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What’s the most popular pie choice in Missouri

ST. LOUIS – Forget the pumpkin phenomena, apple pie is a classic according to data compiled by grocery chain Save A Lot. Since 2018, the grocer has determined apple pie to be the most purchase dessert item throughout their locations. Save A Lot, which has locations in 32 states, said even within the last year […]
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Healthier-For-You Vegan Apple Pie Parfait for Less than $1 a Serving

Enjoy all the sweet and spicy flavors of apple pie in parfait form – vanilla-infused cashew cream is sandwiched between layers of caramelized apples and chewy cookie crumbles. It’s the perfect deconstructed dessert to serve your family and friends this holiday season!. As an added bonus, you’ll be swapping out...
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Mini caramel apple pies made in a muffin tin for Thanksgiving dessert

Looking to impress with a Thanksgiving day dessert? Try these uniquely adorable, mini caramel apple pies. "These mini caramel apple pies are the perfect, decadent dessert that everyone loves," Paige Thomason of the blog Studio Delicious tells Fox News. "Made in a muffin tin with shortcuts like store-bought pie dough and caramel sauce means less time in the kitchen, too."
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Easy air fryer apple pie recipe for Thanksgiving

Sure, you could bake an apple pie in the oven. But did you know you can use your air fryer to whip up tantalizing desserts, too? Whether you’re low on oven real estate this Thanksgiving or simply want to try a new cooking technique, the air fryer is a great option for cooking pie.

Add this peanut butter apple pie to your Thanksgiving pie lineup

This Thanksgiving, add this tasty peanut butter and apple pie from the PB whizzes at Skippy to your repertoire. "We wanted to give our take on a traditional apple pie, playing off of the classic fall staples: apples and peanut butter," Ryan Christofferson, senior brand manager, Skippy brand, tells Fox News. "Serve straight out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream for a creamy, scrumptious slice, or enjoy as an indulgent afternoon snack the next day."

Easy Apple Pie Bars with Sweet Somethings Baking Co. in Cadillac

Looking for an easy treat to bring to the holiday party?. Sweet Somethings Baking Company by Taylor Kennedy is located in Cadillac. Taylor started her business during the pandemic, baking goods for friends and family, and then selling her treats off of facebook. She got the opportunity to bake and sell her sweet treats at Willow Market & Meats in Cadillac. So if you’re in a rush, or picking up lunch and want to indulge in something sweet, pick up a variety of her baked treats at Willow! You can find brownies, cookies, rice krispies treats, cupcakes, pies, cinnamon buns and so much more! She even does custom orders!
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A Good-Natured Pastry for Bad-Tempered Cooks

Recently, I’ve been going on walks with a small apple pie tucked in my anorak pocket. In some of the wilder corners of the English countryside, and usually in a tempestuous mood, I’ve scaled boulders and clambered down hills, past waterfalls and over heather-crowned moors, my pie sitting heavy in my pocket, like a talisman. When I reach some quiet place—a rock carpeted with moss, or a drystone wall—I perch for a while and eat the thing without ceremony. More often than not, the robust little pie makes it to the final destination in better shape than I do.
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The best apples for making apple pie

You can use any apple to make an apple pie. Full stop. However, some are better than others when it comes to flavor and texture. And instead of choosing just one type of apple, a combination of at least two or three is a smart way to get more complex flavors and textures into your pie.
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Apple-Rose Pie

This floral take on a classic apple pie from Back in the Day Bakery owner Cheryl Day may be new to many, but the use of rose water here is rooted in American history. “Before vanilla extract was widely available, the most popular flavoring in America was rose water,” Day writes in her newest cookbook, Cheryl Day’s Treasury of Southern Baking. “This recipe brings the lovely taste of rose water back to apple pie.” Plan to mix the filling at least 4 hours ahead so the accumulated juices can be reduced before you assemble and bake the pie. While the pie pictured has a layered top crust to create a floral effect, here we call for a simple rolled-out top crust with a few vents, which does the job nicely.

Thanksgiving Apple Pie Will Cost a Little More This Year

(NAFB) – As American consumers finalized their Thanksgiving menus, they likely found out that their apple pie deserts will cost a little more this year. The USDA says shoppers will pay about $7.32 for the ingredients, more than half of which is the cost for apples, which is $4.22. The same pie ingredients cost approximately $6.75 last year, which means the total cost this year is 8.4 percent higher than 2020. USDA says the cost increase is driven by the price of Granny Smith apples, which increased to $1.41 per pound this year compared to an average of $1.26 last year.
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Recipe: Classic Apple Pie, from New York Times Cooking

Celebrate the holidays with these recipes courtesy of New York Times Cooking, specially chosen for "Sunday Morning" viewers. We are pleased to share Melissa Clark's Classic Apple Pie. In this very classic, cinnamon-scented pie, the apples are sautéed in butter before they're piled in the crust, ensuring that they're tender...

Blaine Christian Church apple pie fundraiser nets nearly $7K

BLAINE TWP. -- On Nov. 5, almost 50 people came together to make 720 fresh, homemade apple pies during Blaine Christian Church’s Annual Heavenly Apple Pie Day. The Missions Ministry and the Christian Women’s Fellowship at Blaine Christian Church appreciates all the volunteers who helped make these pies. There were a number of people from other area churches, and many men and women from Blaine’s church family, several of whom covered the cost of supplies so more of the funds raised could go to local and state missions agencies.

Battle of the Pies

It’s a debate as old as time: which pie is better, apple or pumpkin? As we head into the holiday dinner season, it’s time to settle this debate. It’s time for the battle of the pies. Apple pie is the best pie in the world and no one can tell...

When life gives you apples ... be grateful and make some apple pie

My next-door neighbor's apple tree has an abundance of apples this year. This little apple tree is dwarfed by the gargantuan silver maple on the edge of my property. The two trees somehow also share the narrow space between our 70s-built ranch homes with a scraggly ponderosa pine and a bushy blue spruce.
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Where to get the best apple pie in the Seattle area

In October, with the holiday season right around the corner, we set out on a quest to discover the Seattle area’s favorite fall flavor and asked readers of The Seattle Times for their favorite pie flavors and places to get them. Apple pie, made with Washington state’s most bountiful fruit,...
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Mini apple pies get a buttery brown-sugar crumble on top

Compared to a full-size pie, these miniature apple crumble tassies take significantly less time to make and bake — but they’re full of all of the same flavors, including tart, spiced apples and a crunchy dark brown sugar crumble top. After you mix together the dough for the cream cheese...