U.S. and Canada part of Salmonella outbreak linked to tahini and halva

The United States and Canada are part of an outbreak affecting Europe because of Salmonella in tahini and halva from Syria. The United States has reported six Salmonella Mbandaka cases, one in 2020 and the rest this year. Interviews were conducted with two people: both report shopping at international markets...
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How a Librarian and a Food Historian Rediscovered the Recipes of Moorish Spain

“Take large fine-tasting carrots, lightly scrape their skins, cut them in half lengthwise, and then split each half into two pieces.”. For centuries, that’s as far as any cook could get when preparing “A dish [of carrots in sauce]” from Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī’s Fiḍālat al-Khiwān fī Ṭayyibāt al-Ṭaʿām wa-l-Alwān (Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib), a cookbook composed in Tunis around 1260. The rest of the recipe (more on that later), together with dozens of others, disappeared sometime after the late 1600s.
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Shinola Adds Exclusive Pewabic Clay Dials to the Runwell 41 Watch

Shinola has been making some serious waves in the watch space over the last decade. The Detroit-based brand has made a strong name for itself as one of today’s most prolific American watchmakers, oftentimes using its rugged Detroit roots as inspiration for its stylish timepieces. Keeping things close to home, Shinola has formed a new collaboration with Motown neighbor and famed pottery studio, Pewabic Pottery, in the brand’s first-ever collection of watches featuring clay dials, the Shinola x Pewabic Runwell Collection.
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Arabic tutor from Woodbridge convicted of child pornography charges

A federal jury on Wednesday convicted a Woodbridge man who worked as a children’s tutor on charges of transporting and receiving child pornography. According to court records and evidence presented at trial, from around May 2019 to January 2020, Majed Talat Hajbeh, 58, used a messaging application to forward himself over 800 videos and images of child pornography in order to access them across multiple devices.

4 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Barcelona

If you are planning to visit the city of Barcelona, it is definitely worth your time studying Spanish. For one thing, knowing Spanish will allow you to enjoy both the present and the past by reading old texts written in this language. It will also greatly improve your chances of...

Nigeria says Iswap leader Abu Musab al-Barnawi is dead

Nigeria's military has announced the death of Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the head of the West African branch of the Islamic State group. "He is dead and remains dead," said Chief of Defence Staff General Lucky Irabor. Gen Irabor did not give any details of the circumstances of Barnawi's death, which...

My Turn: Turning a page on the Middle East

The “book” on relationships between the Christian West and Islam in the East records centuries of conflict, of which the Trump and Biden administration’s efforts to withdraw from Afghanistan are but a few pages. The perilous European overland exploration and trade for desired products of the Far East and northern...

Astro Bob: Friday night fish fry with Piscis Austrinus

Friday is the traditional night many restaurants in the Midwest offer all-you-can-eat fish fries. Maybe you've already made plans for tonight. If so, after you've finished dabbing the oil from your lips, look to the sky to expand on your piscatorial experience. The waxing gibbous moon shines about a fist...

Anavar saudi arabia, can you buy steroids in saudi arabia

And then it was type of back to normal. People who abuse steroids should purchase a doctor’s help for steroid detox, anavar saudi arabia. The first step is to take the prescribed medicines that assist in the reduction of the withdrawal signs. Medications to restore hormonal balance and scale back despair or pain-like symptoms are prescribed by the docs.

Jordanians are facing a grim future: More repression and fewer jobs

Khaled Jaber, a poor-paid public school teacher, needed a side hustle. He used his car as a taxi and worked as a tutor. He has borrowed money from his relatives to cover unexpected expenses such as medical bills. The 44-year old muddled through his life, supported by his passion for...

Culture Resource Production Awards Program 2021 for Artistic Innovators in the Arab Region

Culture Resource Production Awards Program 2021 for Artistic Innovators in the Arab region. Applications for the Culture Resource Production Awards Program 2021 are now open. The program supports artists and writers from the Arab region, below the age of 35, by offering grants to enable them to produce their first creative projects.