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Hulkling and Wiccan Are Back in Romance Anthology Series ‘Love Unlimited’

Have you tried Marvel Unlimited yet? It’s your all-access pass to over 30,000 Marvel comics at your fingertips. Start your 7-day free trial, or sign up with plans as low as $9.99 a month. New on the Marvel Unlimited app: fan-favorite Avengers Hulkling and Wiccan get a brand-new story...
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'The Walking Dead' Series Finale Sets Viewership Records at AMC+

As AMC said goodbye to its long-running zombie epic The Walking Dead, fans showed up in droves to give it a historic exit on the network's fledgling streaming platform. Variety reports that the finale "Rest in Peace" which aired on November 20 drove the single best day of viewership in AMC+'s history. Although exact numbers aren't known, the finale also became the single most-watched episode on the platform since its October 2020 launch.
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'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story': Ryan Murphy and the Cast Discuss the Series' Impact

Now that Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has established itself as one of the year’s most-watched series, discussions about why the true crime genre fascinates us so much have resurfaced. In order to talk about the series and its impact, Netflix sat series creator Ryan Murphy along with the cast members, and they had a lengthy conversation about production, their performances, and the anthology series’ reception.

Netflix series awaiting renewal or cancellation

Netflix releases dozens of new shows every month, and for the most part, they either offer quick renewals (or cancellations). Still, a growing list of shows are yet to receive official confirmations of their future. Here is the list of Netflix shows that are yet to be renewed. This is...

Netflix’s Kaleidoscope: A Series that Can be Watched in Any Order You Want

Netflix is bringing out a new series soon that would not be like anything you have seen before on television. The show, named Kaleidoscope, will comprise eight episodes and offer a unique viewing experience as each user will get to watch the episodes in a different order. The heist drama...

Immoral Compass Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?

Immoral Compass is an anthology series on the Roku Channel where creator Bill Blur discusses subjects he wishes he had learned thirty years earlier. The stories are not only humorous, but they also come to a terrible conclusion in an unexpected way. We are led through morally repugnant scenarios that are also addicting and will make you crave more. The narrative was created by Irwin Entertainment and is based on digital shorts by Tyler Falbo.

Call of Duty To Feature Anthology Series Highlighting Character Origin Stories?

A new rumor suggests a series of episodic games are coming. There is always plenty of hype built up around Call of Duty. The franchise is also a hot topic for the recent Activision Blizzard acquisition attempt with Microsoft. However, a new rumor is circulating online suggesting we might get a new series from the Call of Duty franchise. If this rumor proves to be accurate, an anthology series will be coming out featuring shorter episodic experiences. You can think of this as The Dark Pictures Anthology, where we’ll get more straightforward video game campaigns. But rather than telling a new unique horror storyline, these video games will highlight specific characters.

The Walking Dead: AMC plans more spin-offs and limited series

What will come after The Walking Dead? After 177 episodes that concluded an 11-season run, AMC Networks has put the parent series to rest with the finale “RIP.” But The Walking Dead universe will live on. After two seasons of the TWD series: World Beyonda six-episode first season of the anthology series Tales of the ... Read more

'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story': Is the Ryan Murphy Anthology Returning For Season 2?

The new generation loves true crime content, you will see them gravitate toward anything that's remotely related to serial killers and their eccentric lives. So, it's hardly a surprise that the latest addition to this genre is a show everyone's talking about. Jeffrey Dahmer was always more intriguing than the other serial killers of his time, and the show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story rightly points out why! Though fictionalized, the show is a close rendition of what actually happened, and Evan Peters who plays him portrays the demoniac Dahmer very well! Ryan Murphy who is also known for his series The Watcher didn't plan to renew this series as this was originally intended to be a limited series, but given the success, this show saw, its no surprise that Netflix decided to turn the series into an anthology and here's everything we know so far...

10 Best Thriller Series of All Time, According To IMDB

10 Best Thriller Series of All Time, According To IMDB. Who doesn’t love a good thriller? A TV series that hooks you at the end of each episode, almost forcing you to watch another episode immediately, so you can find out what happens next. Thriller TV shows are almost timeless, with people still talking about past hits and debating the best thriller series ever.

The Walking Dead Showrunner Discusses Daryl and Carol’s Finale Scene

Despite dropping out of a planned Daryl and Carol series earlier this year, Melissa McBride has hinted at the two The Walking Dead characters potentially meeting up in the future. Now showrunner Angela Kang acknowledged the rumors, as well as spoke about the scene of the pair in the finale of The Walking Dead.

The new series and spin-offs after the end of ‘The Walking Dead’

All the spin-offs of ‘The Walking Dead’AMC After over a decade of bloodshed, walkers, alliances and enemies, the hit zombie series ‘The Walking Dead’ has come to an end after 11 seasons. The comic book adaptation ‘The Walking Dead’ by Robert Kirkman has released its final episode, but this does not mean that the universe …