#All Summer Long

DIY Electric Fireplace Makeover

This project started as an idea in my mind, how could I transform the free electric fireplace that came with the Florida house we bought. You can see the original fireplace in those real estate listing pictures from earlier this year. All summer long I didn’t bother with the idea of a fireplace in Florida with 90+ degree days. I had stored the electric fireplace in another room thinking I would sell it.
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HTC boys hang with WACO in opener

The first three quarters of Holy Trinity’s boys basketball season opener on Monday night was what coach John Hellige wanted. The fourth quarter was what the Crusaders need to use as a lesson for the rest of the season. WACO pulled away in the final eight minutes to take...
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Defending DC champs return top scorers

While there are holes to fill, the defending Dairyland Conference Large Division Champion Whitehall boys basketball team is returning its top two scorers from last year with hopes to again finish at the top of the DC standings. “Expectations are high and they should be every year. We expect to...

How to Keep Your Car’s Paintjob Safe This Summer

It’s no secret that the warmer months of summer sun can take their toll on your car’s paintjob. The heat and UV rays can fade or even damage your paint, leading to expensive repairs down the road. But don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your car’s finish and keep it looking its best. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that.

Turn This One Up NOW: “Leroy (2020)” by Wheatus

I remember seeing Wheatus in the summer of 2000 opening up for SR-71 (ya’ll remember them?) at Mississippi Nights in St.Louis, MO. The movie “Loser” was in theaters and the song “Teenage Dirtbag” had been a staple on MTV2 and Much Music all summer long. I remember at that show they had a ton of the crowd come on stage and sing “Teenage Dirtbag” with them, but I was too nervous to jump up there (a stage fright I would obviously get over in a few short years, ha). Fast forward to 2006 and my old band, One Lone Car, did some shows opening for Wheatus and I remember thinking how great they sounded and I wish more people loved this band. I have to say it’s been extremely exciting to see all the years of hard work paying off for Wheatus these past couple of years. Packed shows, people posting videos of themselves during their “dirtbag years”, and tons of artists covering their songs and showing what a true influence this band has had on a lot of us. I touched on this with lead singer Brendan Brown when he called into my radio show back in 2020, and to see them doing even better now is really rad to see. They’ve been re-releasing their older stuff newly recorded as of late and it’s wild how it sounds exactly the same as the OG recordings (something almost all bands fail to do when they attempt to do it). I remember “Leroy” was always a standout track back in the day and this newly recorded version sounds just as good if not better than the OG version. I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I’d say 2023 is the year of Wheatus. Now go do yourself a favor and turn this one up NOW.
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Madewell Cyber Monday Starts This Weekend—Score 50% Off Everything

Ah, Madewell. Our favorite stop for effortlessly hip closet upgrades is already trimming down prices and rolling out promotions that suggest a not-to-be-missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is in the works. Since 2006, Madewell has been loved for its enormous range of denim in a nearly limitless range...

Get Keen shoes for under $5!

If you’ve been around for half a second, you’ve probably heard me share my love for Keen shoes for my kids. We love the hiking boots – they’re waterproof (a must for kid boots, as far as I’m concerned), comfortable, supportive, and have great grip for loose rock. Plus, we use the low boots as everyday sneakers. Again, I love that they’re waterproof for inevitable puddle play during and after school.

64th Season Of Competition Ahead For Thunder Road

BARRE, Vt. — The schedule of events for Thunder Road, the Central Vermont speedbowl, has been finalized for 2023. Along with the silver anniversary of the Community Bank 150 and the Diamond Jubilee for the Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic, exciting format changes for the 64th season of stock car racing have been developed with fan-favorites ready to roll all summer long.

Affordable condos designed with luxury in mind

New condo buyers are now able to enjoy all the amenities found in some of the city’s most exclusive addresses. Luxury may only be in the eyes of the beholder but many of Toronto’s builders and developers are finding high-end amenities and features that can attract new homebuyers on every kind of budget.

Roses grow on you

NOW that winter blows colder, let’s dream of summer roses. For beauty and romance you can’t beat them. And this is the season for buying bare-root plants. Since there are colours, habits and varieties for almost every situation, we’ll cover roses with two episodes. Next week we’ll cover bush and shrub varieties. Today, let’s focus on ramblers and climbers.

I can’t find a place for love:

Christian Blumenfelt, 28, laughs as he picks up the book from the bedside table. It’s a gift from his new manager. “the game”. A book to help single men become accomplished auditors. – My boss thinks I need to get into the game a little bit, says Blumenfelt.

Meet Commonplace Shop: Your one-stop shop for leisurewear this Summer

Commonplace Distribution introduces its brand new leisurewear brand as a part of its recently released online store, Commonplace Shop. Boasting good design, transparency, sustainability, and ethical production, CPD is your one-stop shop for all things leisure and your next Christmas wishlist add-on, all with an environmental flair. The very first...

The Land of Pleasant Living

It has been said that amongst these tidewaters we call home exists some of the most pleasant living. This phrase actually comes from a National Bohemian Beer slogan. The “Land of Pleasant Living” slogan reached its peak in the1960s when National Bohemian bought a Chesapeake Bay skipjack and named it the Chesterpeake after a pelican who appeared in their ads. Even though National Bohemian beer is no longer brewed in Maryland, and hasn’t been for decades, the saying “The Land of Pleasant Living,” stuck around, as I have said it many times over the years.

2022 OCCYB Grant Awards to Oswego Bookmobile

Oswego City/County Youth Bureau awards Driving Books Home -Oswego Bookmobile a $4,000.00 Youth Development Program grant and a $1,000 Mini Grant award for the 2022 cycle. Oswego Bookmobile submitted a proposal for a NY YDP grant to fund high-interest books and STEAM activity supplies for the 2022 Oceans of Possibilities Summer Literacy program. The Bookmobile also submitted a proposal for a $1,000 mini grant to fund a 300 hour Americorp Volunteer Manager to assist with managing volunteers at the bookmobile and assisting the Literacy Specialists with daily tasks.

The Ultimate Getaway from New York to St. Augustine

Take a warm getaway from NYC at Bayfront Marin House in St. Augustine, Florida, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. There’s always something to do here, whatever the season may be, and we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to making the most of your sunny stay.

Thunder Road announces schedule

BARRE — Thunder Road Officials have finalized the 2023 Schedule of Events for the venerable Central Vermont speedbowl. Along with the Silver Anniversary of the Community Bank 150 and the Diamond Jubilee for the Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic, exciting format changes for the bookending weekends of the 64th season of stock car racing have been created with fan-favorites ready to roll all summer long.

Drunk Driver Displaces Family, Gives Middle Finger After Crashing Into Hampton Pizza Shop

Here’s your douchebag of the day from Newburyport:. A Massachusetts man is facing charges after allegedly crashing his truck into Greg’s Bistro in downtown Hampton Saturday night in an incident that injured four people. Stephen Davis, 24, of Newburyport, was arrested and charged with felony driving while intoxicated and reckless conduct, police said. The severity of the injuries was not immediately known.

The Best Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts To Wear This Winter

Our editors independently select the products we recommend. We may earn a commission on items bought through our links. Summer’s long gone at this point. While that might be depressing for the kind of guy who rocks a tee, flips, and a pair of swim trunks all summer long, the cold-weather dressers are coming out of the woodwork and layering on their favorite scarves, jackets, beanies, and long sleeve shirts for men. Long sleeve shirts are great first and foremost because they keep you warm. Yeah, they might be a bit more constricting than your favorite warm-weather tee, but it’s totally worth...