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Apex Legends Hackers Fill Game With Messages Complaining About Titanfall Hackers

Early this morning, Apex Legends seems to have been hacked by folks who feel Respawn hasn’t done enough to fight hackers in its original game, Titanfall. Some Apex Legends players on PC have discovered that in-game playlists and notifications have been hacked and replaced with text complaining about Titanfall hackers. The hacked messages also advertise a website,, which claims that Respawn and EA haven’t done enough to keep the older shooter safe from hackers.
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Apex Legends hacked to protest Titanfall server hacks

Broad reports from players across social media are outlining a hacking attack on Apex Legends servers that leaves the game unplayable, instead replacing server playlists with a message about Titanfall, Respawn's previous game series. "SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is being attacked so is Apex," says the message. Players are also receiving an "Important Message" popup after matches reading "Visit and repost".
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Apex Legends hackers interrupt games with messages about Titanfall hacking

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter Apex Legends has proven to be a hit, with over 100 million unique players, and counted over 300,000 people playing on Steam at one time in May. But an issue bubbling over from its earlier Titanfall games is now having an impact on Apex, as reports across social media show players running into messages from people hacking the game with a “Save Titanfall” message.
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Apex attack ‘has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk,’ according to Respawn

The latest attack on Apex Legends’ servers did not endanger users’ accounts or information, according to Respawn. The studio is also “testing a fix” for the lengthy disruptions, although the solution may require “additional updates.”. “We’ve determined that this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk,”...

A hacker has hacked Apex Legends to complain about Titanfall hackers

Titanfall fans have hacked Apex Legends in an effort to flag the attention of developer Respawn. Log into Apex Legends on PC right now and instead of the usual playlists, you'll get the URL "" with the subheader, "[Titanfall 1] is being attacked so is Apex". Players are also getting...

Hackers take down Apex servers as a plea to save Titanfall from hackers

Hackers took down some of Apex Legends’ servers this Sunday as part of a plea to “save Titanfall” from the relentless hacking and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that plague the game. The attacks appear to spread over multiple regions and platforms. Numerous players reported that the usual game modes, from...

Hacker targets 'Apex Legends' in plea to fix 'Titanfall' hacking

Apex Legends has reportedly been hacked to raise awareness over the unplayable state of developer Respawn's other game series Titanfall. Players have taken to social media to report that the battle royale's server playlists are being replaced with a message that reads "SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is being attacked so is Apex." Gamers also received an "Important Message" popup after matches directing them to the same URL that has been active for a few months now, according to PC Gamer.

Update: Apex Legends and FIFA 21 Online Servers Keep Going Down Today (July 4)

It appears the online servers for some EA games are being inconsistent today. The games affected today include Apex Legends and FIFA 21. For FIFA 21, it looks like people playing the PS4 version cannot play the FUT mode of the game. The servers aren’t allowing people to connect to the game today. You can read an announcement below from the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter page.

Best scopes in Apex Legends

Picking the right scope for your gun is a crucial aspect of performing well in Apex Legends. Although the usability of scope changes according to a situation, some simply are more viable than others. We’ve put together a list explaining the best scopes in Apex Legends and when to use them.

Apex Legends’ Genesis collection event is now live

Apex Legends players, get ready to return to a simpler time. The battle royale’s Genesis collection event is now live, boasting the return of Skull Town, new cosmetics, a badass Revenant heirloom, and a slew of balance changes. Genesis will run from today until July 13. The event’s theme focuses...

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile scratches the same itch as Apex Legends

When you win a game — let’s say a battle royale game — what do you remember? When the end screen shows up with your chicken dinner proudly displayed, what is the story you tell? I’d wager it’s a story about the fights. It’s the emotions of a player frantically scrambling to stay afloat, or a player dominating all who would stand against them. Winning isn’t about the stats; it’s about those moments. Games are memorable, and the experience of playing is what carves those memories into your mind.

Apex Legends Season 10 Legend Voice Lines Reportedly Leak

Apex Legends is still in the midst of the current ninth season of content with Legacy, but that does not stop us from finding out more about what is to come in the next season. It looks like we might have some information about the Season 10 legend if the leaked Apex Legends Seer voice lines are to be believed.