ARRL, RSGB Announce Joint Events to Celebrate Centenary of Ham Radio Transatlantic Success

ARRL and the Radio Society of Great Britain will jointly sponsor events to celebrate the achievement of transatlantic communications by radio amateurs 100 years ago. In December 1921, ARRL sent Paul F. Godley, 2ZE, as its representative to listen for amateur signals from North America during the Second Transatlantic Tests. Setting up his listening station in Ardrossan, on the west coast of Scotland, Godley received the signals of more than 2 dozen US amateur radio stations, the first on December 12 (UTC) from 1BCG in Connecticut, operated by members of the Radio Club of America. The message read: “Nr 1 NY ck 12 to Paul Godley, Ardrossan, Scotland. Hearty Congratulations. (Signed) Burghard Inman Grinan Armstrong Amy Cronkhite.”
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Why ARRL Sweepstakes is the Best Contest of All

When contest season begins at the end of September, there are many great events that contest veterans look forward to, but nothing compares to ARRL Sweepstakes. With roots going back to 1929, Sweepstakes (or “SS” for short) offers more for the casual contester than first meets the eye. Here are...
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Rockford Scanner

You can follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook. Contact Rockford Scanner at ~ Many of you are probably asking yourself, WTF is a “Hamfest”. Don’t worry, I will briefly explain, LOL. It is a bunch of vendors that sell radio and electronic equipment. Ham radio, Police Scanners, Antennas,...
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A Strange Summer Surrenders

This summer has been a wild one. The Rhode Island shoreline stayed comfortable and mostly dry while most of Southern New England got walloped with heat and heavy rains in July. That continued into August until the tropical storm carousel started dealing us hurricanes, tropical depressions, and hurricane leftovers. Add in the continues COVID restrictions, and rain-outs on the big holiday weekend, and it was a bit of Groundhog Day from the summer of 2020.

Youngsters On The Air

Katherine Forson, KT5KMF, is the recipient of the 2021 ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award. Increasing the interest and participation in amateur radio of those younger than 21 remains a primary effort of ARRL. Underscoring that focus is ARRLs annual bestowing of its premier award, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award, on a young member whose contributions to both amateur radio and her local community embody the ideals of the Amateur Radio Service.

Clear frequencies requested for possible Nicaragua earthquake traffic

IARU Region 2 Emergency Coordinator Carlos Alberto Santamaría González, CO2JC, has requested that radio amateurs in Central America avoid 7098 and 7198 kHz in the wake of an earthquake at 0957 UTC September 22 in Nicaragua. The ARRL report:. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the offshore magnitude 6.5 earthquake...

ARISS contact scheduled with students at the

Children’s National Hospital, Washington, DC, USA. (ARISS) has received schedule confirmation for an ARISS radio contact with astronauts. ARISS is the group that puts together special amateur radio contacts between students around the globe and crew members with ham radio licenses on the International Space Station (ISS). This will be...

Don’t Let Ham Radio Become A One-Trick Pony.

I came across an interesting discussion on an internet ham radio forum. The author, a ham, had misgivings because after being hounded (his term, not mine) to join an local emergency communications (EMCOMM) group, he finally had enough of the nagging and told them to shove it. Afterward he felt somewhat guilty for his harsh rebuke and wondered out loud if perhaps he was wrong.

ICQ Podcast Episode 359 – Teaching ham radio classes online

In this episode, I joined Martin Butler M1MRB, Leslie Butterfield G0CIB, Edmund Spicer M0MNG, and Ed Durrant DD5LP to discuss the news. We discussed the following:. Radio Amateur Told to Remove His Antenna. This story has been covered before, but we have some interesting comments about the ARRL getting involved.

Fall HF Contests at the Start of Cycle 25

The buzz is definitely all about Cycle 25 getting underway and the long-delayed anticipation of plentiful long-distance QSOs on the upper HF bands. Endless tales of “back when 10 was open around the clock” and “working the world on bedsprings” do get a little tiresome after a while, but is there some hope for contesters this fall?

ARRL awards Colvin Grant to latest Bouvet Island DXpedition

ARRL has awarded a Colvin Grant of $5,000 to Amateur Radio DXpeditions (ARD), the Norwegian non-profit organization that is sponsoring the 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island next fall. Co-leaders for the effort are Ken Opskar, LA7GIA; Rune Øye, LA7THA, and Erwann Merrien, LB1QI. A Colvin Grant in the same amount was returned after the Intrepid-DX Group had to drop its plans for an early-2023 Bouvet DXpedition that would have used the same call sign.

August 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Jarod W0JPJ at 19:00 on August 17, 2021. Moment of silence was held for Mark Swartzell AA0CX and Alyssa Cary, Dale WD0AKO’s daughter. These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2021-08 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

ARRL's Eclectic Tech - Episode 42

In this episode of ARRL’s biweekly Eclectic Tech podcast: “ARRL Laboratory Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, explains the new FCC RF exposure rules."1. Eclectic Tech is a biweekly magazine-style podcast which highlights technical and scientific topics involving amateur and non-amateur technology. The podcast often features interviews with individuals who are involved in projects of interest to radio amateurs. The host of Eclectic Tech is Steve Ford, WB8IMY.

Amateur Radio Association to Conduct Licensing Class

Educational Committee Chairman for the Fort Herkimer Amateur Radio Association, Inc. Chris Bouck, amateur radio callsign KB4CMF, announces that the association will be teaching an entry-level Technician Class licensing course, from September 21st through December 15th, 2021. Classes are scheduled to be taught at the Town of German Flatts building on Route 5S adjacent to the old Fort Herkimer Church between Herkimer and Little Falls. Classes will run each Tuesday night for 13 weeks. Classes will be from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Classes will not meet if any Tuesday is a holiday or there is inclement weather that day.

The K7RA Solar Update

Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Sunspot activity increased dramatically this week. Over the course of the reporting week, sunspot numbers peaked at 87 on Wednesday, September 8; the day before, solar flux peaked at 101.2. The average daily sunspot numbers rose by 14, to 64.6, while the average daily solar...

Little Pistol Low-Band Antennas

Some of the biggest challenges presented to the Little Pistol, especially one who wants to become a Medium Gun, are the low bands. This generally means 10 MHz and lower, but for contesting that starts with the 7 MHz band. Assuming budget and space are limited, what’s a ham to do? In this article, I’ll talk about some simple antennas that work year-in and year-out. But first, some basics.