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They realised they were wrong too late: The anti-vaxxers making the best case for the Covid shot

Blake Bargatze was planning to wait a few years before getting one of the available Covid-19 vaccines.The 24-year-old’s hesitancy, mother Cheryl Bargatze Nuclo told The Independent, was based on him thinking he had time to see how the vaccine worked for others before getting it himself. He made this decision despite the rest of his family receiving one.On 27 March, Mr Bargatze attended an indoor concert in Florida, where it is believed he contracted Covid-19.His months-long hospital battle with Covid-19 has since resulted in the 24-year-old receiving a double lung transplant, and he is now telling his story in an...
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Alex Jones Is Claiming Credit For Radicalizing Tucker Carlson Into The Conspiratorial, Antivax Wacko He Is Today

Alex Jones would like to remind everyone that he’s the reason we have to stomach many of those right-wing conspiracy theories from Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The Infowars host and Sandy Hook denier gave a minutes-long rant (via Media Matters) on his show yesterday, claiming credit for Carlson’s descent into anti-vax madness by revealing he was the one that got Carlson to “wake up.” Now, the Fox News host has always been a conservative-leaning blowhard, but lately, he’s been veering into “kooky uncle who gets his news from Facebook” territory, accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci of creating the Coronavirus, claiming the NSA was spying on him and blaming the FBI for the Jan. 6th insurrections. Apparently, we have Jones to thank for that.
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Inside China’s chilling network of AI generated PEOPLE on Facebook & Twitter spreading anti-vaxx lies & Covid fake news

CHINA has a sprawling creepy network of AI generated people who it uses to spread anti-vaxx lies and fake news about Covid. Beijing is believed to use a massive "spamouflage" network to muddy the waters and promote its own interests to unwitting social media users - and its computer generated "people" are perhaps its most disturbing tactic.
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Amid delta variant warnings, experts battle deep-rooted anti-vax rhetoric

ROCHESTER, Minn. - As elected leaders and health experts plead with the public to get vaccinated, officials are still having trouble reaching those who are skeptical about vaccines. While experts acknowledge there are many factors contributing to vaccine hesitancy, the age-old challenge of breaking through anti-vax rhetoric is proving to...
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US disappointed by new Guatemala anti-corruption investigator

The United States voiced disappointment Thursday over Guatemala's quick naming of a controversial new anti-corruption investigator, whose predecessor's dismissal drew protests from Washington. The "sudden appointment" on Tuesday of Rafael Curruchiche as head of the anti-corruption unit "does not add confidence in the body's ability to independently investigate and prosecute corruption cases," State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. "Our position remains that it is essential that FECI is able to function and its prosecutors and its analysts are empowered to continue to investigate cases to maintain the fight against corruption in Guatemala," he said, using the unit's Spanish acronym. Opposition MPs have accused Curruchiche of corruption, with media reports alleging that, in his job investigating electoral crimes, he offered protection to businesspeople suspected of illegal political financing.
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This Anti-Friction Stick is My Key to Preventing Thigh Chafing

Welcome to Game-Changers, a weekly series in which we reveal the holy grail beauty products we're loving now—the ones that saved our hair, cleared our skin, and, in some way, changed our lives. My thighs have always touched—no matter my size or weight. There's nothing wrong with that, but when...
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New York Times Publishes Solid GMO Story, Anti-Biotech Groups Blow A Gasket

For years, the New York Times attacked crop biotechnology on the grounds that it was a corporate ploy hatched by Monsanto to take over the food supply. GMOs, the argument went, were designed to hook farmers on Monsanto's patented seeds and pesticides while failing to deliver higher crop yields. In one memorable instance, Times reporter Eric Lipton accused high-profile scientists of helping Big Ag paint its products in a more positive light.

MSC ‘Shocked’ By Shipper’s Anti-Trust Complaint

Switzerland-based carrier MSC has roundly rejected complaints made by Pennsylvania home décor supplier MCS Industries and says it was “shocked to learn of the accusations”. MSC said today the notice from the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) of the complaint lodged by MCS was published on Tuesday, but the carrier...