Pinwheel raises $50M Series B at $500M valuation for its income verification APIs

Pinwheel serves neobanks and fintechs like Block, Varo, and Lendly by providing application programming interfaces (APIs) linked to payroll, income, and employment data. Historically, systems for providing such data are inefficient and clunky, a problem Pinwheel’s cofounders recognized when they were working on a startup that helped companies provide pre-tax benefits to their employees.
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The Power Of An API

Founder/CEO of HyperTrack — a community of logistics tech builders. A small and scrappy team of engineers packed in a matchbox office room in Mumbai started tinkering with an API in 2012. By 2014, a category-leading public company in San Francisco had moved all new products to that API. This is a story of how that happened.
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How Are API Management and Service Mesh Different?

The use of APIs and microservices is increasing—a recent study from F5 estimated that the industry is approaching 200 million total APIs. As organizations expand their use of APIs and microservices, they inevitably require some form of service management architecture. There are primarily two major design options for implementing this: An API management system or a service mesh.
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Code for microapis's FastAPI tutorial

FastAPI is a high-performant REST API framework for Python. It’s built on top of Starlette and it uses Pydantic for data validation. It can generate OpenAPI documentation from your code and also produces a Swagger UI that you can use to test your application. Check out FastAPI’s GitHub repository...

5 fun APIs with which to learn how to use different APIs

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are what connect different apps and enable them to interact with one another safely and securely. A multitude of modern software services are reliant on external APIs to provide some of their core functions, and while some APIs come at a premium, others are free to use and thus offer opportunities for homebrew experimentation.

Camira Fabrics weaves together EDI and API integrations

Serendipity in IT can be a great force multiplier. Just ask growing fabric-maker Camira Fabrics, which discovered the power of APIs when seeking to cut customer costs by bringing EDI in house. Each year, Camira Fabrics produces around 8 million meters of fabric for use in contract furnishings and public...
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Safari API bug leaks browsing data that can reveal a user's identity

A bug in Safari in how it handles the IndexedDB API is potentially leaking information about a user's browsing habits, an issue that could be used to reveal the user's identity. Apple has continuously attempted to make Safari privacy-focused, with the introduction of initiatives to prevent cross-site tracking and the...

Top 7 Hidden API Gems to Include in your Next Project

We programmers have a tendency to reinvent the wheel. Can reinventing the wheel be fun? Yes. Can it teach you valuable skills? Yes. Should you always write thousands of lines of code to solve already-solved problems? No!. Empower yourself by leveraging the billions of lines of code written by other...

Current API Landscape – Giora Engel and Reza Shafii

Giora, Reza and Charlene discuss the current API landscape, why API management and API security should go hand-in-hand, and what’s at stake as APIs (and API breaches) become more ubiquitous. Want more TSTV interviews? Click here.

How to Deploy a Python + Flask API on Heroku

Oh, you have been there, haven’t you? Your Python + Flask script is working wonders on your local environment but the deployment just won’t work. Instructions are confusing everywhere. Your script is not complex nor important enough to be worthy of the AWS headache. You just want a simple, fast, and easy solution to see it up online and running. Someone told you Heroku is a great idea, but you cannot find good and succinct instructions on how to do it without losing a night of sleep.

How To Send Multiple SMS With Twilio in Spring Boot

When something important happens, you may want to notify all your users. One of the best ways to do so is by sending them an SMS alert. In particular, you should want to be able to launch these alerts when you desire. For example, by calling an API. Also, you should be able to customize the message to be sent. This is what this article is about!

The problem I had with APIs and Inheritance in .NET

So here's the problem I had. I had an endpoint in my OrderController that had to add an order, similar to the following (I will be using a short example for the purpose of keeping this short and sweet):. With my OrderEntity looking something like this:. Fairly straightforward up until...

Does Australia’s Open Banking API do its job?

Neobanks up to 36 times faster than the slowest data holders. The industry average shows a fast and reliable ecosystem, but if you take a closer look at the two most popular APIs (to collect transaction data and account information), front runners and some slow data holders There is a big difference between them.

Particle Health’s API Platform Now Allows for Real Patient Data and Visual Records

January 12, 2022 ( – — Particle Health, an API provider of healthcare data, announces a pair of new additions to its developer portal that will help optimize patient care. Taken together, these features accelerate provider adoption of FHIR APIs without replacing a full API integration. Within Particle...

Safari API bug can leak your personal data and enable online tracking

Securing APIs properly is extremely important. Back in August 2021, the default configuration in Microsoft's Power Apps portals led to 38 million records being leaked due to a publicly accessible API hosting confidential information. Now, security researchers have identified a similar bug in a Safari 15 API that can leak your personal data.

How to Build a Rails 6 API with Devise-JWT

In this tutorial, I will describe creating a Rails API-only application and setting up the authentication with JWT using devise and devise-jwt gems. First, we create a simple CRUD application with posts, then set up users authentication and send HTTP methods at the end. Let’s get started!. Step 1....

Introducing vAPI – an open source lab environment to learn about API security

Platform aims to educate security professionals on the challenges of securing modern web APIs. A tool designed to mimic OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities and to allow their behavior to be observed has been released to the open source community. vAPI, also known as the ‘Vulnerable Adversely Programmed Interface’, is...

What Enterprises Can Do to Create a More Resilient API Security Posture

The volume of API traffic has grown significantly since the post-pandemic world relies primarily on digital interaction to sustain user connections. However, this expansion has resulted in new security threats. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the key connective tissue that allows businesses to exchange information and data securely and quickly...