basin for at least the next five days. he 2021 Atlantic hurricane season has been an exceptionally...

Oct 16 Nature's Most Dangerous Tantrum

A devastating hurricane in Louisiana. A once-in-a-century flood in New York. And an engine that could never exist. What do they all have in common? The answer takes us back to September 1. It was the first day of the Fall Semester. I was excited about classes, when suddenly --...