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MindShift Gear Filter Hive Mini

Traditional glass filters are useful tools for landscape photography, but you need to pack them carefully to avoid breaking or scratching them. Many of the filter cases I’ve tried before are heavy, bulky, and fairly expensive. Today, I’ll review the Filter Hive Mini from MindShift Gear, which aims to fix those issues.
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The State of Medium Format in 2021. Is It Better Than Full Frame?

For more articles like this, be sure to please subscribe to The Phoblographer. There have been times I’ve considered buying a medium format camera. Mostly, I’ve looked at the Fujifilm GFX series of cameras. But I’ve also really liked the old Leica S cameras with a CCD sensor. In 2021 though, the medium format camera world is very quiet. Phase One has some very high megapixel DSLRs that we hear nothing about. Hasselblad has some DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, but the latter misses the mark. Leica has a medium format camera system, but there isn’t much development for it. So the only viable possibilty is Fujifilm. What’s more, the company often says that it is their future.
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A Cinematic Photographer Discovering New Horizons by – Nicola Armento

I can’t remember how it all started, I never even thought about taking pictures, but then one day, on that plane to New York in 2017, something changed. I was going on a trip with my first camera, a Canon 1200d (not even mine, borrowed from my sister) just to take some photo-memories in better quality than what my old phone could produce.
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Tips For Buying Your First Analog Camera

Camera technology has come a long way in the last few decades and digital cameras are pushing the boundaries of what we can do with photography. You can even take professional-quality photos using your phone if you get some practice. However, there is still a place for analog cameras, whether that is in a professional setting or if you’re just taking photographs for a hobby. There is something quite satisfying about using an analog camera and the resulting photographs have a distinct look that some prefer over a digital image.

Love Photography? Learn From the Best on Flipboard

If you’re into photography, you’re likely always on the hunt for information about how to perfect that shot, what gear the pros are using, and where to find inspiration for your own style. We know because we’re photo buffs ourselves — just ask our CEO Mike McCue about Leica and his favorite photographer on YouTube. So it’s really exciting to introduce our revamped photography topic to be a better resource and community for enthusiasts looking to hone their craft.

10 Beginner-Friendly Film Cameras You Can Get on Shopee and Lazada

© Provided by ILLUSTRATION War Espejo © Provided by ILLUSTRATION War Espejo. ( Starting a new hobby can be daunting—each field of interest comes with its fair share of skills to hone, terms to learn, and expenses to shoulder. If the latest hobby that’s caught your interest is film photography and you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help. Below, we list 10 beginner-friendly film cameras that you can purchase on Shopee and Lazada right now.

Photographer Zeb Andrews Caught a Beautiful, Rare Moment in Nature

“…I have learned to not dwell on the images I may or may not be making and instead just enjoy the process of making them,” explains photographer Zeb Andrews. He adds, “it is a lot of fun.” For most folks, Zeb doesn’t need an introduction. We’ve featured him on our site a few times. The Bruce Wayne persona of Zeb is one of the folks in charge of Blue Moon camera: undeniably one of the best vintage and analog photography stores. I speak with him weekly for our Rare Camera Store initiative. And when the night hits, Zeb dons a metaphorical photo vest and ventures out to make exciting photos. Below are just some of them.

Analog photography: medium format cameras and film material for beginners

While digital photography has almost completely displaced the earlier photochemical processes, old cameras with film still exert an irresistible charm. It is mainly younger people who find analog photography an entertaining challenge. Photography: analog meets digital. Analog and digital photography still coexist and share many intersections. Here you will find...

Treehouse Specializes in Film Photography

Honolulu (KHON2) – Photography buffs can find unique analog gear and accessories at a niche shop called Treehouse at SALT at Our Kaka’ako. “Treehouse specializes in film photography,” says Bobby Asato, Owner. “We stock new and used film cameras, films, supplies, camera bags, art and photo books, apparel, accessories and more.”

Add to Cart: 10 Fun Finds to Distract You From Existential Crises This October

© Provided by ILLUSTRATION War Espejo © Provided by ILLUSTRATION War Espejo. ( The strange and often jarring thing about life in quarantine is that time simultaneously feels like it’s moving too quickly while also seeming to be at a total standstill—does anyone else feel like life has been pretty stagnant since 2020? Without the variety that comes with moving from place to place or making plans outside the home, days tend to blend into each other and weeks feel interchangeable. So in case you’ve lost all grasp of the passage of time, here’s your reminder that it’s now October. No, seriously.

The new life of Ernesto Valverde, the photographer who became a coach

Okay, let’s accept octopus as a pet. The truth is that Valverde, fast footballer, rogue, assistant, extremely complete and useful extremity like few others (so few that there are almost no footballers like him anymore), He went from being a soccer player to a successful coach, tremendously educated in everything he does and how he does it and, of course, already very disappointed in what Javier Tebas, the president of LaLiga, calls the soccer industry.

CineStill Unveils ‘RedRum’ Limited Edition Medium Format Red Scale Film

CineStill has announced a new limited edition medium format red scale film called RedRum. The images made with the film have a monochromatic red and yellowish tint that the company says makes for “spooky” imagery. CineStill gas in the past said that its primary goal is to further advance the...

15 Incredible Black and White Photography Portfolio Examples

Ever since the advent of color film in 1958, black and white photography has become nostalgic. Present-day photographers can use it to create a retro look. But it’s not an easy style to work with. After all, the final image won’t look like what you see through the viewfinder. To...

Mobile Classroom Teaches At-Risk Children the Art of Analog Photography

Syrian photographer Serbest Salih has set up a mobile photography school that introduces vulnerable Syrian, Iraqi, and Turkish children to analog photography. Currently based in southeast Turkey, Salih is a 27-year old photographer and the director of Sirkhane Darkroom, a mobile analog photography school currently active in Mardin Istasyon, an impoverished neighborhood in Turkey which is close to the border of Syria. It is run in collaboration with Sirkhane Social Circus School.

Golden Years: In Conversation with Stacy Lynn Waddell

I made the pilgrimage from Charlotte to Durham, North Carolina, to visit the studio of Stacy Lynn Waddell and see her newest gilded portraits before they were packed and shipped. Waddell’s exhibition Mettle is on view September 10–October 16 at Candice Madey Gallery in New York City. The artworks in the show draw inspiration from three “Golden Ages” of artistic achievement: seventeenth-century Dutch flower painting, nineteenth-century American painting, and 1960s youth culture in Mali.

Bushwick Community Darkroom Rectifies Film Photography’s Exclusionary Past

When Lucia Rollow rolled her Volkswagen down New York’s Long Island Expressway back in 2010, she had no idea she was on the brink of founding a thriving film photography community and one of the only 24/7 darkrooms in the city. A recent college graduate with no spare change, Rollow longed for a place to continue developing film and honing the craft she loves. After scouring NYC for an affordable darkroom without success, she made one of her own.

Olafur Eliasson’s Latest Installation Is a Hypnotic Tour of Color, Form and Perspective

Immerse yourself at The Art Space 193 in Daejeon, Korea. Olafur Eliasson is recognized around the world for his breathtaking artistic installations that reawaken a sense of self and the living world around us. The Icelandic–Danish artist has unveiled a new exhibition that continues on this trajectory, entitled “The Living Observatory” at The Art Space 193 in Daejeon, South Korea.