Surface Duo 2 gives Android clamshell 5G and a big spec boost

Microsoft isn’t giving up on dual-screen Android, with the Surface Duo 2 taking a second shot at the clamshell tablet. Now packing a 5G connection, and a more potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, the Surface Duo 2 promises a more usable, flexible upgrade to the original Surface Duo.
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup Could Be Available in Five Colors

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is still some distance away from a formal unveiling. However, the phone has made frequent appearances in multiple leaks over the past several weeks. Today, a report offers some new information about the color variants of the new flagship series. As per GalaxyClub’s report, the Galaxy...
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How to pre-order the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and the Surface Pro 8

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Microsoft announced a deluge of new Surface gadgets today and most of...
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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 has Better Cameras and Improved Dual Display

Microsoft has announced the Surface Duo 2, its second-generation foldable smartphone which makes significant improvements over the original including a new camera array and multiple usability enhancements. The new Surface Duo 2 integrates the Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G connectivity, and a new triple-lens camera system. It also has two brighter,...

Microsoft gets it right the second time around with the Surface Duo 2

Editor's take: Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it addresses many of the shortcomings associated with its predecessor, such as dated internal hardware and a lackluster camera system. On the other hand, it's even more expensive than the first-gen model, which was among the priciest handsets on the market when it debuted last year. That device saw a massive price cut just a few months after launch -- could the same happen this time around, too?

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 Blows the Original Away

Microsoft announced several new Windows PCs during its Surface event, but Android was not left out. The Surface Duo 2 is the successor to the company’s first foldable phone. This time around, it packs 5G, better cameras, and more. How the Surface Duo 2 Improves on the First. The original...

Microsoft announces Surface Duo 2 with triple camera setup and Snapdragon 888 processor

Microsoft today announced Surface Duo 2 with a triple camera setup and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor for improved performance. Microsoft has also introduced a new, larger Dual PixelSense Fusion Displays (5.8” touchscreens open to 8.3”) with 90Hz refresh for great viewing experience. These displays are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and support Surface Slim Pen.

Microsoft's new folding Surface Duo 2, first look: camera-studded, 5G-enabled

Microsoft's first attempt at a folding phone, the Surface Duo, nailed the hinge and folding feel, but lagged on everything else. The Duo 2, announced today at Microsoft's virtual Surface event, looks like it's addressed a lot of the previous Duo's shortcomings: sometimes sluggish performance, only one camera and a lack of 5G. Whether it can compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 remains to be seen, but the Duo finally has 5G, more cameras, a faster processor and even a side display. The Duo 2 starts at $1,499 and is available for preorder, arriving October 5. Here's what you need to know about Microsoft's new Android phone and how it aims to compete.

The best smartphones of 2021

Runner-up Samsung's Galaxy S21 is an excellent Android with a smooth and vibrant display, a triple camera system and performance that comes close to our top pick. starting at $799 at Amazon starting at $799 at Samsung. Google Pixel 5a with 5G. Best budget phone. Google's Pixel 5a with 5G...

Microsoft launches Surface Pro 8, Laptop Studio and Duo 2 phone

Microsoft has announced a range of computers, laptops, and a dual-screen smartphone as part of its big Surface Windows 11 event. The unveiled devices include brand new computer types and updated models in existing lines, as well as new accessibility options. Each of the machines will be some of the first to ship with Windows 11.

Microsoft Doubles Down With Foldable Surface Duo 2 Android Phone

While the Samsung Z Fold might be the superior foldable phone right now, Microsoft is taking another big swing. Considering that their first dual-screen Android phone, the Surface Duo, was a rather big miss, their second attempt is looking good. Encased in a sweet Obsidian Black, the new Surface Duo...

Surface Duo 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 spec battle

With the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft finally delivered a competitive folding smartphone, and the main competition is of course the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. In the specs comparison below we can see how the two devices stack up. Surface Duo 2Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Display. Dual PixelSense™ Fusion...
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Apple has now sold over two billion iPhone units

When Apple sold its billionth iPhone in July 2016, it was cause for celebration in Cupertino. At the end of our article noting the event, yours truly wrote "With all of the changes made from the first iPhone sold to the billionth, we wonder what changes will be made to the phone by the time Apple celebrates the two billionth handset sold." Well, we can wonder no more.

Google’s Pixel 6 Pro Spotted in the Wild

Finally, the Pixel 6 Pro could have shown its real appearance before Google’s big launch. Thanks to M. Brandon Lee’s leak on Twitter, Pixel fans are able to take a glance at a pre-production Pixel 6 Pro turned over in a user’s hand. Although people already saw Google’s new device...

Microsoft Refreshes Surface Lineup with Duo 2, Pro 8, and Go 3 and More

For fans of Surface, today is a good day. Microsoft has announced a significant refresh to its lineup that includes a brand-new laptop called the Laptop Studio as well as a refresh to many of its products that includes the Surface Pro 8, Duo 2, and the entry-level Go 3.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 specs vs. Surface Duo: Everything that's new

Microsoft just announced the Surface Duo 2, which comes with a slew of upgrades impacting everything from the camera to the processor and display. The phone starts at $1,499 and is available for preorder starting today. Microsoft made the announcement during its fall product launch event, where it also unveiled the Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8 and Surface Go 3.