California Gasoline Prices Are Spiking

The only gas station in Gorda Springs, California, population ~100, is now selling premium gasoline for $8.50 per gallon amid one of the most jarring energy crises in history. The small town of Gorda boasts a particular affluence that makes its name, which means “Fat” in Spanish, rather apt. It’s located along scenic Highway 1, attracting tourists from nearly everywhere. It’s known for a few things, including a ban on billboards and banners. It has a hotel, a couple of restaurants where one can watch whales while sipping cocktails, and a lone gas station—a pricey lone gas station.
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Microsoft acquires Clear Software to improve connectivity with SAP, Oracle

Microsoft has acquired Clear Software, a provider of integration and business-process products with an emphasis on SAP and Oracle connectivity. Microsoft announced the Clear Software purchase on October 22 and is not disclosing the price paid. Microsoft officials said they believe Clear Software's API access and back-end systems knowledge will...
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Is $85 The New Normal For Oil Markets?

Oil has now comfortably settled above $80, with Saudi Arabia refusing to alter its strategy and U.S. shale companies maintaining their spending discipline. For a deeper dive into exactly what is going on in energy markets at the moment, sign up for a risk-free trial of our premium service Global Energy Alert. From geopolitical intelligence to trading tips and technical analysis, it's your one-stop-shop for all things energy. Sign up today!

Lumotive Accelerates Solid State LiDAR Productization For Industrial Applications

Lumotive recently announced Sam Heidari as its next CEO as the company transitions its proprietary Light Control Metasurface (LCM) technology into products serving the industrial market. Dr. Heidari is a seasoned semiconductor executive who has led companies like Quantenna Communications, helping it scale in revenues and products over the 2011-2019 time-frame. Quantenna was sold to ON Semiconductors (ON) in 2019 for $1.1B, with 2018 annual revenues of $220M.

Digital Asset Platform Rally Commits $12M to Third-Party Dev Ecosystem so Creators can Launch Crypto-Enabled Economies

a cryptocurrency platform for creators, announced that it is committing around $12 million in $RLY tokens from its “community-approved” budget to third-party developer grants in order to expand the functionality of social tokens and NFTs “purchased by fans from their favorite creators on the platform.”. Rally says it will...
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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

Welcome to the 403rd edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:. WhatsApp is officially rolling out end-to-end encrypted backups. The rollout started on October 15th so most users should have it by now. The new features let users lock their private messages on Google Drive or iCloud behind a password or a 64-bit encryption key. Hit the link to learn how to do it.

Third Party Risk Management Program 1 big thing: Ensure you embrace complex challenges and guide your organization to optimize the cybersecurity practices.

Third Party Risk Management Program 1 big thing: Ensure you embrace complex challenges and guide your organization to optimize the cybersecurity practices. The big picture: Build a holistic roadmap that provides guidance and an overall view of of the employee experience evolution over time and helps guide COE leaders on priorities and how their work comes together to support the overall vision.

8 Handy Tools to Create Online Quizzes

Whether you’re a teacher, marketer, or trivia buff, you'd probably be interested in creating engaging quizzes. Thankfully, it’s quite possible to create awesome quizzes with minimal effort. Here, we'll take a look at eight online quiz makers for creating educational, business, and trivia quizzes. 1. Typeform. Typeform is a web-based...

kevin., a Lithuanian Fintech, Celebrates $10M Seed Round

Kevin., a Lithuanian Fintech startup providing payment infrastructure for online, mobile, and physical sales, has secured $10 million of new capital in a seed funding round. The investment, which brings the company’s total capital raised to $14 million, was co-led by OTB Ventures and Speedinvest, two of Europe’s leading venture capital investors in early-stage European technology companies. Also joining the funding round were OpenOcean, Javier Perez’s Global PayTech Ventures, and individuals including AmRest founder Henry McGovern.

Vend point of sale (POS) system review

Vend POS is the flexible, affordable retail POS solution to suit your small, medium or large multisite FMCG business needs without breaking the bank. It also benefits retailers who host in-person events, pop-up stores, and other mobile settings. Get a quote for a POS system today. What is Vend POS?...

Our journey to open source during Google Summer of Code

Every year, Google organizes a program called Summer of Code (GSoC). Students worldwide can write open source code under an open source mentoring organization and get paid to do so! You get to work on cool open source projects, network with talented engineers, and get paid during the summer break. How cool is that!?

Making its name: Noname Security surges solving API vulnerabilities

“You cannot develop your idea in a vacuum. You have your own perception, but eventually, you have to meet the customers and hear things from them,” said Shay Levi (30), CTO and co-founder of cybersecurity company Noname Security. “When we started the company we went through a process called a sunrise process. It is a process that Cyberstarts, the first VC to invest in us, likes to do with its news companies. The concept is you have a certain idea of a problem you would like to address, and well, the VC has a large network of contacts and so we flew to meet some of them and we just discussed the problem and wanted to hear their feedback.”

Forecasting with Machine Learning Models

Mlforecast makes forecasting with machine learning fast & easy. TL;DR: We introduce mlforecast, an open source framework from Nixtla that makes the use of machine learning models in time series forecasting tasks fast and easy. It allows you to focus on the model and features instead of implementation details. With mlforecast you can make experiments in an esasier way and it has a built-in backtesting functionality to help you find the best performing model.

Top 5 JavaScript Animation Libraries for Your Next Project

Best JavaScript libraries to use in your next animation project. Animations help improve the overall feel and touch of a website. When implemented right, they provide a nice user-friendly experience. On the other hand, you can easily grab the attention of your visitors through animations. There are probably many JavaScript...

BUSINESS: APi Group dia manambara ny datin'ny tatitra momba ny vola amin'ny telovolana fahatelo 2021

NEW BRIGHTON, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–APi Group Corporation (NYSE: APG) (“APG”, “APi” na “Orinasa”), dia nanambara androany fa mikasa ny hamoaka ny vokatra ara-bola amin'ny telovolana fahatelo mandritra ny telo volana nifarana ny 30 septambra 2021 alohan'ny hisokafan'ny tsena. ny Alarobia 10 Novambra 2021. As a result of APi’s underwritten public offering...

What You Should Know About Serverless Databases

Serverless databases are used by organizations that are either fully transitioned or are still transitioning into the serverless infrastructure. They manage users' data and make scaling easier. This article has discussed how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, and things you should consider when choosing a serverless database for your application.