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Netflix’s Arcane is a slick and exciting intro to League of Legends

For years, fans have been wondering just when the heck League of Legends developer Riot would make an animated series. It seemed inevitable. The studio previously created stunning animated shorts to promote everything from new characters to esports tournaments. And with an increasing focus on expanding League’s storytelling — something that’s tough to do within the confines of a team-based strategy game — a show made a whole lot of sense. Now, it’s real, with a nine-episode series called Arcane. The best part: not only is it a lot of fun, but you don’t have to know anything about League to get into it.
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Riot Games announces RiotX Arcane event to promote animated series

Riot Games announced today the launch of the RiotX Arcane event, a multiple-game promotional blitz done on behalf of the upcoming animated series Arcane. The company will roll various in-game events and items throughout the month alongside the show, which debuts on Netflix on November 6. The promotional efforts will...
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What to watch this weekend: ‘Arcane’ on Netflix

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (CW at 8) Guest comic Nyima Funk and Olympian Shawn Johnson make appearances. 911 Crisis Center (Oxygen at 9) Taking a look at 911 dispatchers. Specials. Waco Burning: Deadly Standoff (Reelz at 8) When David Koresh takes over the Branch Davidians, the group becomes deadly. Ruby Ridge: Deadly Standoff (Reelz at 9) Randy...

Where to find a Poro Snack in the RiotX Arcane web novel event

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Arcane Netflix series, Riot Games released an interactive visual novel for players to interact with. Dubbed a “cross-game, cross-platform, cross-world experience,” the event takes a little bit from all the popular Riot titles and lets players explore and complete quests to earn various rewards.

Netflix will let Twitch users co-stream the League of Legends anime

The first episode of Arcane, the League of Legends animated series from Riot Games and Netflix, will be co-streamable exclusively on Twitch, the companies announced on Monday. The show, which premieres at 7 p.m. PDT on Nov. 6, will be accompanied by a “Global Premiere Event” to be broadcast by streamers in more than 30 countries, and is free to co-stream for all fans. The premiere event will include a red carpet pre-show from Riot Games headquarters in Los Angeles.

'Arcane' Explained: Everything You Need to Know About Netflix's 'League of Legends' Animated Series

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena) games ever created. Released by Riot Games in 2009, League has drawn in players across the world and spawned a massive esports scene. It has two spin-off games, the auto-chess battler Teamfight Tactics and the card game Legends of Runeterra. League of Legends allows players to pick from more than 100 playable champions with origins all across the fantasy world of Runeterra. Runeterra's lore and characters have led to Arcane, an animated adaptation of League produced for Netflix. Arcane will delve into this world, focusing on the story of the sisters Vi and Jinx as they find themselves at odds after being separated as young children in the undercity, Zaun. With 12 years to build up the lore, there’s plenty to learn before watching the adaptation. Here’s everything you need to know before watching Arcane, beginning with a look at Runeterra.

Review: Arcane’s Premiere Is A Visually Gorgeous Anime With A Story That Hooks You In From The Jump

Arcane is the latest Netflix anime series that really raises the streamer’s anime game. Coming from Riot Games, Arcane is supposedly a story based on their League Of Legends MMORPG franchise. So the first reaction would place Arcane as a supplemental promotional thing to build the franchise, fuelling brand awareness back to the game itself. But the Arcane premiere episode is so breathtaking visually, with a solid story to support it, that it definitely feels like a lot more. Check out my review of the Arcane premiere episode releasing on Netflix.

Riot Games and Secret Cinema will launch Arcane as real-life narrative experience

Riot Games and Secret Cinema will launch Arcane as real-life narrative experience in Los Angeles. Arcane is a new animated television series debuting on November 6 on Netflix, following the world championships for League of Legends. And on November 21, Secret Cinema will open its real-life storytelling experience where actors mix with an audience and tell a story.

League of Legends’ Arcane Immersive Experience Coming to Los Angeles

The world of League of Legends has grown from its online battle arena video game roots. Riot Games has expanded to music with its virtual group, K/DA, which turns characters like Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa into pop idols. Next up, the company is teaming up with Netflix to produce an animated series, Arcane, a retelling of the origin stories of characters in the land of Piltover and Zaun. To get fans excited, Riot Games has partnered up with Secret Cinema to bring an immersive experience to Los Angeles starting on November 21, 2021.