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An Animated Portrait of Life with the Ghosts of Children

In the countryside of China’s Anhui Province, where Weijia Ma’s father grew up, much of life centered on the ponds. There, women washed vegetables and did laundry; little kids played in the water, swimming and catching fish. Ma grew up in a small nearby city and returned every year for the Chinese New Year and the Qingming Festival, a spring day when people honor their dead loved ones, to see her family and to sweep the graves of their ancestors. The water was also where life disappeared: old villagers told her stories about unwanted little girls being abandoned by rivers and ponds.
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Maluma, Colombian superstar, joins voice cast of Disney’s upcoming animated ENCAN

ENCANTO confirmed today a new member of its voice cast: Maluma! The Colombian superstar lends his voice to town heartthrob character, Mariano (the soon-to-be fiancé of Mirabel’s perfect and poised sister Isabela). You can see the video of his announcement below from Twitter. ECANTO. tells the tale of an extraordinary...
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Animated Shorts at Inaugural Brazil Indigenous Film Festival Show Defiant Vibrancy of Guajajara and Maxakali Peoples

In these two animated shorts – both hovering around 15 minutes long and screening as part of the UK’s inaugural Brazil Indigenous Film Festival – filmmakers Masanori Ohashy, Isael Maxakali and Charles Bicalho demonstrate their immense talent for storytelling. The films take up traditional folktales from the Guajajara and Maxakali peoples respectively, and communicate them with a mesmeric creative energy.
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Cracker Barrel To Stock The Nightmare Before Christmas Manga

If you need to steep yourself in some nostalgia while consuming biscuits and gravy in a Southern-style atmosphere, look no further than restaurant chain Cracker Barrel, who will be bringing a forthcoming manga adaptation of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to their old country store. Check out the announcement...

‘Rons Gone Wrong’ An Animated Tale of Friendship | Watch

*As the world continues to open up again, Hollywood is also starting to open up to red carpets and the world of premieres!. “Ron’s Gone Wrong” is the latest – with great fanfare. 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation held the premiere of this animated sci-fi movie at the El Captain Theater in Hollywood this week.

New tech is fun and glitchy in animated Ron's Gone Wrong

As modern technology has taken over the world, a variety of movies and TV shows have tried to grapple with its effect on society. Those attempts have varied from the massively cheesy ‘90s film The Net to more serious efforts, including the so-believable-it’s-scary series Black Mirror. Now comes Ron’s Gone Wrong, an animated film that offers a more lighthearted look at the issue.

At the Movies | “Dune” & “Ron’s Gone Wrong”

It’s time for our weekly look at the movies! As always, Movie Mike is here is discuss last week’s hits and misses and preview the new films coming out this week! This week we have 2 new films: Sci-fi adventure “Dune” and animated film “Ron’s Gone Wrong”. For more Movie...

Stream On: Super superhero presentations—Superman and Batman

As well as Christopher Nolan did with Batman Begins (IMO the only Batman or Superman film worth the celluloid, save Hollywoodland, a film about an actor who played Superman), I say the Dave Fleischer animated “Superman” shorts of the 1940’s, and the “Batman” animated series of 1992 are the way to go. And notwithstanding the casting and special effects problems avoided, these beautiful series approached High Art.

Batman movie trailer remade with 90’s anime series clips

YouTuber’s Darth Blender recreates Batman’s trailer with animated series footage, combining gritty new audio with stunning animations. Beats Beats for recreation BatmanNew trailer with footage from Batman: Animated series Recently created and posted on YouTube. Starring Robert Pattinson as a crusader in a new hat, Batman The character’s first solo outing since Christopher Nolan dark Knight The trilogy ended in 2012. The Matt Reeves movie to be released in March 2022 Restart the Batman franchise Paul Dano as a riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Colin Farrell as a penguin, and so on. It also starred Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Andy Serkis, and Peter Sarsgaard.

REVIEW: Injustice (2021)

Every so often there is a story within comics that comes along and blows people’s minds, leaving a lasting impression on the reader that makes us beg for more. In 2013, writer Tom Taylor gave us just such a story with DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, which was a prequel comic series to the video game of the same name. Since its release there have been 6 volumes in total for the comic series (Year One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Zero) as well as a sequel to the video game (Injustice 2), which was released four years later in 2017. There was even a comic mini-series called Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe which was released in 2017 and followed on from the alternative ending of the Injustice 2 video game where Superman wins.

All films for ten shekels: Israeli Cinema Day returns - Walla! culture

All films for ten shekels: Israeli Cinema Day returns. Lior Ashkenazi's adaptation of "Perfect Strangers", Avi Nesher's new film, "Let There Be Morning" is causing a stir and how can it be possible without "releasing Shuli". All of these and 28 other films made in Israel will be shown as...

Creepshow Ep. 305 – Unsettlingly Horrific Animation/Outta Time [Review]

It’s not too often that Creepshow legitimately unsettles you. The show has scary moments or frightening ones but this week’s stories both do a little bit of unsettling. One half is “Time Out”, directed by Jeffrey F. January, written by Barrington Smith & Paul Seetachitt. This story follows a traditional anthology horror path with someone overusing a magical item to their own personal gain. We’ll start off with this story because the animated section following it, is truly some of the best the show has ever offered.

Injustice Animated Movie Review – A Chaotic Mess

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Emo Superman and he’s taking over the world. So it goes in Injustice, the latest DC animated movie to grace home media and it’s wide-open for review. Now, I’ve never read the comic on which this film is based, but...

Oscars Predictions: Best Animated Feature – Can ‘Belle’ Give GKIDS a Chance For Its First Statue?

Variety's Awards Circuit is home to the official predictions for the upcoming Oscars and Emmys ceremonies from film awards editor Clayton Davis. Following history, buzz, news, reviews and sources, the Oscar and Emmy predictions are updated regularly with the current year's list of contenders in all categories. Variety's Awards Circuit Prediction schedule consists of four phases, running all year long: Draft, Pre-Season, Regular Season and Post Season. The eligibility calendar and dates of awards will determine how long each phase lasts and is subject to change. To see all the latest predictions, of all the categories, in one place, visit THE...