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The Analogue Pocket Handheld Is Being Delayed for a Third Time

Analogue‘s highly-anticipated Pocket handheld gaming device has now been hit with a third delay. Announcing the news over on Twitter, the company says that it now hopes to start shipping the Pocket out in December after manufacturing was affected by Coronavirus-related delays. “Unfortunately, due to new [COVID-19] restrictions with our...
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Analogue Pocket Delayed Into December

Analogue has announced that its upcoming Analogue Pocket, the legacy console that can play virtually any Game Boy, Game Gear, and other cartridge-based portable software, will be delayed. The handheld was initially set for a May 2021 launch, but May, June, July, and August have all come and gone with no sign of the device. Now, Analogue has revealed that Pocket will begin to ship this December.
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Analogue Pocket delayed to December 2021

The Analogue Pocket is delayed to December 2021. Pocket pre-orders ship at the latest in December, Analogue said in a post on its website. "Unfortunately, due to new covid restrictions with our assembly partners, their capacity to deliver within our agreed timeframe has been affected," Analogue explained. "This has created...
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The Analogue Pocket Has Now Been Delayed Until December

The Analogue Pocket - a portable FPGA-based device compatible with the entire Game Boy library and other systems via adapters - has been delayed yet again. Following on from its delay at the start of April, which pushed it back to an October release, Analogue has now shifted the shipping date to December. "New Covid restrictions" are to blame, according to the official website - and the company understands how "frustrating" this update likely is for anyone looking forward to getting their hands on this device:
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Analogue Pocket preorders won’t arrive until December 2021

The Analogue Pocket has experienced a few delays already due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s suffering another, the company shared on its site. Preorders for the retro handheld that can play Game Boy cartridges and other formats like Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and more via adapters will ship “at the latest in December.” The $199 console was previously slated to launch in October, following a delay that pushed it from its original 2020 launch window.

Analogue Pocket delayed again as COVID challenges mount

Analogue announced today that the release of its upcoming Pocket handheld has been delayed once more. Originally slated to begin shipping at some point in 2020, the Pocket was first pushed back to May 2021 and then again to some point in October. With September here and October on the horizon, Analogue has announced one more delay for the highly anticipated FPGA handheld.

The Analogue Pocket wait continues as pre-orders are expected to ship in December ‘at the latest’

No one can fault Analogue Pocket admirers for growing impatient, and with the current state of the world, venting frustrations about a pre-order that still hasn’t come to fruition might feel like yelling into the void. The latest update on the “when will it ship?” front was shared this morning on Twitter and via email to customers with pre-orders placed:

Analogue Announces Pocket Delay Due to Manufacturing

Manufacturing new devices within the last 2 years have been quite the challenge. As the global pandemic makes production very difficult, chip shortages do no better. Analogue has been put in a hard situation with their handheld Analogue Pocket. Having opened pre-orders more than a year ago, 2021 has proved to be much more difficult. The Analogue Pocket delay has certainly been in customers’ minds for quite some time. Originally set to launch last December, the initial shipments were all pushed back to May of 2021. After announcing in March that the orders were delayed again until October, it seems that Analogue is running into more issues. Announced today on their official Twitter was a statement regarding shipments of the Analogue Pocket being delayed at the latest until December.

Analogue Pocket Pre-Order Shipping Delayed Yet Again

Analogue Pocket pre-order shipping has been delayed yet again, pushing back delivery of the versatile handheld gaming console to the tail end of 2021. The Analogue Pocket is a handheld gaming console that was first announced in October 2019, less than half a year after Panic's Playdate console was announced. The Analogue Pocket allows you to play handheld video games using the original cartridges thanks to a series of adapters, featuring support for Game Boy handhelds, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, and others.

The New Powkiddy A20 is 2021’s Fake But Better Analogue Pocket?

Powkiddy never fail to amuse us, and this time their new upcoming handheld called the Powkiddy A20 is here to do what the Analogue Pocket couldn’t… become a reality. Powkiddy have been renowned for releasing more handhelds than I’ve had hot dinners, and the Powkiddy A20 seems to moving away from the typical 1GB of RAM and slowish processors, but they’re not moving away from looking like other handhelds.

You love to see it: Someone already copied the Analogue Pocket

The Analogue Pocket, which was announced in 2019 and then delayed from its May 2021 release to October, has more buzz than Nintendo’s meh Switch (OLED model). It’s easy to see why. With a cartridge slot and adapters that are sold separately, the Analogue Pocket can play games from every...