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Much to the annoyance of locals and tourists, work recommenced on the eastern end of the seafront paseo, in front of Salomar 2000, with heavy machinery present. Work had been at a stand still for five years because of an ongoing lawsuit between the Town Hall and residents of Urbanization Salomar 2000.
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Breakers eager, apprehensive for 2024 Olympic debut

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not difficult for Fabiano Lopes to grasp what will be at stake in three years when breaking makes its Olympic debut. Better known to his 500,000 Instagram followers as B-boy Neguin, Lopes discovered breaking — known more widely as break dancing to the annoyance of its originators — nearly 30 years ago when he caught snippets of b-boys doing windmills on Brazilian television.

Because of annoyance, I replied to the text message

Scrolling through my cellphone for the 20th time today , reading the text you sent me again though I memorized anyway 🎶🎶. I was having a sound trip on my room when a text message interrupt me from doing it. It was an unknown number from someone that I didn't know and to be honest I am not even interest to know. My life was so wasted on that moment to the point that I just want to continue life without meeting other people. I didn't replied on that text message but after a minute that unknown number called me but cancel it afterwards. Oh , it was a missed call. Maybe the person wants to check if my mobile number exist or active. What an old move!
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Why Does Everyone Annoy You?

Feeling annoyed isn’t a nice experience, and it can even become a barrier to a fulfilling, productive life if it happens all the time. But irritation can be a helpful emotion.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 56: Is having that many supercars an annoyance?

The Euros have come to an end. The Copa America is over, too. There is still very much some football things happening in Italy right now, but it doesn’t involve actual games taking place. It’s totally about teams preparing for the official games that will come next month — which, for Juventus, starts on Aug. 22 against Udinese in Udine.
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A serious annoyance? How the policing bill could stifle climate protests

Four days before the annual global climate strike, Greta Thunberg tweeted a photo of herself sitting alone with a placard outside the Swedish parliament, accompanied by the caption: “Definite cause of serious annoyance.”The teenage climate activist was making an apparent dig at Priti Patel’s controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Under this new legislation, protesters could be jailed for up to 10 years for causing “serious annoyance or inconvenience”.It begs the question: Could the school strike movement founded by Thunberg, and other climate protests, be viewed in these terms?Definite cause of serious annoyance. pic.twitter.com/IwTFOsBLeU— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) March 15,...

Elgato’s Latest Streaming Hardware Includes the Least Annoying Webcam Ever

As a brand, Elgato is inseparable from game streaming and content creation. The company’s capture cards and live production controllers are essential to any professional-grade setup, but as a whole, Elgato’s catalog is in need of a refresh. That’s why Elgato has just announced a ton of new products, including an upgraded Stream Deck MK.2 and a webcam that doesn’t have a mind of its own.

A likely repressive handle of mobile court trial of annoying calls

THE empowerment of mobile courts to try cases of causing annoyance by making telephone calls under a section of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act has come with concerns. An official notification of July 1 included Section 70(1), or ‘penalty for causing annoyance by telephone calls’, in the list of scheduled offences of the Mobile Court Act for the trial of cases of annoying telephone calls. The law lays out punishment for repeatedly making telephone calls to cause annoyance or inconvenience with the financial penalty not exceeding Tk 100,000 and, in default of the payment of the fine, an imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months. Making annoying phone calls in genuine cases is already an offence made punishable by the Telecommunication Act. On top of this, the inclusion of the offence in the scheduled offences of the Mobile Court Act has raised concern as it leaves scope for the misuse and abuse of the law because causing annoyance by making telephone calls is subject to interpretations. The proposition of annoyance being caused by telephone calls is subjective and it cannot be defined by the law. This is where the move appears to be a repressive handle of the government.