Celebrate the Ferocious Black Tiger's Gift in ArcheAge for Rewards

It's event time yet again in ArcheAge, as the Ferocious Black Tiger’s Gift event is going on now. You can find the Ferocious Black Tiger on Mirage Isle during the event, which runs through January 27th before maintenance. The tiger gives out two different daily quests, one called Tiger's Gift and one called For the Faction. Only one of these quests requires you to do anything beyond accepting the quest. Tiger’s Gift will complete automatically once you accept it and you will get Ferocious Taffy x2 for your reward. Using a Ferocious Taffy will increase the loot drop rate and XP gained by 80% for 30 minutes.
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ArcheAge Gets Two New Archepasses and Celebrates Ninth Anniversary With Puzzles and Loot

ArcheAge has a new update with fixes, two new Archepasses, and the beginning of the 9th anniversary event is here to puzzle everyone. The ninth anniversary event: Puzzle King Jigsoo’s Invitation begins today and runs through January 27th. Puzzle King Jigsoo is here with puzzles for you to solve. The event, which is open to level 30+, runs at different times and lasts for about 15 minutes per round. When competing, you’ll have three puzzles to solve. If you do, you’ll get some Jigsoo coins to exchange for rewards later.
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 355: All your ships are belong to us

On this week’s roundtable episode, Bree, Colin, and Justin talk about Elder Scrolls Online’s expansion teaser, Lost Ark’s gameplay video, ArcheAge’s handling under Kakao, Elyon’s new class, EVE Online‘s Doctor Who collab, and whether it’s a good idea to bring back Landmark. It’s...

ArcheAge: Unchained Free Trial Accounts Get Significant Trade Limits

Kakao Games continues to fight against exploits and in its latest change after announcing that ArcheAge: Unchained will get a monthly subscription fee, has severely limited the trade abilities for free trial accounts. This comes as Kakao also updates the ban investigations for exploits and RMT. By now, we’re probably...

Kakao Bans More ArcheAge Players, Limits Transactions By Free Accounts

Kakao Games is still working to prevent bad actors in ArcheAge. The game's new publisher banned over 20,000 accounts last week and brought the hammer down on a further 273 this week, while suspending 282 more for seven days. In addition, free trial accounts are getting more restrictions, which were...

ArcheAge bans more cheaters and revamps free trials in today’s update

ArcheAge is down for maintenance this morning, but don’t get too excited, as the patch notes reiterate that complete halt to the entire unlock schedule for the fresh start servers. What is in the patch is a reduction in requirements for Exile, a level nerf for accessing housing storage, and the launch of the Zodiac festival.

ArcheAge Update Postpones Next Fresh Start Servers Until Further Notice

The latest ArcheAge update is a limited one mostly concerned with bug fixes and a couple of quest glitches, but significantly it changes and updates the Fresh Start server content schedule to postpone it “until further notice”. The team quietly updated plans recently to postpone the start of...

Interview: ArcheAge studios on the move to Kakao, bans, land rushes, and the future of the game

One of the surprises the end of 2021 had in store for MMO players was the move of XLGAMES’ ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained from Gamigo to Kakao Games, at least in the west. That transfer was completed in early December but was followed by a cheating-spree and banwave akin to those that unfortunately peppered ArcheAge’s existence long before Kakao or even Gamigo ran it.

ArcheAge delays fresh start progression, launches New Year’s festival, bans 21K alt accounts

What’s new in the world of ArcheAge? As of last week, there’s a Zodiac Festival that lets players ring in the new year with a variety of daily quests that reward Festival Coins, which in turn can be spent on cosmetics, charms, and Kismet Star Shards among other things. The MMORPG also received a patch last week that eased the conditions for Exile, tweaked certain Serendipity Stones, and fixed some bugs.

MMO Year in Review: Endwalker, Cryptic, and Crowfall (December 2021)

The final month of 2021 didn’t let up. We had some great news, such as the launch of ArcheAge under Kakao and the release of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the latter of which was so successful even after its delay that mid-December the studio limited sales to avoid worsening server congestion. Then we had some bad news, including layoffs for Book of Travels and a delay for SWTOR’s Legacy of the Sith, as well as fresh Blizzard layoffs and unionbusting. And then we had some plain weird and unsettling news, like new owners for PWE/Cryptic, Legends of Aria, and Crowfall. Daybreak picked up publishing of Magic: The Gathering Online, too, while Gamigo took on Fractured.

MMO Year in Review: The Marvel MMO, $400M, and Blizzard’s decline (November 2021)

What would you say to another Marvel MMO? Hopefully yes, as Daybreak’s parent company let slip in November that it’s working on one – again. Meanwhile, Blizzard’s dumpster fire continued with fresh allegations against Bobby Kotick, followed by an unsuccessful but concerted effort to shame him into resigning that far overshadowed the launch of World of Warcraft 9.15 and exacerbated the muted reaction to the reveal of 9.2 and the Season of Mastery. The company’s lackluster Q3 2021 financials and plunging stock didn’t help either, nor did Blizzard’s abrupt announcement of a new player council.

ArcheAge – Kakao Games bans more than 30,000 ArcheAge player accounts

In early December, Kakao Games took over the ArcheAge operation. In three weeks, the group banned more than 30,000 accounts from gold sellers or cheats, and he’s still continuing his investigations. At the beginning of the month, the group Cocoa Games took over the operation ofArcheAge self-employed – after...

ArcheAge Bans Over 22K Accounts For Exploits And Kicks Off A Festival

The Kakao Games team has been busy hunting exploiters in ArcheAge as of late and it seems it is really paying off – for them. For the exploiters…not so much. Today, the devs posted a brief update on an ongoing investigation, which has had several players’ accounts locked for about a week, noting that as of the posting they’d permanently banned over 22,000 accounts. Of those accounts, 21,648 were alt accounts and 629 were main accounts.

Bless Unleashed PC Service Moving From Neowiz To Valofe In January

Bless Unleashed will soon be under new management, less than half a year after it launched on PC. On January 26, all "development, publishing, and operation" for the Steam service of the game will be transferred from Neowiz to Valofe, which handles publishing for games such as Riders of Icarus, Combat Arms, and Atlantica on PC.

MemberZone: The Future of Kakao Games and Archeage

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ArcheAge begins swinging the banhammer against promotion and web inventory exploiters

Yesterday we reported on a massive exploit wave that swept over ArcheAge involving players taking advantage of a free mana crystal promotion as well as a tool that allowed players to abuse the game’s web inventory, which resulted in about 24 hours’ worth of economy-breaking behavior. Kakao Games is now reacting to the mess in one of its first and more direct methods: by whirling its banhammer around.