City of Jackson will continue to have mask mandates

JACKSON, Miss. — Jackson's mayor says the COVID-19 numbers have gone down, but more progress needs to be made. Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said the virus is deadlier than ever and it has found children to be an easy target. Lumumba said the city will continue to enforce a mask...
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Within 8 months… Electricity on solar energy in Sidon?!

The mayor of Sidon, Eng. Muhammad Al-Saudi, held a press conference at the Municipal Palace, in the presence of the representative of MP Bahia Hariri, Amin Al-Hariri, the representative of MP Osama Saad Talal Arqdan, members of the Municipal Council Mustafa Hijazi, Kamel Kuzbar and Mahmoud Shreiteh, members of the Transparency and Justice Committee for the distribution of diesel in Sidon and the police leadership Municipal.

Suzy Solar – Solar Power Progressive 067

Suzy Solar live sets & radioshows HERE | Listen or download more Solar Power Progressive episodes HERE. Suzy Solar – Solar Power Progressive 067 Tracklist. “Solar Power Progressive” is a one-hour monthly progressive house / melodic techno radio show hosted and mixed by Suzy Solar. 01. IY – Sunma Umidim...

FITNESS: Daidaitawa, Bambanci da Haɗuwa a cikin Masana'antar Lafiya

As health and exercise professionals, we have the knowledge and skill to coach and mentor our clients and participants toward better health. As leaders who aim to serve our respective communities, we also have a responsibility to understand how equity, diversity and inclusion impact individuals in health and fitness spaces (online and offline), and then to use that information to make our environments, such as classes, studios and health clubs, welcoming to everyone. This article examines what diversity, equity and inclusion mean for our industry and how you can help level the playing field and create environments that foster a sense of belonging for your clients and participants.