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Catalyst Community: The architecture of Central Park

Architecture is one of the foundations of the community of Midland. On just about any drive, bike ride, or walk, you pass by a building designed by Alden B. Dow, architect, and the son of Herbert H. Dow, the founder of the Dow Chemical Company. Alden Dow was influenced by acclaimed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Berthold Romanovich Tolek Lubetkin 19011990

Hidden Tecton: members included: Douglas Bailey, Anthony Chitty, Lindsay Drake, Michael Dugdaie, Valentine Harding, Denys Lasdun, Godfrey Samuel, Francis Skinner. oa ne can't be entirely sure of anything where Lubetkin is concerned, but it seems he was born in Georgia, son of a relatively wealthy Jewish engineer and spent most of his life denying this Jewish identity, even claiming to have been the son of a famous Russian admiral. It appears that he was educated in St Petersburg and Moscow and, by 1914, was already well travelled in France, Germany, England, and Scandinavia. Aged fifteen, he enrolled at the Stroganov Art School in Moscow and, after the Revolution, he attended the SVOMAS (free art) studios in St Petersburg and Moscow, and the VUTEMAS (advanced state workshops of art and industrial art) in Moscow. It was now that he is said to have come into contact with Rodchenko, Tatlin, Malevich, Mayakovsky, Vesnin, Popova, and Gabo - a celebrated grouping later to be added to by Klee, Grosz, Picasso, Braque, Léger, Gris, Soutine, Cocteau, Ernst May, Bruno Taut, and others. Our man was clearly fated for stardom.
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Get a Glimpse of Architectural History at Siesta Key's Cocoon and Revere Houses

If you’ve heard of the Sarasota School of Architecture but aren’t sure what it’s all about, these upcoming home tours are a great opportunity to find out firsthand. Tour Ralph Twitchell and Paul Rudolph's historic 1950 Healy Guest House, also known as the Cocoon House. Twitchell is known as the grandfather of the Sarasota School; he and Rudolph were originally design partners. Rudolph also made significant contributions to the Sarasota School and went on to become internationally known for his style; he later served as chair of Yale's architecture department.
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Mod Gothic? Medieval Architecture in the Modern Ages

Scholars have long recognised the close connections between Gothic revival, restoration and architectural history in the nineteenth century. But how did personal, institutional and political circumstances shape understanding of medieval architecture in the twentieth century? In tribute to the extraordinary scholarship and teaching of Peter Kidson (1925-2019) and Paul Crossley (1945-2019), speakers at this online conference consider the personalities, technologies and geographies that determined how medieval architecture was studied and taught after 1945. ‘Each age builds its own Gothic cathedral’, wrote Paul Crossley: what did the Modern Ages make of the Middle Ages?
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Johnsen Schmaling

In a world that fetishizes aesthetic frivolity and iconographic bombast at the expense of substance and nuance, the critically acclaimed work of Johnsen Schmaling Architects stands out for its conceptual rigor, profound simplicity, and quiet repose. Formally restrained and informed by innovative tectonic and material experimentations, Johnsen Schmaling’s precisely crafted architecture creates poetic atmospheres of enduring clarity.

Venice A Documentary History Pdf

Venice A Documentary History Pdf ►►► DOWNLOAD. by M Sanudo · Cited by 5 — Praise of the City of Venice, 1493 pp. 4-21. Chambers, David ; Pullan, Brian S. ; Fletcher, Jennifer, (2001) Venice : a documentary history 1450-1630, Toronto, …. by F Trivellato · 2016 — 48 venice...

The Wild Within: Digital Artists Help Nature Reclaim Abandoned Soviet Architecture

Design isn’t always literal: it’s interpretative and often imaginative, with the ability to inspire us while also redefining the meanings of space and time. And that’s just some of what can be accomplished when artists creatively blend digital technology with an eye for reimagining existing spaces. In their installation “The...

Remember The Cooper Temple Clause? Meet Two Type Error

Remember The Cooper Temple Clause? Of course you do! Their debut long player See This Through And Leave still ranks highly as one of THE greatest albums to be released this century. So it gives it great pleasure to introduce Two Type Error, the new band formed by former TCTC members Benedict Gautrey and Kieron Mahon. Essentially a three-piece - Valencia based drummer Jonny Pumphrey completes the line-up - Two Type Error put out their debut single earlier this week and its one of the most incendiary pieces of music to grace our stereos this year.
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Architectural History Hunt Hosted In Downtown Waterville

BY KAREN GERHARDINGER | MIRROR REPORTER — The cornices, fancy gabled trim, exposed brackets and ornamental windows that adorn homes and commercial buildings in Waterville’s historic downtown area reflect an abundance of styles. From Colonial Revival and Craftsman to Georgian Colonial Style, Neoclassical, Second Empire and Vict-orian Italianate, Waterville boasts...
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Divergence in Architectural Research is an international doctorate symposium organized by the ConCave Ph.D. Student Group in the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture. The Ph.D. Symposium seeks to create a platform for sharing current research in architecture, with invited scholars and other doctoral students from architecture and allied fields.

Methodist Student Center

A side shot showing the incredible roofline of the expressionist Methodist Student Center in Boulder (now Essence of Life Apostolic Church), designed 1957 by Hobart Wagener (click to enlarge). This is one of the first modernist churches in Boulder!. To learn more about Boulder’s modern architectural history, visit the impeccable...
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RFQ for Historic Preservation Plan

The Town of Sudbury, by and through the Sudbury Historical Commission, is seeking responses from qualified historic preservation consultants to undertake the “Sudbury Community-Wide Historic Preservation Plan.”. All responses must be received by Adam Duchesneau, Director of Planning and Community Development, Town of Sudbury, 278 Old Sudbury Road, Sudbury, MA...

Call for Dissertation Titles (Completed and Underway)

The Society of Architectural Historians seeks dissertation titles in architectural history and related fields that are currently underway or have been completed since 1996. Dissertations completed or underway at institutions outside the United States are especially needed. If you completed your dissertation, please check to see if it is included...
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Town of Sturbridge Community-Wide Historic Preservation Plan

The Town of Sturbridge, by and through the Sturbridge Historical Commission, is seeking responses from qualified historic preservation consultants to undertake the “Town of Sturbridge Community-wide Historic Preservation Plan.” Responses must be received at the Office of the Town Administrator, Sturbridge Town Hall, 308 Main Street, Sturbridge, Massachusetts 01566, on or before 10:00 am, Wednesday, August 11, 2021.
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Past, Present and Future: Architecture of Russia

Russia as a country has seen various phases of architecture throughout its being. Spanning from the early wooden architecture where its roots lie, its branches spread on to the architecture of Kievan Rus to the influence of the Byzantine empire not only on the architecture but also the culture of Russia.
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Arts News: New Book Traces Architectural History of KCAI

Architectural historian Cydney Millstein agreed to write what would become “The Kansas City Art Institute: Architecture & Innovation 1885-2020” not knowing what she’d uncover in the necessary research. One big surprise, which the book opens with, is that Kansas City Art Institute was nomadic for its first 42 years; it...