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How the US military's first stealth aircraft got shot down

Stealth is all the rage today when it comes to military aviation, and it remains a defining characteristic for today's fifth-generation fighter aircraft. But the stealthy warplanes that are increasingly filling up the skies today are not the first examples of such aircraft, with the United States Air Force's F-117 Nighthawk serving in some ways as a predecessor for more modern stealth fighters.
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The P-51 Mustang’s Winning Record

From a Luftwaffe base in Lyke, East Prussia, on August 6, 1944 , the German pilot Günther Schack scrambled his pursuit squadron of nine Me 109s. They headed out looking for a large number of “furniture vans,” German slang for the Soviets’ four-engine bombers. As it chased down this “big...
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The British rower honoured for crossroads attack, the Polish long-distance champ murdered by the Gestapo and the Dutch gymnasts who perished in Auschwitz: New book remembers Olympian heroes who died in World War Two

The tragic stories of almost 500 Olympians who were killed during the Second World War - including Jewish participants who perished in concentration camps during the Holocaust - have been revealed for the first time in a new book. While this year's Tokyo Olympics competitors are producing extraordinary feats in...

Josephine Baker Was the First Black Superstar -- and World War II’s Most Unlikely Spy

Freda Josephine McDonald was born in 1906 to parents who were entertainers in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The United States at the time was still very much a segregated country, and her parents had trouble making ends meet. She helped them out by doing odd jobs, but her father eventually left the family, leaving his daughter to scrounge for food and cash.
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The region's favorite neighbor, Bob Lind dies at 88

For more than 25 years, Bob Lind’s much-loved Neighbors column could be counted on as a bright spot in The Forum as he helped share good news and fond memories of those in the area. Lind’s neighborhood of family, friends and tens of thousands of readers may seem a little...
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The Hiroshima Panels are a remarkable artistic exploration of trauma

On August 6, 1945, the US military obliterated Hiroshima with the world’s first deployed nuclear bomb. Several days later, artist Maruki Iri arrived in his hometown from Tokyo by train. Stunned by the devastation, he felt he was seeing “something that I wasn’t supposed to see”. Travelling to his family home, the artist negotiated a wasteland, including mounds of dead and barely alive bodies. When his wife, Maruki Toshi, arrived a week later, the pair spent a month assisting bomb blast casualties. With the end of the war, the Japanese Communist Party saw Allied Occupation forces as liberating Japan and encouraged...

Inter-Allied Games: When WW1 Veterans Held Their Own Olympics

The 1919 Inter-Allied Games brought together nations broken and weary from the First World War in some traditional and not-so-traditional sports. World War One had heavily damaged Europe, killing millions and leaving the continent devastated. The effects of the Spanish Flu pandemic were still wreaking their horrors, with about 50...
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Legitimate? What Qualifies as a Military Target in Societies Throughout History

Societies throughout history have struggled with the matter of who, or what, can be a legitimate target for military action. When a Roman army under the command of Scipio Aemilianus besieged the city of Carthage in 146 bce, it was the final act of nearly a century of bitter warfare between the two empires. One of the most familiar stories of that war says that when the Romans laid waste to the Carthaginian capital, they also sowed the surrounding fields with salt to ensure that the city could never thrive again. That detail was an invention of writers in later centuries, but it invokes a question modern laws of war are still trying to resolve: How should we regulate the use of the natural environment as a weapon of war?
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