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High-Tech Criminals Use Artificial Intelligence to Clone Company Director’s Voice and Steal $35-Million in Heist

Cyber criminals have taken things to a whole new level, thanks to artificial intelligence. Back in 2020, a bank manager in the United Arab Emirates received a call from someone who sounded exactly like a director at a company he was familiar with, but this is where things take a turn for the worst. This person announced that his company was on the verge of making an acquisition and needed a $35-million transfer to be approved. Read more to see some of this AI voice cloning technology in-action and for additional information.
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State of AI Report tracks transformers in critical infrastructure

Artificial intelligence and machine learning pioneers are rapidly expanding on techniques that were originally designed for natural language processing and translation to other domains, including critical infrastructure and the genetic language of life. This was reported in the 2021 edition of the State of AI Report by investors Nathan Benaich of Air Street Capital and Ian Hogarth, an angel investor.

Artificial networks learn to smell like the brain

Using machine learning, a computer model can teach itself to smell in just a few minutes. When it does, researchers have found, it builds a neural network that closely mimics the olfactory circuits that animal brains use to process odors. Animals from fruit flies to humans all use essentially the...

The Pentagon Aims to Predict Enemy’s Actions Through AI

The U.S. Department of Defense is looking to interconnect and deploy AI systems that give it a leg-up over would-be enemies. As part of the Pentagon’s Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE), the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) have carried out a series of deployments of a trifecta of interlinked AIs – codenamed Cosmos, Gaia, and Lattice. Working together, the aim of these systems is to process gargantuan amounts of data in real-time in several scenarios (including armed deployments), and aim to preempt actions from hostile actors.

Guidehouse Finalizes Dovel Technologies Acquisition

Guidehouse, a Veritas Capital portfolio company, has completed its acquisition of Dovel Technologies, a portfolio company of Macquarie Capital. “With the Dovel acquisition now complete, we are thrilled to join forces and welcome our new colleagues to Guidehouse as we combine our technology-first business models and share our strengthened capabilities,” said Guidehouse CEO Scott McIntyre.

AI Mental Health Coaches

Happify Health Ensemble is a mental health coach powered by artificial intelligence and it was created to support patients ages 22 years old and up with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD.) The digital treatment for depression and anxiety fuses effective strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and positive psychology with technology to support patients on their smartphone or computer.
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Pushing The Bounds Of Future Farming

Automation, artificial intelligence and robotics represent potentially monumental changes for agriculture’s future, and Azlan Zahid hopes his research will spearhead that evolution for urban farming. Zahid, Texas A&M AgriLife Research assistant professor of controlled-environment agriculture engineering, joined the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering in the College of Agriculture and...

Blue Shield of California, Google Cloud launch real-time claims processing

Blue Shield of California and Google Cloud are collaborating on a cloud-based solution that allows the insurer to process claims in real time. The move will allow Blue Shield of California to integrate solutions from other partners and marry them with artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning to expedite the claims process, according to an Oct. 18 news release shared with Becker's.

OPPO India launches a new programme to empower startups

Smartphone brand OPPO India on Monday launched a new programme to empower entrepreneurs and mentor. who have the potential to bring the next big technological change in the industry. As part of this programme,. OPPO. India will work with institutes, incubators, entrepreneurs and industry experts to promote the exchange and...

Brain expert says Neuralink is IMPOSSIBLE

Neural Implant Podcast w/ Ladan Jiracek: Neura Pod is a series covering topics related to Neuralink, Inc. Topics such as brain-machine interfaces, brain injuries, and artificial intelligence will be explored. Host Ryan Tanaka synthesizes informationopinions, and conducts interviews to easily learn about Neuralink and its future. Most people...

Fast Simon Debuts Shopping by Image Search

Shopping optimization platform Fast Simon, formerly InstantSearch+, on Monday (Oct. 18) launched the AI Visual Discovery Suite, which lets shoppers use images from their smartphones, Instagram accounts or store catalogs to get instant matching results in one click. Visual Discovery automatically identifies all objects in an image, meaning merchants can...

Saildrone Closes $100 Million Funding to Advance Ocean Intelligence Products

ALAMEDA, Calif. — Saildrone, a market leader in ocean data, ocean mapping, and maritime intelligence solutions, announced Oct. 18 the close of its $100 million Series C round, bringing its total funding to $190 million. Led by BOND, the round includes new investors XN, Standard Investments, Emerson Collective and Crowley...

Become a Python expert with this NIT Warangal online course

NIT Warangal is inviting interested students and professionals for an online course in. programming. You will be mentored by experts From IITs, NITs, industries and professors from US universities. You will receive insights into the latest tools and techniques in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Important dates. The...

UCI otolaryngology professor and other experts say AI can transform hearing healthcare and research

Irvine, Calif., Oct. 18, 2021 – In a paper published online in the journal Nature Machine Intelligence, experts from the UK and US are calling for artificial intelligence to be applied to advancing research and developing new therapies to meet the growing global demand for hearing care. In its latest report on deafness and hearing loss, WHO projects that by 2050, nearly 2.5 billion people will experience some degree of hearing loss, with 700 million requiring rehabilitation. The majority of those affected do not receive treatment and for those who do, the care is inadequate. “Hearing loss is a huge problem and we believe that AI can provide the solution,” says senior author Fan-Gang Zeng, otolaryngology professor in the UCI School of Medicine and director of the Center for Hearing Research. “There’s an urgent need to leverage existing technologies and develop new AI tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of many common conditions and more effectively deliver hearing care worldwide.”

KubeFATE on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu

The evolving landscape of data collection challenges the traditional Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing methods as worldwide data are increasingly in isolated islands. Likewise, data privacy and security regulations impose a significant burden of compliance to collect and use this data. Federated learning has emerged as a distributed learning paradigm for collaboration between enterprises to solve isolated data problems while addressing the critical issue of data privacy and data governance.