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Why Teachers Quit Their Jobs

I became a high school English teacher for two reasons: I liked a college major where homework involved reading a book in bed and I had seen Dead Poet’s Society 184 too many times. This seems to be the story of most high school English teachers.
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Jazz concerts return to Payson

Jazz returns to Payson with a free performance at 2 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 15 at Payson Community Presbyterian Church, 800 W. Main St. The Beth Lederman Trio performs with guest vocalist and saxophonist Donna Wilde. Pianist Beth Lederman leads the trio that includes Mike King on bass and Gerry Reynolds...
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Hudson on Farmer now leasing in Downtown Tempe

Valley-based multifamily investment firm Mark-Taylor announced the opening of Hudson on Farmer, an urban community of brand new, modern apartment homes near Arizona State University (ASU) in downtown Tempe. Hudson on Farmer, located at 707 S. Farmer Ave, is a desirable bike-friendly community in the thriving ASU area. Studio, one-...
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Pima Animal Care Center Looking for “Unicorn” Adopters and Fosters

Pima Animal Care Center has continued to experience a high intake of animals at the shelter. In the last week, PACC has taken in 374 dogs and 261 cats. The current number of dogs housed at the shelter is 492. The shelter is working hard to prevent running out of open kennels and having to put dogs in pop-up kennels again, but the shelter is close to needing to do that.

The influence of coping strategies on the long-term impacts of bullying

Peer victimization, or bullying, is a common experience in high school and one whose negative impacts are widely understood. This social stressor is associated with an array of short- and long-term effects on social-emotional functioning, academic achievement, substance use, and other health behaviors throughout life. Depression, anxiety, shyness, loneliness, and decreased self-esteem are also among the many adverse health outcomes associated with peer victimization. However, it is true that individuals can mitigate these negative effects, depending on how they respond to or cope with experiences of bullying.

Dogs, Unlike Wolves, Are Born to Communicate With People

Megan Callahan-Beckel has been working with gray wolves since she was 4 years old. Now the animal care coordinator at the Wildlife Science Center in Minnesota—where her mother, Peggy Callahan, is the executive director—Callahan-Beckel grew up in a home inhabited by not only dogs but also wolf puppies, who must be intensively hand-reared for them to be comfortable with humans later in life. She now raises wolf puppies in her own home every summer, and they come to adore her and see her as a kind of mom.
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Sky Harbor expands flight routes despite pandemic

Despite enduring over a year of pandemic-related travel setbacks and fiscal losses, Sky Harbor International Airport has managed to expand its services and offer more choice to its travelers. In the last year, the Phoenix- area airport has added 52 new markets to its flight roster from eight different airlines....
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Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum August concerts

PHOENIX, AZ — Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum will be hosting five concerts performed by up to four solo and band performers covering multiple genres this August. Among the genres featured this month are bossa nova, samba, Latin, orchestra and jazz. Highlights of these upcoming events are the Grammy-nominated duo performers, The Milk Cartoon Kids and the world-renowned guitarist and singer John Pizzarelli.

Doubt Cast on Premise of Subsurface Liquid Water Lakes on Mars – May Just Be Frozen Clay

Three studies published in the past month have cast doubt on the premise of subsurface lakes below the Martian south pole. Where there’s water, there’s life. That’s the case on Earth, at least, and also why scientists remain tantalized by any evidence suggesting there’s liquid water on cold, dry Mars. The Red Planet is a difficult place to look for liquid water: While water ice is plentiful, any water warm enough to be liquid on the surface would last for only a few moments before turning into vapor in Mars’ wispy air.

Native Hawaiian scientists depart for Papahānaumokuākea

A hui of Native Hawaiians will depart from Kāneʻohe Bay on Saturday to embark on a 15-day scientific research voyage into the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument that is supported in part by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Sailing aboard the Makani ʻOlu, a 96-foot, triple-masted schooner, the 12 Native Hawaiian...
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Understanding Past Climate Change 'Tipping Points' Can Help Us Prepare for the Future

Scientists are calling for a better understanding of past extreme climate change events in an attempt to anticipate future changes. Enter geoarchaeologist and anthropologist C. Michael Barton at Arizona State University. The School of Human Evolution and Social Change researcher, along with Foundation Professor Sander van der Leeuw and an international and interdisciplinary team, published their analysis this week in the journal Nature Geoscience. The paper describes past abrupt climate changes, what led up to the “tipping points” for those events and what followed.

The Challenges and Rewards of a Virtual Preservation Science Internship

The following is a guest blog post by Arnold Bhebhe, a 2021 HBCU Library Alliance intern with the Preservation Research and Testing Division at the Library of Congress. He is a rising sophomore at Alabama State University, pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. As...

Even in a challenging year, New Mexico students find success in STEM

The 2020-2021 school year was a challenging one for teachers around the world, including Mescalero, New Mexico teacher Nate Raynor, but neither he nor his students let COVID-19 hold them back. Nate, who has been teaching science at the Mescalero Apache School in New Mexico for 11 years, was proud...

Tech experts share what you need to know about the Internet of Things

If someone asked you to explain what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, could you? Even though the term was introduced by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble in 1999, the idea actually dates back to 1982 when students at Carnegie Mellon University invented the first “thing” — an ARPANET-connected Coca-Cola machine.
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Party of four

The de Castro Lopes Francisco quadruplets are primed to take ASU by storm this fall. If three is a crowd, four is likely to be a bit overwhelming at times. Fraternal quadruplets Felipe, Jeremias, Matheus and Victor de Castro Lopes Francisco would probably agree. Growing up, the brothers had their share of sibling squabbles — on and off the soccer field.